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  1. zen

    Block Banner v2.1.0

    can we have a look at your problem IRL ? best regards
  2. You can do what Crafter told you > turn debug on, you can also pm me if you want I can take a closed look, Hope you have ftp access at least to your website, Best Regards
  3. it's better to not use any Cache module at all, can you show me the website you talk about, we'll do some test and improve speed, without full page cache ! Only smarty cache is enough
  4. If you really want to compare it needs datas, but from my experience it was even worst on PS websites with full cache than no-cache, it depends on the server performance mostly and configuration, for example op-cache is almost always turned ON on most servers, so why adding a new cache on top of this if it makes it slower. that is why I suggest to use cache module instead if you really want to, I know many people who love cache modules and believe it will boost their website while paying a cheap vps or share hosting, nowadays lightspeed it the one that works good with WP, maybe there is a way with this one fro TB too..and it can be a good seller module.
  5. On the opposite, I suggest to delete completely this cache system in the bottom of the performance page, if people want to config memcached or another systeme, it should be somewhere else, in a module for example as ther is already a smarty cache config on the same page it's really confusing for new users. Also from my experiences on my servers all websites run faster with full cache OFF, and I don't talk about all time spending trying to configure it so it does not break the dynamic variable in front office.
  6. I hope that all forces will be joined together, it's always better to remain a solid group than being seperated and alone in the jungle of the web 🙂
  7. Merchant edition on GitHub !!!! 🤠 WELL DONE and I appreciate the sacrifice you are doing here.
  8. I have hope that TB will Rise again, you can count on me for helping when you guys will be ready to work while having clear roadmap. My first contribution : ElasticSearch module finished at around 98% ( it just needs to be checked and fix small back office glitches, and translatations updates), works with last version of elasticsearch, and index products with multifeatures as well as colors attributes and show them ordered default by interest) My second contribution : I want to make a simple theme for TB and a module that can customize it easily, making the use of all different configuration/cutomisation modules not necessary anymore, all in one place should be less confusing and strait to the point. I already make a theme custom module for Niara but coulnd't finish it due to no time enough and TB internals managing problems as we know them, also I make a slider module that use vegas show script in full screen mode and/or background mode. My third contribution : Cleaning module should be up to date, including images clean, and products variations clean, as when you delete a variation many things are not deleted in the DB as it should.
  9. Thank you Smile for this explanations, I wish the Best for TB and his community !!!! I'll stick around in order to see how it can move forward, can we have a chat too, why don't you join us in Slack : https://join.slack.com/t/thirtybeesgroupe/shared_invite/zt-knue8qfl-wCUNxojUkP6Nek69zxncaA
  10. Well done, 40bees now ! it's 10 more, good deal ! but seriously, like waka said if it's not finished by the end of this year, all my hope will be gone and I'll move away from this project unfortunatly.
  11. Well, I don't understand the point of buying TB, all is gone now, only what is left is the code, not the "brand-name", actually I would prefer that if something happens it start again with brand new "image" instead of carrying all of this history that nobody wants to ear about. TB is dead.. long life to "what ever new is coming" !!!
  12. zen

    Crowdin translations

    I believe an admin of the thirtybees translate project should "Approve" the translations fields once they are filled.
  13. zen

    Crowdin translations

    Hello all, I would like to know the process to validate translations being made on crowdin wabsite for modules, core and themes translations... for example MediaCom87 just translate all fields for mailalert module in French language, now How to make it downloadable from the BO ? I believe it's important to have as much as translated fields as possible and being validated as well for everybody to profit from it. Best regards, Zen
  14. OK I see.. but don't worry it's just a place to exchange informations and help eachothers about TB and externals web problems as well
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