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  1. Sorry for delays.. I have been very busy recently but I'm going to handle this back ASAP.
  2. At least there is some move 🙂 I would like to know more for sure, then wait and see...
  3. OK..I'll do that Asap and post the archive here.. and update on github 🙂 for the changes to show faster on you browser, you can try to empy cache in the back office.
  4. Hello everybody, - when apply changes to theme, it take so long to take effect on website. I refresh page page with F5, but take long time... is that normal, or is my ISP? => it's not normal nexty time try to refresh with CTRL+F5 - in "theme settings - colors - header" is that possible to add more fields? the "Header Navbar background color" works fine, but is not possible to change the text color of Navbar. => ok you need more fields.. tell me what and I'll add it too. 🙂
  5. ué bon.. faut pas s'emballer.. je vois mal TB repartir finalement.. LOL
  6. Hello, can we have the url of the shop please ? and maybe a back office login access ? what PHP version do you use, what kind of hosting ?... try to uninstall blog and blog modules first.... and from there install it once again properly, that might fix something 🙂
  7. Hello Peter.. I'll try to give you help so let be clear that if you have ONE server and you host one website on it (I am not talking about domains) you can activate the multishop feature and then share the stock or not between instances. If you have 2 serveurs with 2 different websites.. you'll need to update DATABASE directly with a cron task from one DB to another one or use other techniques like Web API request for stocks update.. or jsut for confirmation before validating the cart.. anyway it is not a native function at all .. when you hjave 2 DBs.. you need a bridge between them if you wan to connect datas. On a more serious way you may have already en ERP that manage your stock and customers, or maybe some sort of P.I.M (Google it if you don't know), if it's the case then you'll have to synch the stock on each TB instance with a script that can connect to your software where the REAL stock is.. some uses CSV or Excel files for that purpose.. many ways are possible.
  8. Hello, I recently didn't have much Time to polish this module...but yes it should work on niara theme, just download it and install by FTP or with the proper zip archive, if downloaded from github you'll have to extract files and make the zip again of the archive directory. I wish to finish this module if people like it..but for now there was not much return, maybe it will change soon, let's hope it.
  9. zen


    That is true.. who are you thinking about for taking the ownership of the repo ?
  10. zen


    he's talking about the money income for TB enterprise that will need to be redone again.. that will take time too.
  11. Bonjour tout le monde, si vous êtes francophone, merci de répondre sur ce thread ça permettra de faire un peu de stat et de connaître le nombre de personnes actives (où seulement ceux qui lisent les posts en anglais) sur ce forum. SI on est assez nombreux y'a moyen de faire vivre la partie FR du forum encore plus, c'est vraiment dommage que TB ne soit pas plus utilisé en France, lieu d'origine du code source du projet forké. Si vous avez des questions sur TB et vos futurs ou présents projets web, n'hésitez pas !! je vais faire de mon mieux pour vous répondre selon mes capacités.
  12. zen


    it's still possible to not break TB reputation (even if it's small) if it's not forked, and keep on increasing it while keeping brand, logo, forum, community etc..
  13. zen


    I recommand not to rush to choose the best thing to do, to be prepared and think twice before rushing into any plan otherwise it might and up like this : Hey... Anyway we had some fun !!
  14. zen


    @toplakd You deserve to be slaped with a trout !
  15. zen


    thank you 🙂 I just lost all my comment .. that was really well written and everything well balanced, such an intelligent post.. ha ha ha and it's all gone after a refresh with a bad click on the "prev" button mouse... 😞 Anyway I just wanted to say : I'd like TB to remain Open Source for sure and free for all also.... But I'd love to see a CE / Pro version of TB that comes with entreprise support and personnalized quality hosting, people will surely pay for that.. all bugs will be fixed, all basics needs for entreprises connections to ERP, ERM, CRM, PIM, and all others 3 letters tools that you imagine. Most of the entrprise needs are similiar and if we have an expert team, it will rock for sure.. imagine an entrprises that can deal directly with the software programmers.. that actually never happen, most of the time this company works through agencies with licenses.. and the result is often mediocre. I can help for servers and hosting for TB in Entrprise version.. and I spend a lot of time with scripts for products / customers/ orders Sync, that means, like many of you I already have a lot of already make code that can help others entreprises in their goal. Note : I never talked about a clouded TB version for public.. that is not a good idea. Copied from Magento website , about the entreprise version : I think it's one of the best way to make TB alive and growing in the future, I used it a lot for entreprises websites and it works really GREAT !
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