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  1. Look into a Network tab, search for ajax request, and see what it contains
  2. This warning can be ignored, and skipped. There must be another fatal error. You should look into javascript console to see server's response.
  3. please try use this image type: 'large', without theme prefix.
  4. I've split this conversation from the original thread, as it has nothing to do with opengraph metadata. This indeed looks like a bug in core updater. Core updater. I will verify
  5. Look into classes/Translate.php that it contains method getFrontTranslation: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/21b15c3e17188037e4862ddf357b6a3d65f1c3bd/classes/Translate.php#L403 If not, use core updater again to fetch the changes. If the changes are not there even after core updater, check file permissions -- maybe your server don't have permissions to write to that file. If the method is there, then it's your server cache. Go to Advanced Parameters > Performance and clear cache. That might help
  6. I believe it's socialsharing module: https://github.com/thirtybees/socialsharing/blob/master/views/templates/hook/socialsharing_header.tpl
  7. Check that Advanced Parameters > Performance > Disable non thirty bees modules is not enabled. If it's toggled off, go to your Modules page, and reset all modules.
  8. In thirtybees / prestashop, there is only one price stored inside database. It's called retail price, or base price: Final price is calculated from this price. There are many factors that impact final price, such as tax, group discount, cart rules, specific prices, currency, etc. I understand that you *want* to enter final price, but that just can't be done. Final price is always calculated. So, if you want to always have the same final price, you need to use Specific prices -- you need to set specific / different base price for every EU country, so the final price will match. Or you can try to achieve this using cart rules, and apply (possibly negative) discount to customers from different countries.
  9. As I wrote before - for that you need to use Specific Prices. There you can assign different price for different countries, czrrencies, groups, etc. It will be a lot of work to do. You should probably prepare some dataset in excel abd import it. Manual entry would be crazy
  10. It is working as it should, there's no need for any kind of fix. Neither hot nor cold 🙂
  11. Create database backup directly in your phomyadmin. Then run migration again, without the backup
  12. Are you selling virtual products? Because if not, you shoud have the same vat rate regardless of destination country - for regular products, your country tax rate should apply. If you are selling virtual products, then the only way to have the same final price is by using Specific prices. A lot of work
  13. @Enev sent me the module, thanks for that. The module in question modifies the way product routes are handled in core - it overrides default product route that is defined in Preferences > SEO & Urls This is one of the few areas where thirtybees is intentionally not compatible (other areas are full page caching, for example).Thirtybees come with build-in 'pretty url' feature, so its dispatcher is very different from the ps16 dispatcher. This module attempt to hack it fails, unfortunately. From the module code it's obvious that this was always a friction point. When any friendly-url module was installed, this module stopped working, and additional hacks needed to be implemented. In the code you can find special cases for modules mpcleanurls, psseobooster, Advanced Url module, cleanurls, prettyurls. I'm afraid this is indeed not compatible module. It's up to its author if he adds compatibility for thirtybees friendly-url implementation.
  14. guys, please PM me links to those incompatible modules, I'll check them and let you know. I'm quite curious what the problems are.
  15. did the developer told you what he did to make it compatible?
  16. and do those modules work on ps1.6?
  17. Thirtybees require address to determine final price, tax, discounts, etc.
  18. You need to edit Meta.php, method getCategoryMetas, lines ~ 443-449 https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/21b15c3e17188037e4862ddf357b6a3d65f1c3bd/classes/Meta.php#L443-L449 There are three similar lines looking like this: $row['meta_title'] = $title.$row['meta_title'].(!empty($pageNumber) ? ' ('.$pageNumber.')' : '').' - '.Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME'); You want to edit these lines to look like this: $row['meta_title'] = $title.$row['meta_title'].(!empty($pageNumber) ? ' ('.$pageNumber.')' : '');
  19. Not always. For example, when selling Electronically supplied services (for example selling ebooks, or software licenses), merchant must use customer's country VAT tax rate. Merchant must collect VAT, and either register and pay VAT in each and every EU country, or use MOSS scheme.
  20. datakick

    Curl error

    command line tool is not php extension. Install php extension. Something like this: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/curl-is-not-installed-in-your-php-installation
  21. datakick

    Curl error

    I don't believe you have curl in php installed. That's the only reason this error can occur.
  22. Are you logged in as an administrator?
  23. There is prestashop 16 module. Have you tried that one?
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