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Blog disapear when edit costumer groups



Dear all.

First of all let me congratulate the thirtybees team. This looks awsome software.

Second, please apology me for my bad english.

After a fresh install of thirtybees, the front page looks amazing, and everything works smooth.

Then, with no other any changes at all, I edit the customer group to show the prices with taxes, and when I save the changes, the front page show nothing but thirtybees logo.
Come back to customer group and noticed that all options are OFF. Strange thing... Then, I put very options ON again, and front page look nice, but without BLOG.
Come back again to customer group, and noticed that BLOG options are duplicated, as you can see at picture that I attached.
Even when I put all BLOG options ON, the BLOG dont show at front page.

Can everyone help me please?

Thank you very much
Luis Cortes


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Hello, can we have the url of the shop please ? and maybe a back office login access ?

what PHP version do you use, what kind of hosting ?...

try to uninstall blog and blog modules first.... and from there install it once again properly, that might fix something 🙂

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Dear zen.

Thank you for your reply. My store is only for test purpose before I put it in production. It's acttualy at www.lcortes.eu

PHP version is 7.0 because I need it for other site, but after TB is in production state, I can upgrade it. My host is shared, in a portuguese ISP: www.ptisp.pt

I did what you recommend. First I had to update, then I disable, then uninstall, and finally install again.
The result was that in tab of customer group everything is ok, no duplicate entrances and no altered options.

Dear zen, the result was exceptional. Thank you once more.

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