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Mail alerts v4.0.0 - Customer notifications are not working


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Hi everyone,

I tested the Mail alerts module yesterday, both on my local dev setup and online on my real server and I couldn't get the customer product availability email to work.

  1. I checked YES on the product availability tab.
  2. Went to a product and changed stock value to 0.
  3. Received an email to my merchant email address stating that the stocks were low for that item (perfect).
  4. Navigated to that product and entered my email to be notified when product is available again.
  5. Checked the module database table to make sure my email was added (and it was).
  6. Changed stocks back to 50 for that product. 7.Waited for the notification email but it never came..
  7. Checked back into the database table and my email was gone, which means it got triggered but did nothing.

I'm not sure if this module is complete or supposed to work yet, hence my question, should it be working and if so, what could be wrong on my end ?

Thanks !!

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Was just about to tell you that, I updated it and then all the strings went back in english (from french).

I uninstalled then reinstalled and everything came back in french again.

Also, for some reasons, I am still not receiving the customers notifications, just getting the out of stock notifications sent to the merchant. Tried on both dev and online, any idea ?

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OK, the new update was not working either BUT, I have identified and fixed the problems.

I'm not sure I've did it the proper way but basically, this is a path issue in the modules/mailalerts/classes/MailAlert.php.

The code is looking for fileexists(dirname(FILE).'/mails/'.$iso.'/customerqty.txt') but the 'mails' folder is located at the root of the module folder (not in classes/mails). I've fixed it by adding "/.." which now gives fileexists(dirname(FILE).'/../mails/'.$iso.'/customerqty.txt').

Here's a screenshot of my fix: 0_1494601928809_Capture d’écran 2017-05-12 à 10.56.27.png.

Works perfectly now but I also noticed that you can't add these files to the theme since the code is not present like it is for the merchant alert email (see screenshot). 0_1494602110006_Capture d’écran 2017-05-12 à 11.14.43.png.

Oh and one last thing, all the html files shows "powered by Prestashop at the end. "{shop_name} powered by PrestaShop™"

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