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  1. hi @datakick is this solved? Thanks
  2. I was trying to test but I could not do it properly: - no access to settings options in the back office - I can not place an order (in free order stripe button do not works so order is not finished) to see how emails are My two cents to improve checkout: as I tried to place an order i used the checkout. If that helps, It was very difficult to find how to modify the cart. The "done" is not very intuitive, and in addition it dissapear when the mouse is not on the section. I would just avoid the "done" and directly accept modifications or make a very visible button that says "confirm modification"
  3. I installed your tool (very interesting) and It seems i have all this extra files: List of errors Error description Actions Extra file: /classes/cache/CacheApc.php Extra file: /classes/cache/CacheXcache.php Extra file: /classes/db/DbMySQLi.php Extra file: /classes/db/MySQL.php Extra file: /classes/order/OrderDiscount.php Extra file: /classes/PaymentModule.php Extra file: /classes/cleantalk/cleantalk.custom.php Extra file: /classes/cleantalk/example.php Extra file: /classes/cleantalk/JSON.php Extra file: /classes/cleantalk/cleantalk.class.php Extra file: /controllers/admin/AdminRangePriceController.php Extra file: /controllers/admin/AdminRangeWeightController.php none of them are useful/requested? for example cleantalk is not a module but an antispam tool. Can I delete them without any problem? There is an small misprint:
  4. I have also experienced (since PS and now in TB) that to update modules usually i have to upload them like 4-8 times because it doesn't get it (it says upload correctly but it does not update). This only happens using the backoffice interface. If I use the ftp, they get updated intermediately. Is not big deal but... Does someone else experience this?
  5. Thanks! I have tried to install the module but it gives me an error: What is the difference between the free and premium version of this module? I do not see any in the modules descriptions (it could also represent people not buying the premium one for this). last question: do you have a test environment for your premium reviews module? It may interest me but I would like to see it in action (how it looks the emails and interaction with them, how it looks the store review section...). Regards NOTE: Also, just in case it is an error, just leeting you know that your service support is not available in your store (either the migration service)
  6. I think it is quite annoying to always have [no_sync] in the contact form emails subject. I found a solution in PS forum: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/270535-customer-message-from-contact-form-no_sync‏/ there are a couple of solutions in that topic, but last answer seems to be the most simple to remove [no_sync] just replace the line 189 \controllers\ContactController.php if (!Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact', Mail::l('Message from contact form').' [no_sync]', to if (!Mail::Send($this->context->language->id, 'contact', Mail::l('Message from contact form'), I was going to change it, but I though....this is something so useless and easy to take away that is strange that no one in TB correct it yet...maybe it can create a problem... So I ask for confirmation from our experts 🙂 Is OK to change that?
  7. No puedo ayudarte porque no tengo el blog por defecto, pero has buscado en traducciones? Da a expandir todas las traducciones y busca el texto con control+f
  8. Hi, We are trying to integrate an ERP (Odoo) and we are having issues with the chat module because it breaks styles and javascript from other modules. The explanation the agency tells me is that my web has Jquery library version is deprecated. I am not technical but I suppose it is related to TB isnt it? (or maybe other modules but not TB...) Is possible to update this or it is in the core and it is not possible? Thanks
  9. yes, the only utility is to work in one store without loosing cache in the other but it creates more problems than benefits (for example I have to review cache per store each X time to assure all shops have it activated
  10. I think I never touched cache folders because I do not not know nothing and I am "afraid of touching there" Maybe a module, maybe some developer that sometimes adjust their modules...Who knows 🤷‍♂️ Thanks at any case 🙂
  11. It seems what @datakick did, worked for me!! I still have to test it with more modules, but I can confirm it solved megamenu at least (i suppose also the others but I will check when I will come back to office). No idea why did come from 1.1.x if that was never checked before... maybe some other fix that made this happen? Well In that case I am happy and we have a new code improvement 🙂 Thanks again @datakick!!
  12. Yes I did. About this module, it seems it takes some time to be effective the empty of cache but it is emptied after some minutes (Maybe something on hosting level? because is not the browser cache for sure). As information the advanced search is emptied at module level with a specific button. Still the problem with panda modules even putting all stores cache with same options. Any idea why is working well the panda cache when user are log in? That this change something in TB?
  13. well, it seems this also affect Advanced search module cache. If I do not deactivate TB cache, module cache is showing old data.
  14. well, my opinion is a little different @datakick First of all: I am not requiring your free work because you are doing this in a altruist way and I am very grateful for this. Just to make it clear. What I think is more strategic opinion about TB "official" help/support Panda is one of the few compatible themes and @Jonny has transmitted me that is not a Panda issue. Said that, I am not entering on discussing if this is due to correct any other bug that alter the cache behavior in templates "working" with that bug. But in case it is, Would not be a good idea to try to fix together this cache problem for one of the few officially compatible templates? If TB do not officially collaborate in this, we would be loosing that template too and I think it is not a good idea. I am not telling this for me because I will tell Jonny to help me just deactivating cache for megamenu until I can pay someone to fix it for me, but is a way of doing things. I know you have try it, but if you can not reproduce it and I am offering my website to reproduce the issue so maybe an "official" member should take the "opportunity" before I deactivate cache for that module. Not because of fixing my issue (I can just deactivate it), but maybe because this cache problem will be present in much more templates or modules when people start updating to bleeding edge and then, maybe more compatibility issues will appear. On any case, if in the future I find the issue with the help of a developer, I will post here the solution.
  15. if you need access to my store, just tell me. I could tell jonny but I think we derive the problem to TB because his theme did not change about cache stuff
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