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  1. I try to find something on these: order-address.tpl order-address-advanced.tpl order-carrier.tpl order-steps.tpl But not result (without coding knowledge I just logic to try to find something that calls my attention). I suppose it has to be there because should not be something related with shipping cart or the module "sidebar" because in that case they should always be show the same way. But in those tpl, I do not find where load the module... I suppose (just for logic) that unifying 2 steps in 1, is related. But I do not know more that that.
  2. Any orientation how to modify how the module inyect itself? Or anything I can tell the developer so he knows what to do? I already contact but without any additional instructions he was not able to solve it
  3. I realized something is wrong in the way some modules are loaded. Not sure but maybe is because the way carrier and address steps are now only one step? The problem I found is this one (i recorded a video) https://www.loom.com/share/f8e87a47111340c8bd33752d4f80662a If it would be something from the module (wich i did not modified) should happen in all the steps of the checkout but it is only in the 2nd step. Im a little lost here. I already try contacting @Jonny from Sunnytoo but they do not know where the issue is. Maybe someone more use to theses modifications will know... Any ideas?
  4. I am trying to create a rule that assign customers to a specific group when they purchase anything. In the action It makes me select not only the group but also the customer ID. i do not want to change customer ID. Would be OK like this?
  5. It really worked!!! In case someone needs it, I attache the file with the modifications made to the tpl file from the PANDA version. order-addressNEW.tpl
  6. thanks Wartin but Unfortanetely I do not any idea of javascript.... Only basic css. Lest hope someone knows how to do it!
  7. @toplakd Do you know how to hide, in adress step, the invoice address section IF the "use same adress for invoice" is checked? So invoice adress is visible, only if people uncheck the box. I do not know if this is possible, but could be something like: if the span class="checked" the apply display:none to the address_invoice id Just saying from the ignorance. Hiding that section when the checkbox is checked, that step would be cleaner most of the time as most o f the people do not uncheck..
  8. @AndyC Thanks, that section was not the problem but I just solve it. In case it happens to anyone, My store is multistore, and I am using a one page checkout. Well, this one page checkout was interfering with the css code. It did not interfere when the adresse creation was in a second step, but it did with the standard creation+adresse page. Solved it!
  9. What do you mean? Could you be more precise? I mean, with standard registration all works well and i can fill everything. With this option i do not why it shows less fields to complete so adress is not complete. Could be that the modifications affect to show the fields in this step?
  10. Yes, thats it. I never thought about that option! I activated but seems to be incomplete (country, adress...?): Could be derived from the steps modification?
  11. Yes, is not bad, but when creating account there is a 2 extra step (add address) that it is like double and it could be avoided. Right now it is: Fill create account step (fill name, pass...)-> add your adresse (still account creation)-> adress and transport step It would be better like: Create account (fill name, pass,...)-> address & transport step (where you fill the adress, jumping over the original step of filling adresse in the account creation, the second step of account creation) or even better Create account (fill name, pass, adresse...)-> addresse & transport step (where adress is already filled so it would be only transport) Not sure if I am explaining my point clearly :S
  12. @toplakd What I detected with hotjar is that people tend to be confused in the step login or create account. And when doing click in create account the redireccion to accont creation, and later to adresses... I tried with one page checkout but it is not either a good solution (even less conversion) Your 3 steps checkout would be really close to the ideal one described in a last study of the spanish market with the exception of the extra step of registering. Usually this step is integrated in the address step. Any way that in the first people can introduce their data and create account at the same time, with a button of login for those that are already registered? In the actual one non customers "are told" to create an account before anything else (address come later in the next step). It is not so smooth This would be the aproach:
  13. I have a similar approach. Using multistore you can create different versions of you store (including warehouse, prices, images...). Later create a section to change between stores. I am using visual composer but any module that allow you to put html code should be valid for this. If you want to show the flag, you need to create a different content per store (to show a different flag in each of them). Check our footer: https://www.lesielle.com Also, we redirect people based on their IP when they go to the .com so they are in the correct version without selecting. It is not perfect, but works >95% of the time. For those that the version is not accurate, they can change in the footer, but at the end is not important because they can buy in every version of the store and I will ship them anyway (I have price rules so the price is always correct even if they choose a different store version). My advice is to allow people to buy on any version, just play with adjustments so they do not get benefit selecting the wrong version (if for example a country version is more expensive, put a price rule that increase price in any other store version if a client shipping to the expensive one buys in the cheaper version) There are modules that allow changing currency and language. That could be valid but it is very limited when you start playing with pricing and showing different visual interface per country. But if you only want to show currency and language, this is the most simple and easy approach.
  14. ahh that translation is registered and it does not change when the field is modified. Strange behavior. Is also linked to the language of the order (in multilingual does not change if I change the language)
  15. that field is suppose to do that (although it seems more the module name) but it doesn't work
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