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Show the amount remaining to activate a voucher




I'm currently working on setting up free shipping for my company. The thing is we don't use the function located in shipping/preferences in the BO. Because free shipping is unavailable for some heavy weighted items and for some carriers. So I use a voucher (cart rule) to apply it instead.

Now that this part is working well, I would like to show to my costumers a line of text saying "Your cart is currently worth 40€. Add 25€ and you'll get free shipping".
I've gone through a lot of forum posts and tutorials (including the one from Nemo PS http://nemops.com/prestashop-show-free-shipping/#.XWkRzuMzaUk ) ; but so far I've had no luck in finding what I'm looking for. Most of the answers, are based on using the free shipping function inside the shipping preferences and not from a voucher.

Do any of you know of a method to display the amount remaining to activate a voucher based on the ID of the voucher (since there are other vouchers for specific products and promotions).

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