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  1. rubben1985

    Sitemap module now includes Blog (PANDA THEME)

    Understood @datakick I wrote the Panda theme developer to check if this is possible.
  2. rubben1985

    Sitemap module now includes Blog (PANDA THEME)

    Here is what I promised. File fixed to only show what is active. If someone detects any error, just tell me. sitemap.zip @lesley@datakick@Traumflug I think it would be interesting to consider including these modifications in the next version of the module or at least adapt the solution to give support to the official blog.
  3. rubben1985

    Sitemap module now includes Blog (PANDA THEME)

    I have realized that in multistore there is an inconvenience: the sitemap shows articles and blog categories at every store so if you did not activate one article in a specific store, you get an error. I am already in contact with Panda technical service to fix this. It will be a paid solution, but I will share it with TB users 😉
  4. I asked to Panda developers to please modify the sitemap module so its blog module can be include in the sitemap generation (blogs are not included). They sent me the modify file for official PS sitemap module (GSITEMAP). (I attach it) I also modify the file so TB sitemap module can benefit from it. I am not developer but I think I did it correctly as It is working on my site right now. If you have panda theme and you use its blog, this is helpful for SEO Route for the files: /modules/gsitemap/gsitemap.php (PS module) /modules/sitemap/sitemap.php (TB module) @lesley I am not sure if TB sitemap module include the official blog module or not. In case not, maybe you can use this code to support the official blog. sitemap.rar gsitemap.rar
  5. rubben1985

    Elastic search DO this?

    Well, I also had basic need in the past, so I can understand why people are not using this module massively. My guess is that who has basic needs, can use basic searching that do not need setting things up. Who needs more complex things maybe needs more than just supporting products. I think right now it is in the classic medium term that is not ideal for anyone (maybe just advance users with a technical profile that like to improve as much as possible). Yes sure, I know it is not possible right now just with the module. I mean if the "elastic search" is what I am looking for or not (I still did not understand its capabilities) I could pay for development (if it is not huge) About blog, in my case, it is Panda blog (supported theme) but with default blog support I assume adaption is easier.
  6. rubben1985

    Elastic search DO this?

    We are thinking about building a powerful searching method and I was thinking that maybe elastic search can do that, but to be honest I never was so sure about its capabilities (even if I was one of the supporters haha). I have installed to see the settings and all I see is about products: searching by references, names, description.... Could I use elastic search for: 1- Offering blog post 2- offering a pdf document like a free ebook 3- show a concrete CMS 4- Show a concrete page with a custom Message (instead of the default page name) 5.1- offering products, organized under specific titles. Ex: If they search wrinkle, show: "product for wrinkles" a, b c... "products that could complement a wrinkle treatment" a, b , c... 5.2- Following the previous system. Products containing "searched keyword". So part of the title would be the specific introduced keyword (a kind of dynamic title) I would appreciate a little bit of light about elastic search and its possibilities. Could you tell me if each/all of this 5 points are possible? Do all of this need professional programming knowledge? If so, Would be easy to do for standard developers or they need to know very well elastic search? Thanks
  7. rubben1985

    Page Cache Ultimate module incompatible with thirtybees

    interested too
  8. rubben1985

    java script error

    @musicmaster thanks for the tips
  9. rubben1985

    error 500 when activating debug mode

    With the forum migration I lost notifications and I did not saw the post... Any advice on how to identify/find this?
  10. rubben1985

    error 500 when activating debug mode

    anyone with programming knowledge can tell me if I did something wrong with the code I introduced in the validate file? (code was to make work a module). In the actual state when I activate debug, site breaks so I can not use it but I need the code inside the file (but maybe I made something wrong even if the module now it works)
  11. rubben1985

    java script error

    No idea what happened but i had to restore a 3 weeks old backup to solve the problem. Lost work but no other proposal so... Only thing I did in the meanwhile was to update the TB modules
  12. rubben1985

    java script error

    Cache also has problems and when it is activated, it changes the web appearance (fonts in different colors, css...). I tried to delete cache at backoffice and also manual. Chrome console shows some errors: When cache is not activated, appearance is correct and some errors appear: ![0_1546192934928_226727f2-c4e8-4b1a-862f-74d8d3e6fc4a-image.png](/assets/uploads/files/128/1546192933307226727f2-c4e8-4b1a-862f-74d8d3e6fc4a-image.png) When cache is activated, appearance is wrong and this are the error that chrome console shows (1 error more): ![0_1546193019687_0167e25c-7a1c-40b7-ac91-eea23563f674-image.png](/assets/uploads/files/128/15461930328540167e25c-7a1c-40b7-ac91-eea23563f674-image.png) Any ideas?
  13. @violinparts but you understand you are asking him almost an impossible isn't it? To solve a problem but at the same time not giving him access. Some problems can be solved from outside, some don't. I am not a technician so I do not know what case this is. Anyway, you can create a profile to allow him entering into the back-office but not for example in the "clients section". That should work for you.
  14. @violinparts he offered himself to solve the problem but without access to the backoffice we can not do it. I understand you may have concerns with privacy but every technical service need access to detect and repair. Should not be a problem with data protection laws.
  15. rubben1985

    java script error

    Hi, I use visual composer and today a new problem appeared (this problem could be there in the previous 2 weeks or so, but not before). I realized that depending on the user, navigator and private mode or not, it creates an error that blocks the editor so it doesn't work. It is not about cookies as private mode also creates the error. As I did not updated the module** in the last few months is strange for me that now, it doesnt work from one day to another. The hosting technical service, tells me is a javascript error with the jquery library. No idea what does it means hahaha but could this have relation with some recent module updates? I update them the days before to the 1.0.8 release (I still have 1.0.7 version, I only updated the modules). Could this have an impact? It seems difficult to be that but I do not find another update or modification in the last 2 weeks. It is quite curious because the error is not "regular". User 1 in chrome works fine User 1 in chrome and private mode does NOT work. User 2 in chrome doesn't work. User 2 in mozilla works in my computer, but it doesn't in another computer It seems like a cookie issue but User 1 does not work in private mode :/ and I have clean cookies and cache a few times Any idea? this is the screenshot of the error when it doesnt appear the editor screen ** I updated the module, update broke some things, so I restored the backup. In theory now is like it has been since months