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  1. Hello, I've managed to get my hands on the problem more seriously in the past two weeks, so here is a note on how to disable multistore. As usual, if you have comments or better workarounds than those steps, I'll gladly edit the steps ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope this will be useful to some of you : Disclaimer : The aim of this procedure is to delete shops from the multistore and allow you to revert back to a single shop. Some steps will need you to delete customers, addresses and orders. If you are using Prestashop / Thirty Bees as the only way to keep traces and record of your orders, make sure you have a backup somewhere in order to comply with your country regulations. Also I didn't have time to test much of my shops after applying this solution, so there might be bugs related to this. So please take this into consideration before applying this, especially on a live shop... 1st part - Make a proper copy on local 1) Make a copy of your ftp on a local wamp 2) Import database in phpmyadmin or with bigdump if like mine it's too heavy 3) In mywebsite/config/settings.inc.php change the fields to these (those are for a default wamp) define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost'); define('_DB_NAME_', 'mydatabase'); define('_DB_USER_', 'root'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', ''); 4) Make the following changes on the ps_shop_url table at the line of id_shop 1 : domain : localhost domain_ssl : localhost physical_uri : /mywebsite/ 5) Delete the content of the cache folder 6) Open your back office and you should have it up and running. If you're not seeing any CSS, you most likely have made an error in changing the table ps_shop_url. If that's the case repeat step 5 to 7 until CSS and JS are loaded properly. (Idealy disable and delete the cache before making your backup, you'll gain some time.) 2nd part - Deleting the multistores In order to delete a shop in multistore and avoid the : "You canโ€™t delete this shop (customer and/or order dependency)." ; you'll have to follow these steps 1) Use this Mysql query on phpmyadmin : DELETE ps_orders, ps_order_detail FROM ps_shop, ps_orders, ps_order_detail WHERE ps_shop.`id_shop`= X AND ps_orders.`id_shop`= ps_shop.`id_shop` AND ps_order_detail.`id_order`= ps_orders.`id_order` You must replace the `id_shop`= X with the ID of the shop you want to delete. I found this query here : https://joomla-and-more.com/2016/01/05/how-to-deal-with-the-you-cant-delete-this-shop-customer-andor-order-dependency-error-in-prestashop/ 2) Once all orders are deleted, you will need to delete all of your customers and related data. For that, go to your customer page in the back office, display them by 1000 and then select all and delete. You'll need to check the option to delete all data related to customers. Deleting 1000 accounts take around 10 minutes. For this specific part be careful to delete only the customers from specific shops and not all of them. I haven't done this with the feature "single account for several stores" activated, so I don't know how it will behave in that specific case. 3) Repeat step 2 for the adresses 4) Make a jump in PhpMyAdmin and empty all tables related to orders (like invoice), addresses, and customers. There my be some leftovers not shown in your back office. Exemple we had a hidden customer generated by the One Page Checkout module of PresteamShop. 4) Go to the multistore tab, once the page is loaded change the default store for the one you want to keep 5) Delete your unwanted shops in advanced parameters -> multishop. 6) Go to the global parameters and disable the multistore feature. 7) Create a front office account and make a test order. You should notice that your ID orders will start anew with ID 1, while your customers ID and addresses will stay where left.
  2. Thank you all for your answers, I'll look into this and make a feedback as soon as I have some time to work on the project.
  3. Hello Thirty Bee community, I have a question about the migration on TB. We are currently using a PS on multistore (with 5 shops on it), and I was thinking about moving one of the shop out of the multistore and put it as a solo ThirtyBees store. Since the shop had literally a dozen oneshot orders last year, I'm not worried about importing customers and orders data. However I would like to keep everything related to products : products, products lang, attributes, combinations, categories, images, prices, etc. Does anyone have any previous experience in this kind of migration ? What is the best process for doing so, import mysql tables directly or use a CSV module ? Are there any "traps" aside of changing the "id_shop" number in the tables and maybe tables I forgot to mention ? Is there a better TB version where I should import those products and then make the update using the GitHub updater ? Thank you by advance for your time and answers.
  4. Hello Smile, your problem remind me of an issue I had with my 1.6 multishop a few months ago. My 4GO CPU was strained and always in the red like in your pictures. It ended up that we had bots spamming our servers looking for weird php files without us noticing. And that was slowing everything down. Especially the BO at first, but the FO (and our orders) took a blunt too in the end. Your issue might not be related to that, but well since it won't hurt to check, you can see that info in : Cpanel -> Raw Access ->domain.com (SSL). And download the file. If you see a lot of patterns that aren't related to TB file architecture your problem might come from this. Hope this will help you. P.S. : I'm working with 5 shops on a single multistore and I don't have speed issues when loading my 50 orders out of 10K ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. If you need the client to complete the order without any money involved, you can also copy the bankwire module and rework the mail template + the payment method name and it's message on the order page. Did that about a year ago on a PS and it works great (I use it for state controlled offices and town hall in France which use a unique payment process). EDIT : If I remember correctly, I must have followed this tutorial : http://rocinantesoftware.blogspot.com/2015/11/how-to-make-copy-of-prestashop-16-bank_2.html
  6. Gotabor

    Website slow

    @craftshop I see that your website is running correctly again. Can you tell us what was the issue ? @AndyC glad it could help you too ;) Little tip, this plugin exists for others CMS like wordpress and is also available as a free script if you need.
  7. Gotabor

