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    I am very used to doing things the old way! I left the web development and design game for almost 16 years to run a chain of retail stores, and now I am dealing with PHP and not ASP and HTML 5, there was no number last time I did this! So now I am trying the open source solutions to see how it goes.
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  1. Again, unless you are associated directly with thirtybees, you can not use their domain in any form! Nuevamente, a menos que esté asociado directamente con treinta abejas, ¡no puede usar su dominio de ninguna forma!
  2. The domain that you are using is back.thirtybees.com? That is you #1 issue! If you are connected to the internet, or have ever visited thirtybees.com while connected to the internet, then your computer is searching for that site. Since thirtybees does not have "back" as a subdomain, you are getting an error, you will also get that error if they are using it and you do not have the appropriate privileges. You must have either your OWN DOMAIN or you must use a dummy one that does not really exist, WITH DNS pointing to your machine. If you want a cheap domain that will not then try to rip you off in the future like CheapDomains does, then I would suggest going to FastComet.com. If you want to use a fake domain, then use something really odd, like for example rubberbabybumper.com (with the internet that is probably real). Once you have installed the software of thirtybees, you would then need to either the default yourdomain.com/admin123 to get into the backend, or you will need to use what ever option that you chose during install. I hope some of this makes sense to you, and that it helps you move forward with this.
  3. veganline, Can I ask you something about your post? You said to got to: "backoffice > preferences > settings > enable SSL : on" I do not have a "settings" in my "preferences" or really anywhere. Is my site missing something, or did I misunderstand where to go? Thanks!
  4. If you can not enter the backend administration area, then this is a completely different issue that I was experiencing. You need to be in a different thread for this. Again, Good Luck! thirtybees is a very powerful e-commerce software solution! It is without question worth any frustrations that you might have!
  5. Greetings yae.disseny@gmail.com, The only way that I was able to remove this issue was to go into the menu as follows: preferences -> core updater then select "bleeding edge" "1.1.x" Once I did that everything worked as it should. Good Luck!
  6. cienislaw Thank you for your response! The problems that I was having actually appear to be my hosting. If I was on a cloud style hosting plan, this would have been MUCH simpler than even the instructions laid out by thirty bees. I had to perform a node.js install using SSH and a command line. This was relatively simple to do! Once that was done, with a slight modification of the instructions by you. I now have it up and running perfectly! I now also have the ability to simply click on an icon and a script runs to do all of it, including incremental backups of the unchanged files incase I screw something up being done by CRON. At this time I have only made some very small color changes. I have also noticed that my yellow is really close to the thirty bees yellow, but just enough of a difference to notice without changes. Again, thank you for your help with this!
  7. Greetings! Let me start by saying that I am very new to all of this! So please go easy on me with your responses! I am hosting my thirty bees site on a cloud server with A2Hosting. How do I rebuild a theme after I make changes to the scss files? Everything that I find about it people are talking about "npm". Do I have to try and configure between my computer and the server? Does tb not offer a solution to rebuild the theme right in the back-office? I keep making changes to the scss files, but nothing changes. Can someone please help me out a little bit with this? Thank you so much! Todd S. - https://boofola.com
  8. I am looking to be able to charge a flat rate for the first item, and then a certain amount for each added item. for example: $1.50 for the first item and then $0.25 for each additional item. I would also be interested in doing this based on category. Like if you purchase 1 item from Category 1, that is $1.50, if you purchase an item from Category 2, that is $5.50. Or maybe just be able to set the price per item. Simple! Any ideas? Thanks! - Todd S.
  9. I actually downloaded them all from GitHub. The link on TB Store did not work. So I right clicked on the GitHub link, and then downloaded that zip. I did not know about doing the tabs part though. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for your help on this! You were right, but I had to take it a step further. Inside the zip, that folder had "-master" added also. Once I unzipped, renamed the folder and then re-zipped. It worked fine. Why does thirty bees have it on their site wrong like that? Every single one that I downloaded I have to fix. Thanks again!
  11. I downloaded some modules from the thirty bees site. Birthday Gift, Reviews, Price Alert. I am able to select the files to upload, it looks like it is doing it, but then nothing is added. I am NOT getting any errors. This is a fresh install, with the "Bleeding Edge" updates being performed. Does anyone have any ideas on this?? Thanks!
  12. That worked perfectly! I am currently trying to update my site with a new look that combines the best of the "Niara" theme, with the best of the "Panda" theme available for purchase from ST-Themes. ( https://www.sunnytoo.com/ ) The demo of that is http://panda.sunnytoo.com/ I was trying to make the appropriate SEO changes, while working on the new theme with a staged site. I needed a quick to be able to work on both, and this was PERFECT! Very AWESOME! 🥰 I do not know when the new theme will be working, but would anyone be interested in it? (Pricing or available for free has not been determined yet.) Thanks again for all of your help!
  13. I would really like to use "Features" for things like sales and tracking in the back-end, but I do NOT want to show them to the customer. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  14. After deleting everything, clearing all of the browser cache and server cache for the 3rd time. Creating a blank database with the same name, username and password, then deleting it. Then a fresh install through cPanel, then copying everything back in. It seems to be working!
  15. SORRY! The first 2 pics are about something else!
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