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looking for setup help for jason/ld module


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I use the Warehouse theme by Iquit and I want to make use of the JASON/LD module. I set up last week GoogleTagManager and thought that it might be also a good idea to get the named module with proper markup running. So, I am looking for some detailed documentation and setup instructions of the module. What I read is that I have to make sure that my template does not use any markup code. Well, Well... First I thought, easy, just look into product.tpl and category.tpl and delete anything that looks like markup. After recognizing the markup code tag I could also make a text search through the whole template folder... Then I thought, mh, may be some modules like cross-selling could also have some markup code implemented.

You dig it, I have no real clue in this case what to do. So, perhaps some one could hint me the way?

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I took out all itemprop code like: itemtype="https://schema.org/Review"> that I found in /template/warehouse/modules/productcomments But I am unsure if I sould do so. I think it is good practice to take out these references in product.tpl and maybe breadcrumb.tpl.

But as said, I would be very happy if some one could explain to me an others how to use the module and how to prepate a template.

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