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I have only ever made shirts with Size and Color Combinations, how to I make it so that it will show the Front and the Back of the shirt, plus have the color and size?

Or do I have to try and squeeze them into one image? (Which I would prefer NOT to do!)

Example of a current t-shirt: https://mymembershipcards.com/clothing/t-shirts/unisex-tshirts/i-suffer-from-macilentophobia#

I now want to make a shirt that shows like that, but also will allow to show the back, so how do I do that exact same thing, but also show the back of the shirt?

Please help!

Thank you!

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In a different thread:


I followed the steps suggested by: "veganline" and it only showed the one image.

I tried clicking both the front and back, I cleared the cache through the admin panel and the browser. Nothing!

I cleared the cache again, then tried a different browser that the page had never been loaded on, Nothing!

I logged into the backend of the server through cPanel of my hoster and cleared that cache, Still Nothing!

So for now, this is my solution, But I don't really like this! https://mymembershipcards.com/clothing/t-shirts/unisex-tshirts/i-had-cancer-but

I would appreciate any more help or ideas!

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