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Core Updater, Stage 2

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Core Updater is pretty advanced software updating technology and has shown to be quite helpful since it was released. Merchants lost fear to update their shop installation as they can roll back easily. Great! This way, developing the software actually makes sense, merchants can take advantage of all the new stuff.

There was always a pimple in the picture, though: provided releases had to be added manually by a thirty bees developer. As so often, stuff to be done manually easily gets forgotten.

No longer: over the recent weeks, Core Updater's background machinery has learned to build releases automatically. This is especially helpful for Bleeding Edge: the minute a change gets committed to the Github repository and passes validation, it appears in all the shop back offices. Can't get forgotten, always accurate (knock on wood).

Another new thing appeared: issue branches. When tackling issues reported on Github, developers often want to show partial work or provide completed work for testing. Maybe they just add debug messages to find out what's going on in a shop installation. Now they can commit this work as issue branch, merchants will find it in the Bleeding Edge channel in Core Updater listed. Merchants update to this, test, report back their opinion in the issue tracker. Easily fast enough (~6 minutes after push) to allow timely discussions on how to implement this or that the best way.

Note to developers: an issue branch is a branch named with exactly 'issue-' (including the dash), followed by a number consisting of digits only. This number should match the Github issue number.


P.S.: this is available immediately, no upgrades or whatsoever needed 🙂

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