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Category Builder Failing. No Sub Categories


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New User (New 1.08 install)

Category functionality, in particular sub categories, is failing in two areas.

I can not add sub categories.

When adding a new sub category and you click on the expand categories and nothing happens so you can not set up a tree off categories.
The result of adding a new sub category is a new category on the top level.

Also, when toy go to the category list, you can grab a category and move it, but you can not drop it into another category to make it a sub category.

In my new set up I now have 8 categories in the top level, no sub categories, but only ONE category displayed in the top menu.

Navigation can not be set up for this web site as there is an issue with the add sub category page, the category list page, and possibly the top menu.

Any ideas on how to get a category built?

I'm thinking that this has something to do with JavaScript as I've also noticed that the module search function is not working either.


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You think it has to do something with javascript. So what happened when you looked for javascript errors (open browser console with F12)?

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