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  1. I think including it as core features with a "contribution" mention in the module interface could be a good option if the developers agree.
  2. a mi también me pasa, y se me generan carros con 1 producto, luego otro con 2 productos... varios de ellos de los mismos clientes. No tengo explicación salvo que la persona haya vaciado el carro y se queda el registro. Yo lo he "parcheado" diciendole al modulo de carrito abandonado que solo cuente carros de minimo 2 productos. A ver si alguien puede aclarar este tema. Quizás en inglés haya más ayuda
  3. only to purchase the license 🙂 I used tunnelbear that is free and have indian server
  4. My two cents is to invest a little in a good seo tool. Free is ok, but you have to have higher knowledge and also combine a few (limited) tools. Time is money too. Semrush is great but very expensive. However there is a more simpler tool (but is improving day by day) called Ubersuggest that has an incredible offer as you can pay for lifetime licence. It is 490$ but using an indian proxy you can have it for 120$ (lifetime) as price it is based on country. In my opinion this price is amazing and I totally recommend it.
  5. deactivating it create a problem? That is strange I think. Usually i deactivate those compression (and cache) options when I have some bug...
  6. @RabbitZzZ try putting the ccc option like this It happened the same to me and it was because a module and having all the options active at the same time
  7. So you think it is better to turn off PS cache, and only use a module? Or not to use nothing at all? My experiments with the modules were that they increase speed indeed... maybe because of a bad server config, but those were the results...
  8. @zen also possible to completely turn down the cache system if that allows to use external modules (right now is not possible) About being faster without cache, surely you are right because you are have bigger expertise, but all the PS websites I tried before were faster with the cache modules.
  9. I was going to write some considerations in the feature topic, but maybe here is more correct to let that topic only for features: -the most critical for me is fixing the modules incompatibility with TB if a user detect it (not depending only on forum but kind of official support. Datakick offering something similar but just saying) - Improve the appearance of the TB home and CMS, image is very important to show something is alive and improving. My 2cnts: directly imitate the big ones (claims, designs, sections...) and once you have it, give your own personality. - not to include to much free stuff in addition to the actual version. Modules have to be sold at the end too 😉 . I prefer to pay for modules that having TB with low income. - Idea: if any developer do not want to sell their module in TB marketplace because they are not going to give support, you can just advertise them for free in the marketplace with a link to their website if you can help guaranteeing compatibility. This indicate to merchant that those modules are compatible and you increase "your marketplace richness". Sure you are giving free ad but you earn people knowing there are a lot of modules compatible with TB (believe me, TB guarantee compatibility is my continuous fear when buying new modules in PS marketplace)
  10. My personal requests: 1- Full Cache system repaired. I know Datakick is not a big fun of cache in ecommerce for the dynamic elements but it is of big help for speed. Sure cache can create issues with dynamic elements but they can be selected to be not cached. I do not need to much more in addition to this, correcting bugs and of course continue evolving the technology. I also have considerations but I will not put them here to only have listed features in this topic 🙂
  11. @datakick Great! the same announcement followed by this would have been totally different 🙂 Good to hear!
  12. en mi opinion el ID es superutil ya que si cambias la URL, el enlace anterior no se pierde nunca sino que teniendo la id, Tb te redirige automatico. Yo no la quitaría para nada, pero déjala al final para que no impacte SEO.
  13. Hola, puedes utilizar el programa "store manager" (para mi fundamental) para asignar a categorías de forma muy sencilla y masivo. Creo que hay una llamada prestatools que puede que sea gratis y tenga funciones similares pero yo no la he llegado a usar.
  14. @Smile I can understand the feeling of @wakabayashi and I suppose some others. What we hope for (i talk only for me but I have the intuition is the same for some others), was not only to tell us if you would continue with TB name or another one new, but what was going to change and what we could we expect from this new path. People has been waiting for these news a lot of months. Now a communicate to tell, TB is going to continue but wait again up to 2 month more to know the details.... The feeling is: ok... I know plans take time, but the plan I suppose (i hope) has been developedduring this time. I suppose, most of the changes and roadmap were not going to be alterate because of the name... why not to communicate them to the people? What is going to be the revenue business model? What is the draft of the roadmap (even if it changes)? is the new image/website has been prepared? when is going to be released?, What about people concerns about 1.6 limited in time compatibility?....
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