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Install fails on file permissions - regardless of chown -R and chmod -R 777 (for testing)




after some struggling with nginx and php-fpm config, i finally made the installation work.

Neitherless it fails because of write permissions for EVERY directory.

The user nginx and php-fpm are running on is "http", which i set with "chown -R http:http /usr/share/nginx/html/thirtybees", and even "chmod -R 777 /usr/share/nginx/html/thirtybees" didnt do the trick.

I'm a bit out of ideas here.


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sorry for the delay.

well, i think its clear what exactly failed, the installer with error messages - it has no write access to all the subdirectories in the webroot (itself).

it was 2 parts, first PHP wise, then for the user "Apache". Why user "Apache"??? upper case usernames, specially at the beginning can cause troubles (on unix/linux) from what i read. that's why i was even more confused. even changing the field from "Apache" to "http" (which is the user owning the directories and nginx/php-fpm processes) in the install check didnt solve it.

I was at least able to get rid of the error messages regarding PHP permissions, it seems the user the php-fpm process LISTENS on needed to be changed too, and fit. not only the the user the process is running with.

well, i setup a new FreeBSD machine and compiled everything from ports, including thirtybees, now i have a working install, even migration from the old shop turned out to work quite well. so the problem is obsolete now.

but i ran into another problem - maybe you can have a look, any help appreciated:


thread closed.

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