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Feedback & Request Custom Payment Methods: Add country restriction + additional fee


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Hello Everyone, hello Thirty Bees,

I tried adding this as feature request, but sadly they do not allow new feature requests at the moment.

The only thing keeping me away from switching to thirtyBees right now is that I urgently 😉 need the custom payment method module to allow restrictions based on countries (group, currencies, etc are a plus) (I mean restrictions that can be set per method, not for the module ofc) and I also need to be able to set up additional payment fees when using specific payment methods. I would have one method for everyone without fees and one that should only show for swiss customers and have a fee of 10 bucks or something.

First: Is there anyway to accomplish this without changing much? Maybe I haven't thought about some already available functionality that could do this but I think the module will have to be edited a little. Tried it myself, I can show a Fee Amount and Fee Currency field in BO, but I don't know how to correctly save and read this info from the database and I also don't know how to select the correct currency if a currency has already been saved to the database.

Is there anyone who could set this up for me and everyone else? I think these are features that HAVE to be implemented by thirty bees, otherwise this module doesn't make much sense. I mean in BO under Modules > Payments where you can set up the restricitons, only the module is being listed instead of it's payment methods. I really thought they might have changed that when they took this module over from russianlabs guys. At the moment, this module is just useless if you need to set up payment methods that need restrictions or additional fees. At least I can set up a discount (even thought having to use cart rules for this is stupid), but wouldn't the possibility of adding fees make more sense??? It's so strange that there's simply no such module available.

If someone could code this together for me (changing Custom Payment Module from TB), how much would you charge for it if it's not for free?

Thanks a lot!



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The original idea of payment modules was to have one module per payment method, hence restrictions per module. One module handling a plentitude of methods wasn't on the screen a few years back.

Regarding your issue, it looks much like beefing up price rules a bit could accomplish that. These are well equipped with conditions already, they just don't allow raising the price ( = negative discount).

Can't promise a timely solution, though, our stack of feature wishes is huge already, on top of 100+ known bugs (which are considered to be more crucial to fix). And everybody considers his particular issue as the must have, of course 🙂

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Thank you so much for replying back @Traumflug, this is what I needed (to be heard 😉 )! Yes of course everyones own issues come first haha they are always most important. I just have such a buggy prestashop (I cannot even change smallest settings without having to deal with a broken 500 shop afterwards and I immediately need to get away from PS... 😉 It can eat up the resources of my server in no time if it feels like it (happens all 2-3 weeks) and fixing this hugely-buggy software doesn't make sense to me especially with ThirtyBees around 🙂 THANKS for your reply!

Still if someone can implement country restrictions and fees for the custom payment method that would be really awesome and you'd save my ass 🤗


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