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Problem when Installing Bees Blog


There appears to be a bug when installing and/or using the Bees Blog Module.

The short of this is that when you install the Bees Blog module, everything seems to work fine except the display of the pictures associated with either the blog category or the blog posts themselves.

Images within the content of the blog post display when you bring of the article, but no image is ever displayed in association with the "Blog Categories" module or the "Recent Posts" module.

This bug/failure can be seen here:
This is 100% stock install of TB, with the only steps taken beyond stock are:

  • Install Bees Blog
  • Create Category
  • Create Post

This installation will be up from 03/29/2019 until 04/05/2019.
I can provide a username and password for anyone who wants/needs to poke around and see what is wrong.

The discussion of this discovery and attempted fixes can be viewed here:


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Try to download this theme here:


There's a wtbeesblogrecentposthome module in zip file. Try to install it and see if that works

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This turned out to be an extension related issue.

If the file extension you upload is upper case, then it will not show up.

My files were named "xxxx.JPG" and not "xxx.jpg".

Changing the extension from upper to lower case solved the problem.

All thanks to @datakick for helping me find this resolution.

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