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  1. Any approximate date? Can I do something to give priority to this? We are going to reformulate the whole web and reviews is a central area.
  2. @datakick Would be possible to have some kind of review widget like this? or my favourite: I am talking about the premium version, which I have
  3. no, and I think is good that way in my opinion. If you want to go home you can click in the logo. Also you do not want people go out so easy from the cart 🙂 I Directly change the translation and now it says "back"
  4. Yes, that is the normal behavior isn't it?
  5. well......... I Just realized the checkbox active was not active 😂😂😂 Thanks any way 🙂
  6. I did not arrive to associate customer to a new group when they purchase anything. I want to assign customer (those with group 3 as default) to the group "clientes compradores". I create the rule but it does not execute when the order is created I also try changing the bind value to cutomer group but I do not get it working. Any sugestions?
  7. @datakick no hurries for this function. I discover I can use the store reviews page to introduce a couple of hooks (before and after) so I can create what I need for now, at the end it is the same result. However this function is not very useful to include reviews in other places so if you include the feature to include the reviws via cms content, would be interesting to play in marketing with it. What I would really appreciate to have is the function to unifying all the stores reviews so all stores can share them (At the end all stores is the same company). For the moment, We are going to "copy-paste" the reviews of each store in the others, but is is going to be a little tedious to maintain. That would be a good improvement for us 🙂 Second sugerence for future features: including videos would be also VERY interesting (like amazon does, and we all know how decisice they are to convince people to trust in a product)
  8. @datakick Any way to display the store reviews in a paticular CMS? Any kind of html/javascript code that I could put a page so it is displayed? Regards
  9. yes, great module, I used it to see what customer was seeing because it was not logic. Then I realized something was actually happening
  10. I will try when I had some time (i need a bigger server because I do not have enough space in mine) 1. I checked it and it is 1.6 version. 2. could be, I will ask the developper.
  11. Hi, The other day (it continue happening for almost a week) something strange happened. Some customers reported they could not buy some products. After a lot of investigation it seems that for some reason they did not had customer group assigned in the data base (however in backoffice they had). They were almost 70% of the customers that registered for a few days. I never discovered what was the reason and it has not happened again for 2 weeks, but in case someone has the same problem, this can be a cause
  12. Hi, I have installed a module that displays a map when selecting a shipping method to show a map and select a pickup place. The module seems to work with PS 1.6, but in TB there are errors that stop the module from loading the map. This is what the module support tells me (I will translate): Could be an outdated jQuery library This is the screenshot of the error It seems there are 2 posible solutions Once is to review if in the file classes/controllers/AdminController.php there is a call to Query ($this->addJquery();) and if in the file controller.php there is the function: public function addJquery($version = null, $folder = null, $minifier = true) { $this->addJS(Media::getJqueryPath($version, $folder, $minifier)); } The other would be to update the content of the directories Admin y js. The best solution is to contact TB developpers. (Translation finished) Any ideas? @toplakd could be because of the 3 steps modifications? Regards
  13. I try to find something on these: order-address.tpl order-address-advanced.tpl order-carrier.tpl order-steps.tpl But not result (without coding knowledge I just logic to try to find something that calls my attention). I suppose it has to be there because should not be something related with shipping cart or the module "sidebar" because in that case they should always be show the same way. But in those tpl, I do not find where load the module... I suppose (just for logic) that unifying 2 steps in 1, is related. But I do not know more that that.
  14. Any orientation how to modify how the module inyect itself? Or anything I can tell the developer so he knows what to do? I already contact but without any additional instructions he was not able to solve it
  15. I realized something is wrong in the way some modules are loaded. Not sure but maybe is because the way carrier and address steps are now only one step? The problem I found is this one (i recorded a video) https://www.loom.com/share/f8e87a47111340c8bd33752d4f80662a If it would be something from the module (wich i did not modified) should happen in all the steps of the checkout but it is only in the 2nd step. Im a little lost here. I already try contacting @Jonny from Sunnytoo but they do not know where the issue is. Maybe someone more use to theses modifications will know... Any ideas?
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