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I made a comparison of the database structure of Prestashop and Thirty Bees. For those interested here a summary of the conclusions:

  • A lot of field size differences. Most interesting is password going from 32 to 60 positions. For the rest mainly id sizes increasing from 10 to 11. Both changes happened also in Prestashop with the change to 1.7.

  • CHARSET changed from utf8 to utf8mb4. This is accompanied by a lot of COLLATE clauses in the database. With COLLATE you can declare that with search or sorting a different charset should be used. Different character sets have different ways to deal with accented characters.

  • quite a few tables were dropped: psadvice, psadvicelang, psbadge, psbadgelang, pscondition, psconditionadvice, psconditionbadge, pscronjobs, pstabadvice All the tables that are dropped in PS 1.7 (pscompare, pscompareproduct, pstheme, psthememeta, psthemespecific, psscene, psscenecategory, psscenelang, pssceneproducts, psscene_shop) are still present in TB.

  • one table got an extra field: displayfromsub in the ps_category table

  • a few tables got extra keys: psconfiguration (name), psconnectionssource (httpreferer and requesturi), pspage_type (name)

  • four new tables: pscurrencymodule, psmodulecarrier, pspagecache and psredisservers. pscurrencymodule is a bit puzzling as there already exists a psmodulecurrency table. psmodulecarrier has three fields: idmodule, idshop and idreference. Missing is an idcarrier: maybe this is id_reference. This table - with the same fields - can also be found in PS 1.7.

    • Prestashop 1.7 has a few new fields in the product tables: isbn, show_condition and state. They are not present in Thirty Bees.
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Very interesting post! I spend quite a bit of time looking at the PS / 30bz database tables directly while working with the API so it's interesting to hear about what has changed. I'd upvote you, but the site seems to give a very limited number of upvotes per day, and I've run out!

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