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  1. Solved it seems to have been a facebook permission issue by allowing under 18's to visit my facebook site it magically started working which isnt good when we sell products for over 18's This is the blockfacebook TPL Im having some annoying issues with this module put any facebook page in and it shows on the front end of the cart no problem, use my company page https://www.facebook.com/PuffDadE/ and it doesnt show, is there a difference between groups and pages and the way in which they have to be entered in the modules section, I have just been copying the link from facebook as usual, {if !empty($facebookurl)} <section> <div id="blockfacebook" class="col-xs-12 col-sm-4"> <h3 class="title">{l s='Follow us on Facebook' mod='blockfacebook'}</h3> <div id="fb-like-box-container" style="overflow: hidden;"> <div class="fb-page" data-href="{$facebookurl|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" data-width="360" data-small-header="false" data-adapt-container-width="true" data-hide-cover="false" data-show-facepile="true"></div> </div> </div> <div id="fb-root"></div> </section> {/if}
  2. Are you in the UK? I had a similar problem and Installed UK Counties pack by teapot creative, works fine on Bees but only wittles down to Counties it helped in the sense I could increase the cost to scottish highlands, Islands, Shetland Guernsey Jersey isle of Man etc which some won't deliver too but didnt drive down to postcodes which would have been a nice touch
  3. After I got hacked my main business webshop which is based on Presta was trashed after many days trying to fix it and lots of help from you guys i got it back live but it had problems it was working to the point all the retail stores I run had the ability to operate ok via POS which was a massive help obviously we all need income but it was running with a major online issue, customers could not order online via a mobile device as the cart was missing (fine on a desktop) I tried many reccomendations to fix the issue I have exhaused all backups trying to fix and decided to build a fresh cart with Bees. Bees is benching faster its easier for me to manipulate to look how i want it too it, was a project in the pipeline anyway just didnt want to be forced into it. What I have done so far Installed Bees to website.co.uk/shop Existing website is website.com/shop Migrated using migration pro this took a long time 200,000 orders 23,000 customers and 1500,00 products it stalled a few times but always picked up where it left off Checked data and images (all seem fine) Checked all orders (all seem fine) some of the stats are blank im guessing one or two stats modules need enabling Checked customers ( there are password issues ) not sure how to fix this yet but have a set of dummy logins I use to check things and make test purchases etc and it failed, had to reset passwords this could be a problem for the other 23,000 customers I have left the MPro module switched on as I see it requires this for passwords, I will have to look at this later, Checked paypal is working (all good so far) Checked mobile users have a cart once adding a product (all works fine) Installed my POS this seems to be running fine a few missing images I need to work on that and no amount of regenerating the thumbnails works on this instance, im guessing a module issue or maybe image type I will fix that later. Checked search function and its doing exactly as it is supposed to and very quick too I have adapted the site got most of my modules working and im nearly finished asthetically, just a few bits go and a little more testing This is the part im a little confused on my plan is during a slow period (after midnight on a weekday) run MigrationPro once more to update the latest orders and customers Put the live site into maintenace Mode Rename the current live site site old on the server Transfer the entire .co.uk Bees site (shop folder) over to the .com folder on the server Rename the new Bees store URLs to .com from .co.uk from the multistore tab (3 shops) Im guessing I have to regenerate the access file and robots file too Is there anything else I need to think about during this transistion?, is it as simple as that for the SEO's do all the internal URL's for each product automatically gain the .com extension once I change the main URL? and will google essentually pick up where it left off with my ratings. Sorry if this post looks a bit newby but im on a huge learning curve with all this, I have learnt bundles so far and its actually been quite interesting and has expanded my knowledge no end but often fall over on what im sure you guys find the simplest of tasks. Regards Paul
  4. I have quite a few instances of this but only seems to happen on my migrated sites I was looking for a way to combine customers so it would tidy things up
  5. I can confirm it seems to be migrating fine with it did stall a couple of times with customers and orders but to be fair on this particular project I have 23,000 customers and over 200,000 orders aross 4 stores I guess this is quite a chunky site migrate, However its picked up where it left off and is in its final stages. I havnt had time to anylise the data yet but will crank some numbers tomorrow to see if the financials from the orders on Bees match the original data its worked a lot better than CS Cart to Bees migration Pro module I used for the last site, where the structure of the catagories had to be rebuilt and many products didnt move across
  6. Anyone tried this with the spec on the module page only goes up to
  7. Guys sorry to keep posting but made some progress from the last post restored a data base backup from the 26th of August I have lost a few sales and some product additions but the prices are back from that I can presume my database has been got at the additional products and banners and bits i made I can re add but how can i get the customers and sales added back efficiently ?
  8. Fresh site added to server worked out how to drop the database in (this has been one serious learning curve) same result everything works fine no prices on the shopping cart 😞 Now I know how to add a database im going to try an old database backup, at least then if the prices show I know the database has been got at if they dont I need to start looking at Thirty Bees Files
  9. Fresh install complete whats the exact file i need to edit to point to the old database?
  10. I already checked all those settings and they are good too 😞
  11. Thanks Zen A little update on this, A deep server scan found over 170 instances of malware, thats additional to the files Astra removed from the two main website directories files were installed mainly in log folders in examining some of those files the content was quite shocking and it also looked like I was running some kind of sports tv server. I have been removing these and rescanning periodically and it looks as if I have removed everything thats bad from the server Im just doing a final scan to check the integrity of the server hopefully thats the end of it, what was happening is I missed a couple of bad scripts and everything was back again the next day, lesson learnt! This still leaves me with 1 small issue and im pulling my hair out over this one I mentioned before that all the prices are missing from the website, so I made a test product followed the same route as before and no prices are visable, I have checked and re checked show prices, turn off catalogue mode etc etc and still no prices. please note all the prices are still intact and correct from the individual products page and the master products page My question is would this be a database issue? (my concern of course is im trying to avoid a total rebuild) and if yes using a fresh set of files with the old database would result in the same issue or is this more likely to be a core file thats been over written and if so which one, I have used the core updater a couple of times to replace changed files and it fixed the issue first time round but not this time. I can't help thinking Im somehow locked in Catalogue mode Paul
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