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Out standing module in Admin


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I was going though some tabs and my outstanding tab has a 500 page error ( Never really used it to be honest)

Anyway turned on debug mode and got this error message with line 175 in red

Is this a easy fix

Source file: controllers/admin/AdminOutstandingController.php

156:    /**
157:     * Print outstanding calculation
158:     *
159:     * @param int   $idInvoice
160:     * @param array $tr
161:     *
162:     * @return string
163:     * @throws PrestaShopException
164:     *
165:     * @since 1.0.0
166:     */
167:    public function printOutstandingCalculation($idInvoice, $tr)
168:    {
169:        $orderInvoice = new OrderInvoice($idInvoice);
170:        if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($orderInvoice)) {
171:            throw new PrestaShopException('object OrderInvoice cannot be loaded');
172:        }
173:        $order = new Order($orderInvoice->id_order);
174:        if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($order)) {
175:            throw new PrestaShopException('object Order cannot be loaded');
176:        }
177:        $customer = new Customer((int) $order->id_customer);
178:        if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($orderInvoice)) {
179:            throw new PrestaShopException('object Customer cannot be loaded');
180:        }
182:        return '<b>'.Tools::displayPrice($customer->getOutstanding(), $this->context->currency).'</b>';
183:    }
185:    /**
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Looking at code, it may happen in few cases:

  • OrderInvoice is not assigned properly to ID order (or rather order is not properly assigned to orderInvocie in database). Can be caused by a module or core itself
  • Order does not exist anymore - quite common if you use any kind of removeOrder module

In both cases, this OrderInvoice does not have properly assigned Order ID (Missing or wrong) which should not happen.


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