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  1. Just tried installing Viva Wallet Module as Paypal have frozen my account due to the nature of the business not only the business account but my personaql accounts too which are nothing to do with the business, I found Viva Wallet the rates were exceptionally good they have a module for Presta 1.6 so tried to install on a test site and this error popped up I can no longer access the modules page until i roll back so im wondering if anyone can spot the issue
  2. Got it and done Bees forum to the rescue yet again cheers lads
  3. I would like to remove some of the white space on the top horizontal menu as I would like to add one more menu item and don't want it dropping to a 2nd line Can someone point me in the right direction please, the part i have marked in red are what I would like to reduce. Thanks Paul
  4. Just throwing this out there as I had some image issues I can't recall which way around it was now .jpg and .JPG one worked one didnt show up, changing the extension fixed my issue
  5. I always used to think it was the customers 🙂 I installed this module from Datakick https://store.getdatakick.com/en/modules/login-as-customer its free too, its invaluable for me as I can log in and see what the customer sees and its handy to help tweak issues when you get a complaint obviously if the customer has browser cache issues it won't help but it gives you more insight to whats happening
  6. surely there is a way of linking the Database to incorperate users names and passwords, im gonna check that feature now but this has been migrated for a few months now
  7. Yes maybe im quite old a caveman in fact lol well thats food for thought and gives me something to work with I wonder if it has something to do with the CS Cart to 30 Bees conversion module
  8. I have also tried with non native modules and overrides turned off same result is it possible to hard clear the cache I often wonder if the back office cache clearing works I recall from Pretsa the Var folder had to be emptied
  9. Fastbay is the most recent module that was about a month ago I have edited the horizontal top menu and turned off supplier block thats my total work load I while back I was hacked (2 months) good and proper a rogue module with a huge back door I since enrolled a company called Astra and thier security module its been live for a few months and working fine and we have had orders up until 22.22 pm last night GMT I did a backup last night but that shouldnt effect the operation of the website also managed to add an order via the back office just now
  10. So today my website decides its on crack My new fishing site has been live for a few weeks its been rolling along quite nicely then today I cant log in to the front end Im thinking i have lost my password which is normal for me so log into the back office change my password and I still can't log in, also I cannot add anything to the shopping cart. My first port of call is to get a co worker to sign in on the front end, and he cannot log in either and is rewarded with an authentication error and he cannot add anything to the cart. what could have caused all this I havnt changed anything on this cart other than move a few customers into groups which is a standard proceedure it was all working fine last night Im totally baffled obviously with lockdown in the UK looming I need to be live Also asked a couple of our Competition Team Anglers ( the group I added them too) to log in and they are getting the same, I changed my status to just a regular customer and its the same Debug mode isnt throwing any errors I have cleared cache in the back office so many times the button is wearing out, I also tried with all Cache options off and all results are the same Anyone have any pointers, Im totaly baffled Paul
  11. No it didnt (I may have found the issue though) It all seems very odd as the cart has been working fine we are slowly building our orders up and people are finding us, and I can honestly say no major changes other than day to day tasks have been made However, I did make a little headway I have 2 personal customer accounts for testing one as a reseller one as a team member the idea was I can jump back and forth checking the prices are correct for each group and compare to general retail clients prices. I used your module ( log in as a customer this by the way is an extremely valuable tool) I use this to check how others were seeing the site and all seemed fine, If I log in via my two accounts thats when the problems occur it would seem i'am the problem, I have different credentials for each account, I have now deleted my accounts and set up a fresh one and the site can now be veiwed as per normal with overrides on or off and Rockpos enabled or disabled Somehow my accounts must have gotten corrupted or there is a cookie issue maybe associated with my accounts this is where it goes over my head :), I don't fully understand the mechanics
  12. Datakick you are correct Yes I use Rockpos POS but I turned it off whilst trying to sort this issue as our trade counter isnt open yet thinking it may have been the cause,
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