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Export (CSV) with html tag stripping function


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I try to clean up my product descriptiond and meta data from old html tags like span and div.

I did export my data via Datakick module and also via csv export from /bo/catalog.

I openend the data in my two favorite tools VisualCode and Scalc and did some search and replace routines. Regex does help here immensely but I am all than used to regex.

So I wonder if iht would not be nice to have all in one place, namely Thirtybees. Would be great to expand its export capabilities with some cleaning functions. I do not know but assume that the HtmlPurifier does something like this and perhaps it is quickly doable to habe a product/categorie data export feature with splitscreen (left real data/right preview). I think data shold be presented in tables like Scalc does.

Anyhow, how do you groom your product data?

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