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  1. WildToddMan

    Mobile Display

    Everything looks great on PC and tablets, but in mobile when you click on a category the order is kinda messed up. The viewed products is first, then the my account, additional sites and then finally the header image and the products. this is worse if you have sub-categories. How do I rearrange these so that the category header is at the top, and then the products, etc.? Thanks for your help! https://mymembershipcards.com
  2. The secondary pages really did not work all this time! And now that I finally post, it is now working for me also. It is like taking your car to the mechanic, Thanks to all for the help!
  3. When I try to click on any of the pages for the shopping cart, orders anything in the "My Account" section, I get "This page isn't working" in Chrome and "Hmmm... Can't reach this page" in Edge, but it all loads fine in Firefox. I have cleared history, I have deleted history, nothing fixes this! I am getting this issue on my Android phone and on my Samsung tablet as well. I also get this message if I click on the link for page 2. If you need any more information, Please ask! Please help!
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