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Hi all, first of all, many compliments for your work. I've got some questions. -Themes and modules: every module and theme I've purchased for presta 1.6.x.x are simply working with thirtybees? -I'm setting up a brand new ecommerce for a vendor. If I install 30bees, i purchase a presta theme 1.6 from themeforest, may I use it?

-Languages: import language section is missing, as it were connected to prestashop. I've got a red advise "cannot connect" . Will this feature arrive? -support.thirtybees.com is down since yesterday.

Thanks a lot again. Luciano

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They should all work. We have done a lot of testing and haven't had any issues yet. We are working to get the language section working. Even though PrestaShop is opensource they have copywritten all of their languages and not made them open source. So we are going to have to handle our own it looks like.

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