    Website slow

    Hello @craftshop I think you should contact your hosting company if you are on shared servers or go check your WHM (Server Status / Service Status) if you have a dedicated server. Your problem might be coming from bots launching a lot of requests on your website (or someone's else if you are on shared hosting). If that's what you are dealing with, contact your host, and also install this free module from @datakick https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/front-office/blackhole-for-bad-bots?search_query=black+hole&results=2 Otherwise you should indeed activate the debug and see if it could be related to a code modification you might have made.
  8. Hello, While I did this little improvments on the stores today, I thought this one might be useful to some of you. My aim was to quickly delete the 0โ‚ฌ carts that are taking dust on the database. Those are generated when a customer click on the cart button but don't have any product in it. Instead on relying on a module I just did the following changes on our 1.6 (same as TB) : Go to controllers/admin/AdminCartsController.php and edit the following lines : ``` Before : 'total' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Total'), 'callback' => 'getOrderTotalUsingTaxCalculationMethod', 'orderby' => false, 'search' => false, 'align' => 'text-right', 'badge_success' => true ), After : 'total' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Total'), 'callback' => 'getOrderTotalUsingTaxCalculationMethod', 'orderby' => true, //set true instead of false 'search' => true,//set true instead of false 'align' => 'text-right', 'badge_success' => true ), ``` Now, you'll be able to sort your cart by amount. You just need to do a little select all and hit delete to see all those useless carts disappear ;) I know it's bad to edit controller files directly since this should be done with override. But anyway, what do you think about bringing this change on the next core version of TB ? Unless there is something I'm unaware of, this should make merchants life easier and would help people with cleaning those useless carts. ![screenshot](https://i.imgur.com/TaPUwNn.png)
  9. Gotabor

    Recommendations to scale up store with TB?? ERP, WMS...

    Hello @rubben1985 , For an ERP I would recommend one that already has compatibility with Prestashop 1.6 since it will cost you less to adapt a plugin to TB that way. And more companies will know the tech. With the company I'm currently working with (around 20 people in it) we are using the ERP SAGE 100C which has plugins compatible with Prestashop 1.6. Since both use MySQL database the data can be cleanly imported from one to another. Well that's the theory at least... Linking those two software is impossible for us because the ERP was there before Prestashop and it's just not written correctly. If we wanted to establish a link at my company that would basically mean recreate either the shop or the ERP from scratch... So well even if it doesn't directly answer your question I can at least give you a few hints about what you need to be aware of, and what kind of mistakes you need to avoid. Also I never used stock managment or advanced stock managment. So some things I will point might be only relevant for people like me who don't use those features : 1) For the stock always count in bundle EG : If you are selling a box with 100 tennis balls count the stock as 1 box instead of counting 100 balls. And sell them as a single box as well. It's one of the main disagreement I have with our ERP since sometimes products are counted as units and sometimes as a package... Counting by unit can also lead to a customer to buy 150 of them and leave you with 50 balls you don't know what to do with in your stocks... And you can always display the unit price on TB so there is really no reason not to do it. 2) If you are selling custom products Stock management of custom products is kind of messy since you can't possibly have one already in stock. So well just be aware of it and ask the peoples you will hire to have that in mind. Maybe they'll have a good answer for this. 3) For product data (images, description, features) Most ERP should handle the shipping data, the long description and one or maybe more images. But you should be careful if you have combinations and features data. I'm not sure how/if those can be synced. 4) Combinations : If you have them, a headhache is awaiting you EG : You have a provider called Superhat ; this company sell you beautiful caps in green red and blue. In TB your product will probably be a single one with 3 combinations. But on your ERP it might be 3 separated products since your provider will have 3 references for them. Then again maybe advanced stock managment can handle this, but since we never used it... 5) Shipping There is two ways to have a fluent shipping process ; either you have a module for your favorite transport company on TB and print the adresses from there. In which case you'll need to transfer the data from TB to the ERP. Or the opposite, your shipping company is compatible with the ERP so you deal with printing on it and then develop a feature to update the order status on TB and link the shipping number to your customer. 6) For customers account most ERP are using client codes. It's a good practice and a good thing to sync data beetween ERP and shop since there cannot be the same code twice. We are using the private comment ("note" field in the database) to register the code in prestashop. Also you can add this field to the order list of the shop pretty easily. You could also use the ID client generated by TB, but that would mean gaps in ID if a customer register on your website but do not buy anything. 7) Data input in the ERP If you sync the data especially for product or customer, please make sure that the people inputting the data don't have the cap lock activated all day on their keyboard... It's my case and well do you really want to import 10000 products with all of them having a title written in capitals and half of them with product data like height and weight in the title ? Well I don't... And customers will probably run if they see this anyway... That's all I can think of now, I'll edit my post if I remember anything more about this project. Hope this will help you.
  10. Gotabor

    Hide/Delete Old products

    If you disable your products, use the 301 redirect if you have a new/similar product. That way it will help to rank the new product. As for deleting the product, I don't think it would affect the orders since there is the order_detail table that keep infos like product name, reference, price, etc. for each order. But to be on the safe side, disable is fine. For the back office display, simply use the product status filter. That way you can show only the activated products.
  11. Gotabor

    Remove Customer Date of Birth?

    Hi prophoto, To disable the date of birth in TB 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 you need to edit the following files : authentification-create.tpl : from line 34 to 76 authentification-create-opc.tpl : from line 29 to 71 identity.tpl : from line 49 to 91 The div to comment/delete is written like this : If your shop is already up and running you also need to reset all customers dates of birth in your database.