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image render library seems strange to be - size of files


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I did some testing today an I think there might be a bug or the image settings in backoffice need more explaining. Everybody seriously into selling products online needs high quality images that are at the same time not to big in size...


I got some product images from my supplier. I do not know if these are already compressed but judging from size I say no.

Original jpg is 514K

Lossless compression of the same: 412K

Lossy compression (85-90% Qual.) of original: 65K


Settings in Thirtybees backoffice for images are:

Use PNG only if there is a PNG 🙂

JPEG Qual: 100 !!

PNG Qual: 0

I use this settings since I like to compress files my own with my own software (Riot Image compression tool and FileOptimizer).


Then I uploaded images via backoffice and found that the source file, e.g. 3766.jpg, remains untouched as far I can say. Then this one is resized due to image settings in backoffice (theme).

My problem is I do not understand why the resulting images 3766-home_default.jpg,  3766-home_default2x.jpg, 3766-large_default.jpg, 3766-large_default2x.jpg are always of the same size?

I mean the lossy source variant is 8 times smaller.

I can testify that there is small difference for bigger images like 3766-thickbox_default.jpg but not worth to mention.


So, either the settings for images compression in backoffice are not working or there is a functionality/process I do not get. At the moment it looks to me that it hardly makes no sense to compress and optimize files before I upload them (also since I use Webp on the frontend but this need better sources else quality gets blurry).


Another point I noticed. If you delete product images from backoffice mostly all 2x images and some other remain on the host in the folder structure /img/p/...

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