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  1. yes, I meant preloading of pages. About this feauture, will it not overload the server preloading for each visitor, each page that the visitor lands each mouse? with land you means to have more than X ms the mouse over the link, or simple pass through
  2. no lo he probado, pero tengo algún modulo de ellos y suelen ir bien. Pero claro, esto no es seguro. Yo lo que suelo hacer es preguntar a los desarrolladores si sería compatible con el fork (siempre les digo que suelen ser) y en general me dicen que si no me funciona me lo ajustan o devuelven el dinero
  3. I tried the demo. The PS and the TB one. - The results with pingdoom and google pagespeed is that there is no difference (some times a little better, sometimes a little worst so i would say it is simple aleatory due to servers). This can be because the demo website is very light and with only a few products, but i hoped something would improve. - Lazy load, that could be the thing i can visually recognize, i can not see how it is working. Usually with lazy loading you can see how images load if you scroll down very fast. here I can not see that. - Pre-connect: i see this is reflected in the code with option is on. But I was not able to check with any tool that really improve performance. - Image dimensions: very interesting feature. I know i have some images with this problem because i saw it with some tools (gtmetrix i think), but I am not sure how to test if this works of not since the demo usually is well constructed and there are not missing things. - preload images: not sure how it works so I will not evaluate it. What to say, I think the module have interesting features but I could not proof any of them to have a real impact (in the demo store). Maybe It would be more evident in a shop with a lot of products, images... who knows. Maybe I will try it whith my new web when it is done and see how it can impact a more "heavy" design.
  4. @Mediacom87 you really have a low tolerance to frustation and too less patience, not good qualities to be a merchant. All your answers are pasive-agressive or ironic towards people asking about your module. Maybe you should drink a hot chocolate and sleep a little more.
  5. I am not talking about how many points does this module increase in the global pagespeed scoring. I am talking how many "ms" less to load, for example (this impacts in customer experience). This only can be measured with tools not with a person loading the page manually. Basically I am asking for some tangible proof (you sell your module with words like performance and speed and this is measurable).
  6. do you have any metrics comparative? before/after the module kind of
  7. opps. A pity, it is a good improvement not to need make so many redirections when creating a second language
  8. Hi, For different reasons (like not having stores with multilanguage deeper herarchy than single language, or avoiding loosing all urls structure with adding a second language to a single language store,...) I would like to know if it is possible to change the url structure of language urls The idea is to pass from: From actual structure: XXX.com/store/(if language)/ To XXX.com/store-language/ So for example the /es/ store that only have one language (es) would be xxx.com/es-es/ And a actual store with multilanguage would be instead of xxx.com/int/es and xxx.com/int/en -> xxx.com/int-es/ and xxx.com/int-en/ Any suggestion or idea?
  9. How this works with third parties modules? For example elementor. is it also going to lazy load them? or only the core PS/TB pictures (product, category...)
  10. @Mark I am not either agree with the way TB is being managed, but there are more constructives ways to talk and express ideas. And also, sometimes if your/mine/others ideas are not implemented, we need to accept that things are not like we want, and take the decision we think we have to do. There is not more.
  11. Hello @Smile @datakick Just to inform you that TB has another opportunity to take a PS piece of cake. They just send a newsletter today that every module will need an annual subscription option. And even minor updates will not be available if you do not pay it. This can make angry some people and also make it less affordable to small merchants. You could try to capitalize this. Regards
  12. thanks @Wartin what is the TB file that I should modify following this instructions? This one? /themes/theme/order-address.tpl
  13. Yes, it was another module messing up
  14. it seems it could be another module (about discounts) that inyects the code when i delete the product. i will keep you posted
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