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SmartBlog - sort by date?




is there any chance someone over here can help me with the SmartBlog module? (It already came with the template, that's why I didn't use TB Blog)

I recently wrote some blog entries about stuff that happened during the last year. Of course their dates were totally wrong/many posts had the same date. So I went to de database and adjusted it over there. But now I have a post from September, then one from August and then November, because they are still sorted by ID.

Do you know how I could change this? I took a look at some of the module's PHP-files, but couldn't find something that clearly said "order by ID/Date". Also I'm not sure wheater it's sorted by some controller, or directly in a template file...

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Thanks a lot, that works! (Sorry, can't mark your post as the correct answer)

Or for others that might have the same issue: Change it to ORDER BY p.created

Also take a look at the file BlogPostCategory.php and change it over there, if you're working with categories.

Now all that's missing is the line where to change it for tags, but that's not that important for me.

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