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  1. im using PHP version 5.6.40 to scared to update incase I break anything
  2. And above is why I like this forum well done guys
  3. If I had one request it would be for when we have a walk in customer and generating that order via the back office orders system, We use scanners and barcodes and when you have a combination regardless of the combination scanned it always results in the default product this has lead to some over and under charges in the past and throws the stock out, you have to be extra carefull. it would be really nice to be able to scan the products barcode and have the actual product land on the order sheet. Also and this really would benefit those with large amounts of SKU's and those dealing with large numbers of small items A stock page where we could add stock via a scanner thats all in one place a simple box that says (quantity) a text area to scan (barcode) into and an (add me button), that would be heaven we could walk around our warehouses adding stock, and carry out stocktaking with a phone and a wireless scanner 🙂
  4. I like your minimalist look, there is just enough its quick, and educational I never knew such products existed, and you have a pair of slippers I like 🙂
  5. strange thing is I run that module and had no results I use that module quite a lot, however within the shop folder on the server looking in to the overrides folder there were a lot of instances relating to rockpos, I removed them to a temp folder and my problem went away, I don't think Rockpos uninstalls correctly
  6. The guy is rock solid, I look at his answers to peoples questions and his knowledge is emmense (I don't understand most of it), his modules are superb too, there are some good guys on this forum they just need bringing toegther now and a little structure. Smile I wish you good luck and look forward to seeing your plans and roadmap, Every vehicle needs a good engine as long as you can fuel that engine I can't see why this project won't get better and better,
  7. I was wondering if there will be any changes to the GDPR regulations
  8. Be as depressed as you want, Money at this point in time is immaterial and what I do with my money is carefully thought about, who in their right mind is going to invest in a shopping cart that at the present time has no direction? monies as it currently stands until there is clarity over the carts future is better used by paying developers for help, would you honestly bet on a horse that may or may not run?
  9. That would I suppose depend on individual circumstances my 1.6 shop has seen over 250,000 sales to date and still running strong, the DB was a bit big but fixed that, the site itself works very well now, its had a few problems and with a Good Dev a little sticky tape and a few bandages here and there I can't see it falling over for a few years yet, I tend to rate site on usabilty and sales over time and not having the latest version, latest versions are great if you have a good knowledge of how things work and how to fix things when they don't, plus each retailer has different needs whats good for the goose may not be good for the gander, I like BEES though it has some great additions and a couple of seriously knowledgable Devs, and I have my fingers crossed this will continue in one form or another
  10. Working with barcodes just plain speeds everything adding stock via a POS is crazy fast especially when you are dealing with lots of small items like I do I can work around it using a POS but Rockpos although worked to a point it throws up too many errors that are outside of my ability to fix and the entire site works correctly when rockpos is uninstalled, TPV Tienda or POSTPV which its now known as works with less errors and the scanner scans correctly however I need again some DEV assistance nailing the few issues i have with that, and that was the reason I thought I would use the add sale from orders page for walk in customers, im kind of stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea here
  11. I have recently added barcodes for all products to genrally make life easier all round, however, I have hit a snag When I go into orders / create new order' I scan a product and it always loads the default product when combinations are present which is kinda strange as the correct barcode numbers are loaded and visable on the screen, sure you can use the drop down to select the correct product but that would make the scanner a slower option. In the image below in the search for products box the EAN code is for the item weighing 0.8g yet its loaded and when added adds the default 0.5g Anyone have any thoughts on this? obviously you have to have a default or at least a starting point for customers to place orders this just seems a bit wierd that you scan a specific product code and it loads something else
  12. Presta 1.6 for me the horror stories I keep reading about 1.7 makes it sound like a car with no wheels
  13. My issue was blog related and a few random images missing sitewide just a basic extension change, solved my issue sounds like your issue is different
  14. Also make sure in their profile you set the default group
  15. I had a similar issue is this for every image or just random images not showing? My problem was simply .JPG was not liked and I changed the extensions to .jpg and all worked
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