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  1. I'm sorry, I don't really understand. How what could happen? Does email sent from your store contains link with action=efivfj instead of action=review? If that's the case, then there needs to be some module / override / modification that modifies this during mail send.
  2. Do you have Data Mining for Statistics module installed, and enabled? Thirtybees core does no collect these information by default, it's the responsibility of this module
  3. action=efivfj in the url is definitely not correct.
  4. I don't agree. Cloudflare does not cache dynamic content (php, tpl output), it only caches static content (images, js, css, fonts). That means you only need to clear cloudflare cache when you edit js/css files. And if you enable CCC, you don't need to worry about this as well.
  5. Unfortunately that's not true. For example, there is always recalculation of $newShippingCostTaxExcl = (float) $amountTaxIncl/(1+($newCarrier->getTaxesRate($deliveryAddress)/100)); which means that current tax rate will be used to figure out shipping cost tax excl
  6. I did look at your commits briefly, and I have some questions / comments: even when Recalculate shipping is false, there is some recalculation performed. For example, newShippingCostTaxExcl will be updated according to current carrier settings tax settings. That shouldn't happen -- in fact, I would not call the new updateShipping at all in this situation when shipping is modified, then existing invoice would be updated. At least in my country this is very serious issue -- invoices send to customers must be immutable, and all changes should be done by new (corrective) invoice only There is an issue with carrier selection -- if carrier was modified since the order was created, it will have different id_carrier (but the same id_reference). The original id_carrier will not be part of rendered carrier list, and therefore will not be pre-selected
  7. That would be a question for developer of said module
  8. Thanks @wakabayashi for this initiative. It will have to be thoroughly tested before it is integrated to the core, obviously. But hopefully there won't be any showstoppers. One thing that would be nice to implement together with this functionality would be an audit log, so merchants could see why, when, and by whom was the order modified
  9. Then update to 1.1.x -- bleeding edge. It's possible your issue is already fixed.
  10. What version are you running on? What theme? This can be both core and theme related.
  11. This has nothing to do with the module. Looks like you have some permission issues with your smarty cache directories. To fix this, delete content of /cache/smarty/cache and /cache/smarty/compile directories
  12. Email templates don't have smarty tags. There are only placeholders that will be replaced with *static* content. This means that there can be no loops, no if/else, or other control blocks in the email templates. Which sucks. Replacement content is defined by php code. Usually it is retrieved from existing data (order reference code, customer name, etc...). In some special cases (like here), the content is generated by evaluating smarty template. Template returns static html markup, which is then replaced into the email template.
  13. You probably have some caching enabled - Full page cache or similar.
  14. This really depends on image format you use. JPG does not support a transparent background, while PNG does. Also, it's not really important in what format the source/original image is. Thirtybees will generate different sizes from the source according to images settings, and these variants will be either jpg or png, depending on store settings.
  15. Look into customer groups, and check modules restriction. There was a bug in 1.1.0 that would uncheck all modules when you re-saved the customer group. If you are on 1.1.0, I strongly suggest you use core updater to update to bleeding edge 1.1.x
  16. what does it mean, having troubles? If something doesn't work - what exactly?
  17. It won't affect files/directories stored on the file system. You will obviously loose anything stored in the database. Third party modules won't be installed anymore, etc.
  18. You can simply reinstall the system in-situ: drop database using phpmysql copy install directory from thirtybees.zip file to your thirtybees root directory (you probably deleted this directory after you installed the system for the first time) go to www.yourdomain.com/install and you will be able to re-install the system
  19. Github - I've filed the issue https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1207
  20. Good job for a first override. Keep them going 🙂 My insights: Override should not contain anything that is not needed. You should delete all methods that you didn't modified, such as aliasExist or getAddressIdBySupplierId. When you override method, you should always try to call parent version. Sometimes it's not possible, but in your case it is. Your getZoneById should look something like this: public static function getZoneById($idAddress) { $postcode=self::getPostcodeByAddress($idAddress); if (in_array($postcode,array(2450))) { return 9; } return parent::getZoneById($idAddress); } Your new business logic at the very beginning of the method. If the postcode is 2450 then this method will return 9 (id of your new carrier). Otherwise, the original version of the method (from /classes/Address.php) will be called. Calling parent method is very important. It makes sure that your override will work correctly with future versions of thirtybees. The result override might look like this: class Address extends AddressCore { /** * Return postcode of address * * @param int $id_address Address id * @return string postcode * @throws PrestaShopDatabaseException * @throws PrestaShopException */ private static function getPostcodeByAddress($id_address) { $row = Db::getInstance()->getRow(' SELECT `postcode` FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'address a WHERE a.`id_address` = '.(int)($id_address)); return $row['postcode']; } /** * Get zone id for a given address * * @param int $idAddress Address id for which we want to get zone id * * @return int Zone id * * @throws PrestaShopDatabaseException * @throws PrestaShopException * @since 1.0.0 * @version 1.0.0 Initial version */ public static function getZoneById($idAddress) { $postcode = static::getPostcodeByAddress($idAddress); if (in_array($postcode,array(2450))) { return 9; } return parent::getZoneById($idAddress); }
  21. Thank you, this will help fix the coreupdater issue. Until then, you should do this: 1) execute this in phpmyadmin drop table ps_page_cache; 2) go to core updater and let it re-create the page for you from scratch PS: this 'fix' can be used for table <PREFIX>page_cache only. If anyone encounter similar issue with other tables, please don't 'drop' them 🙂
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