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  1. You are right, in the e-commerce World forks are Seen on a good sight only if the forked software is dead or almost, and to be honest we can't compete with Presta marketing and ADS... They invest maybe 70% of their budget in communication..not in code ! 😞 That being said, I believe TB is the best CMS e-commerce available in open source today, and I am happy to participate whenever I can !
  2. I wish you the best Lesley I hope you will recover fast and get into that year 2020 with joy and happiness !!
  3. You wrote good things, i'd like to add this : why is the gitter chan still on ? because no one never use it and it makes look TB dead already.. not good for image and communication, in the beginning it was active for real, but that's a long time ago. Edit : Seems like someone is trying to talk on this gitter channel... or trolling who knows.
  4. I have to admit that I have serious doubt once again about TB prosperity. It needs a real community spirit.. clarity and a vision , DH42 where are you ? Tell us how TB works, who is in the real team, what is the Next step.... and maybe some bounty prices for dev that accomplish things will also help to grow faster and deliver good functions free of bugs 🙂 Happy New Year 2020 !!
  5. Hello, I'll test that on a clean TB with niara, but it used to work before... Selecting images for one combination only, when selected others images are not shown anymore.
  6. zen

    Broken Product Images

    For example, here you have : https://www.firefightersfair.net/13-home/power-pass-eticket2x.jpg this image does not exist, it has not been generated with Big sizes... but the original one :https://www.firefightersfair.net/13-home/power-pass-eticket.jpg works correctly. I guess you have problem with 2x generated images.. You better turn it off if not necessary or try again to set it up correctly and generate the images again when this option is on... Good luck, if you want this to be fixed and verified, please give credentials for BO and FTP.
  7. Ok..i unserstand that but i'd like to make it possible for those who'd like to, even with danger ! Because now ..it will take me maybe around 2 days clicking all the Time to fix it all..please tell me where to engage all recommandations even it breaks the dB afterwards..i'd like to test it.
  8. How to auto apply all thoses fixes when migrating from a presta 1.5 for example... If I try to click to fix each line.. it will takes ages ^^ would be nice to apply all fixes in only one click 🙂
  9. If all the setup is OK, and customer group permission as well, then you might think about deleting carriers and re-create them.
  10. does it also look into overrides php code to extract added fields needed by modules or personnal modifications ?
  11. zen

    dollar euro

    GetDatackick solved it :
  12. zen

    dollar euro

    GetDatakick post this solution : https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/commit/821de66a61eee4eed4acccc2b49a2b75f9c54498
  13. zen

    dollar euro

    It comes from the function displayPrice that needs some correction in the file : js/tools.js line 117 if (currencySign && currencySign!== 'undefined') { formattedCurrency = formattedCurrency.replace('USD', currencySign); } And I am not sure it really needs to be there.. why replacing to USD, in others files it setup by default to euro € symbol... strange, maybe somebody can explain where does it comes from.
  14. zen

    dollar euro

    Yes, I didn't noticed it before... but this USD has nothing to do it here and was not there in 1.0.8 version.
  15. thank you for this report.... let's dig it more and correct it, i'll keep you updated here. It is complicated 🙂 I hope to have time enough to fix it correctly and not in a hurry.
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