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  1. @AndyC Just note that the destiny url, includes https://..... In my message is OK, but when you quote it, it dissapear 🤷‍♂️
  2. you could try to find some pattern to use excel and create them more massively... At any caso, post if you can not do the redirect correctly to check if we can help you
  3. I realised now, that if you download the htaccess file, modify it, and upload it, sometimes it creates errors (format and editing programs I suppose). If you make any error in the lines, also it creates errors. Try editing directly in the htaccess with your hosting editor (make a backup) and put only 1 redirect. If this redirect works, all redirects should work. Try only with one because you can correct any fault in the redirect easily. If you make 500 lines, and one is incorrect leading to error....good luck. After one is correct, upload by groups. If some group produces an error, delete the group and try to find the error.
  4. TB is not related to that as it is only an instruction to the search engine. This is an example of one of my redirects (in red my old url) Redirect 301 /es/concepto-lesielle-cosmetica-personalizada/13 https://www.lesielle.com/es/concepto-lesielle-cosmetica-personalizada_13 You put one redirect per line in the htaccess file and that should work 100%
  5. Unless there is a problem with payments, you can be almost 95% sure that it is all because to the lost of position in search engines due to not use 301 redirects from old to new urls (basically you start almost from zero, even loosing the external links). This is crucial when changing URL structure with migration but also with any other URL structure modification (like changing from URL with Ids to one without ids) If you still have the old urls, you could try to fix a little bit doring the redirects now. Some of the old urls surely were removed by google but you still can recover some positioning and more important, all the external links.
  6. hola @carlos acuña, Gracias por estar aqui y dar tu apoyo al proyecto, se agradece. Comentarte que hay algo en lo que te equivocas y es sobre los "vendedores de panda" y es que no existe tal cosa en esta comunidad. Yo soy de los que siempre lo recomienda y tengo 0 relación con el desarrollador más alla de ser cliente. Si miras mi firma verás a lo que me dedico y que no tiene mucho que ver. Simplemente es un desarrollador que apoya mucho a TB, que siempre tiene la plantilla actualizada con cada update, que contribuye a la comunidad con soporte técnico que no tiene que ver con su plantilla y que en mi caso, me da un soporte más que espectacular cuando quiero personalizar algo (incluso da personalización gratis a sus clientes si el codigo le lleva menos de 30 min). Pues como estoy muy agradecido y quiero que se apoye a este tipo de desarrolladores (que además es una de las plantillas top de PS) siempre lo recomiendo. Yo lo hago desde mi punto de vista ya que por unos pocos dolares, le da mucha personalización a la tienda y me compensa y en el caso de gus podía ayudarle a personalizar de forma sencilla ya que se le ve con poca experiencia. Piensa además que Niara es MUY nueva y hasta hace poco el theme por defecto era muy muy básico. La plantilla que elijas no tiene mucho que ver con PS o TB, TB no va a ser igual que PS porque comparta una plantilla. TB es mucho más estable, más rápido, tiene una comunidad efectiva, un equipo promotor genial que sabe como hacer las cosas... Deseando que inundes Youtube con videos de TB 🙂 Saludos
  7. I think warehouse developer does not officially support TB. I suppose it will be mostly compatible but not 100% and updates can break things. Does that template include any specific feature you desire? I tell you this because there is another advanced template (i think is one of the top 3 PS templates) officially supported that works like a charm and it is always updated with TB (it is called Panda and his developer is also present here in the forum). Also, you could give a try to the new community theme Niara. Regards
  8. @Pedalman Panda is a great investment, you will not regret it. Not only for the template itself but for the support Jonny provides and his customization services as well. About the page builder please tell me if you find one. I am using Visual composer but it has plenty of bugs (I have learned to live with them...) and its technical service sucks (the worst in PS & Tb environment. Like no existent).
  9. Genial, gracias! Ahora entiendo porqué me pasaba. Creo que ya está arreglado en la ultima version de TB y Panda porque ahora esas carpetas no me faltaban y solo tenía error en un par de modulos.
  10. ah great, and how to do a request? I see there is a section called "pull request" but it seems more like people offering code. Is also there were I should make my request?
  11. @datakickby the way. Is possible to make suggestions to new features or small changes in GitHub? Or that should be here in the forum?
  12. Thanks. Done. Yes, it is not a very important bug, but hopefully is easy to correct. Regards
  13. well I am not a developer so maybe I am not the best person to answer that, but if you did not set up too much, I would try to update to bleeding edge version (core updater module). Maybe there is some bug that was fixed in that version. If not, try a new fresh manual install. If you set up a lot, maybe someone in this forum with more technical skills can help you before losing the setting job.
  14. anyone? It seems the formed URL is wrong because introducing manually the parameters &submitFiltercms=2#cms at the end of URL works to see the pag 2 of the cms category If not, how is the correct way to report a bug in the github platform?
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