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  1. there is another toggle i found from the back office go catalogue / catergory under each category there is an option to turn off display products from sub catergories, not sure if that will help.
  2. From the product edit page go Associations on the left and uncheck the main category
  3. Could you not set this up in combinations? Set up your attribute then add values for that attribute like 1m 1.5m 2m 2.5m or is the product sold in very random lengths? once you have set them up you can then do an increase price per value from the product combinations tab
  4. OK I have got quite a way into this project but I'm falling over on a few issues I have limited programming skills and im very much a drag and drop guy I have looked through this forum and there are some incredibly talented guys on here and I'm wondering if someone would like to assist me I'm happy to pay for someone's time the list of issues are below, I get very stuck with hooks I just dont understand the terminology or the location names of the blocks something should be hooked too and have had some right funky reactions when i have tried editing them. Please respond here if its something you could do, I can arrange access I run a dedicated Linux server via WHM and Cpanel Hope this doesn't come across rude but I'm nervous about disclosing log in details so will need someone that can offer me a look at some previous work and be known here or on the Presta Forums I need my shop configured for SSL or should I say my server configured for this shop I have all my other stores SSL but this was done by others and not sure how this works I need the blog fixed to allow comments for some reason its not happening or certainly not obvious how it works, im also having a few image issues with the blog I need a collect in store option with no shipping costs, I have no hair left to pull out this is driving me insaneπŸ™‚ I need my copyright to show up on the bottom I would really like the site slightly wider 10 to 15% I just feel im losing a lot of selling space to grey area I would really like a parralax on the home page I was looking at this module but unsure if its compatable https://addons.prestashop.com/en/page-customization/30231-parallax-background-scroll-images-and-videos.html And really just a general walk over what I have done to date to ensure I have gone about things correctly Im sure there are a couple of other niggles but right now the above is all that's stopping me from going live apart from a few more products that I'm working on constantly Who's up for it ? Paul
  5. Im trying to lengthen the text on the products in the same category area. Due to the type of product and the manner in which I name the product range they essentially all look the same, The range of products is NO NONSENSE followed by the flavour IE, No Nonsense Chocolate Orange so each product in the same category looks as if it is named the same now looking at the name for each product there is a series of ..... after the partial description so i would like to lengthen that slightly, currently the text is only taking up half the image I have been looking at productscategory.tpl and guessing thats the place i need to be but cannot see anything suggesting the text length can any one help me with this screenshot below showing the text I would like to lengthen
  6. This might help one or two people I have quite a few physical stores and obviously online, Since 2015 i have been using RockPos on prestashop it handles stock with ease I have never seen a negative stock issue where physical and online collide, it works a dream Last night i wanted to know if it worked on Bees for a new business im working on so i downloaded the latest trial version and it slipped in quite nicely no errors no problems good support from these guys too as Im a non programmer I need it πŸ™‚
  7. I finally got my blog working also found the solution to getting the product images to show, the only issue I have now is how does a viewer of the blog post a comment? I have comments turned on but when I view any of the posts I cannot see where a user can participate Anyone had this issue before that can lend a helping hand? Paul
  8. I know this is an old thread but it may help someone I had this exact same problem uninstall/install uninstall / install check hooks check settings pulled all my hair out then it occurred to me adding some content might help and up it popped πŸ™‚ for some reason the sample data was gone
  9. Well that done the trick made a copy of the installation and saved on the server then onto another learning curve, had to set up and learn FTP ok for you youngens, at 55 things don't work as they should, πŸ™‚ so i downloaded a new installation extracted the themes renamed the existing niara theme to niara-old ftp'd over the new themes went for an install of Niara theme and it worked so repeated with the community theme, now the community theme works again and i have full visuals, all products dummy orders and customers i imported are all good and apart from what i was trying to fix it all works again. whats bugging me is why were pre installed theme files corrupt or missing key files in the first place, now just need to get the blog to show, the copyright to appear and sort out this click and collect issue. Thank you so much Guys really apreciate it
  10. I have cleared cache and turned maintenance mode off refreshed tried to reload and same result what is strange is there are 2 instances of Niara theme on themes page and no option to install community theme i tried Niara again and the result is Attempt to install theme Niara despite its invalid config.xml. my initial install of Bees was via softaculous from Cpanel and then i purchased and used the CS Cart to Bees conversion tool, im wondering if my entire proceedure was flawed from the off as i had a lot of problems importing from CS Cart.
  11. Today I upgraded to bleeding egde 1.1.x after a reccomendation and its fixed a fair few of the issues I was having However I went 1 step too far I tried to switch to the Niara Theme and thats where it all went wrong bad xml file i recall was the error, now im left with a blank front end except my logo the Bees config says im still using community theme although im presuming this theme switch failed and its over written a few things that are required, I have searched for this issue and not really found a comprehensive answer as to how i can fix this given my situation, no back ups and no server back up. Can I re install the community theme, or do i need to export everything I can, and do a fresh install and re insert all the products images and descriptions everything is still visable in the back office dummy orders products product details customers and customer details . Any help would be apreciated I was due to go live at the weekend Thanks in advance Paul SERVER INFORMATION Server information Linux #1 SMP Tue Mar 17 23:49:17 UTC 2020 x86_64 Server software version Apache PHP version 5.6.40 Memory limit 1024M Max execution time 0 DATABASE INFORMATION MySQL version 5.6.47 MySQL server localhost MySQL name puffdade_thbe465 MySQL user puffdade_thbe465 Tables prefix tbl7_ MySQL engine InnoDB MySQL driver DbPDO STORE INFORMATION thirty bees version 1.1.0-1.1.x Shop URL http://www.thepelletguys.com/ Current theme in use community-theme-default LIST OF CHANGED FILES Changed/missing/obsolete files have been detected. Obsolete files (5) vendor/bin/update-versions vendor/bin/semver vendor/bin/generate-defuse-key admin/CoreUpdaterBackup-2020-07-14--09-01-33 admin/error_log
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