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  1. rubben1985

    Warehouse up to date ?

    I think warehouse developer does not officially support TB. I suppose it will be mostly compatible but not 100% and updates can break things. Does that template include any specific feature you desire? I tell you this because there is another advanced template (i think is one of the top 3 PS templates) officially supported that works like a charm and it is always updated with TB (it is called Panda and his developer is also present here in the forum). Also, you could give a try to the new community theme Niara. Regards
  2. rubben1985

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    @Pedalman Panda is a great investment, you will not regret it. Not only for the template itself but for the support Jonny provides and his customization services as well. About the page builder please tell me if you find one. I am using Visual composer but it has plenty of bugs (I have learned to live with them...) and its technical service sucks (the worst in PS & Tb environment. Like no existent).
  3. Genial, gracias! Ahora entiendo porqué me pasaba. Creo que ya está arreglado en la ultima version de TB y Panda porque ahora esas carpetas no me faltaban y solo tenía error en un par de modulos.
  4. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

    ah great, and how to do a request? I see there is a section called "pull request" but it seems more like people offering code. Is also there were I should make my request?
  5. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

    @datakickby the way. Is possible to make suggestions to new features or small changes in GitHub? Or that should be here in the forum?
  6. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

    Thanks. Done. Yes, it is not a very important bug, but hopefully is easy to correct. Regards
  7. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

  8. well I am not a developer so maybe I am not the best person to answer that, but if you did not set up too much, I would try to update to bleeding edge version (core updater module). Maybe there is some bug that was fixed in that version. If not, try a new fresh manual install. If you set up a lot, maybe someone in this forum with more technical skills can help you before losing the setting job.
  9. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

    anyone? It seems the formed URL is wrong because introducing manually the parameters &submitFiltercms=2#cms at the end of URL works to see the pag 2 of the cms category If not, how is the correct way to report a bug in the github platform?
  10. @Gus that sounds strange. Is a fresh installation? what version of TB are you using?
  11. Hola Gus, Como bien dices, en la mayoría de secciones es calcado a PS porque está basado en él (solo que han corregido infinidad de fallos de PS y TB va mucho mejor). En principio crear productos, categorías..... todo eso es igual igual a PS. Lo que es la personalización de la "apariencia de la Pagina" puede haber diferencias en cuanto a la "plantilla" porque cada una se configura diferente (eso es independiente a la plataforma que uses), y tienes que aprender a personalizarla. Por ejemplo yo uso la Plantilla "Panda" que es muy muy buena y el soporte que te dan es una pasada (cualquier duda e incluso pequeñas modificaciones están incluidas en el soporte). Para personalizar la plantilla, tiene un modulo incluido que es un "editor" que te permite personalizar de forma sencilla casi todo (colores, fuentes, secciones...). Merece la pena ya solo por el tiempo que te ahorra. Este es el link: https://www.sunnytoo.com/product/panda-creative-responsive-prestashop-theme Además su desarrollador @Jonny está siempre por aquí y te puede también resolver dudas (en inglés eso sí) Si tienes alguna pregunta concreta, puedes hacerla pero lo que es aprender en general.... eso a todos (en TB y en PS) nos ha tocado pasar por ello pero te acostumbras rápido en cuanto empiezas a conocer las secciones del backoffice y entender que te da cada una 🙂 . Saludos
  12. Hola @gus Bienvenido Es tu primera tienda?
  13. rubben1985

    error in CMS categoty pagination

    Hi, My back office has an error when trying to access to any cms listing page inside of a CMS category except in page 1. I mean: I enter a CMS category. I click on page 2 or 3 for example. Instead of going to the correct page, it goes back to the CMS home page. I recorded a video: https://www.loom.com/share/832353c193b647de9c5e0b94e157ed02 I have multistore and I am in bleeding edge (but the error was already present in the 1.0.7 version)
  14. rubben1985

    thirty bees 1.1.0 Preview

    @Jonny Will panda be able to use this new product template feature? Regards
  15. rubben1985

    500 error when updating to bleeding edge

    No test site but yes, it is a external them. I localized thanks to @lesley that it was an override. At the end it was a meta.php Previously I also had problems with other meta override when I update the theme so I assume it is theme related. I will contact the developer. What stress having the web down.... :S