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Hiding is easy in thirtybees when you get used to it. Enable guest checkout if you need it, then add css to hide anything about customer accounts. You can right-click the text you want to hide, and inspect it to try to find the css. These are examples from a site using one page checkout

back>preferences>custom code>add css

#opc_account_choice {display: none !important;} /*for edge browser*/

#login_form {display: none;} /*everyone uses guest checkout so no login*/

#opc_account_form.unvisible {display:block !important;} /*guest checkout visible*/

#new_account_title {display: none;}

Some of the text can't be hidden, but can be translated. There are some ideas about the "please login to see payment methods" text on the default checkout, that you can find by searching the forum.

The css hacks are from a post called "default one page checkout shortened from the back office css panel" in "tips and tricks"

I don't know if this is on the right track for you, but it worked for me. I haven't tried to open customer accounts from the back office.

John, shopkeeper

PS I forgot that there are references in the email templates too

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