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  1. Thank you for keeping us updated πŸ™‚ Best regards.
  2. May I try to help you bhtoys ? Contact me in private, let's see how to fix that πŸ™‚
  3. For Prestashop 1.7 the best template available for free for custom needs may be this one : https://github.com/prestarocket-agence/classic-rocket it's only using : Twitter Bootstrap 4.4.x It's time to overpass this and go Frameworkless or boostrap 5 compatible, what do you think ?
  4. Boostrap Currently v5.1.1 without Jquery and different shorcode for classes, so It is not possible to use it as well. What about Boostrap 4 ? also not really easy to make modules compatibles with it without rewriting their tpl section. So we can stick only to Jquery and Boostrap 3 ? I hope not.. what are the solutions, a transition version or a breaking one ? If we keep on like this, TB is not going anywhere, I believe we need to get rid of Jquery first, that will need some work on many modules but it's for the best and a brighter future.
  5. the main thing to focus on is where the servers are, and how there are connected, wich performances are delivered.. etc
  6. You should use a US based hoster, problem is to choose one, the offer is so wide.
  7. Great to know that, let's keep the good work flow ! For infos, I still use TB everyday mostly on b2b websites πŸ™‚, some are still on 1.1.0 version and works perfectly.
  8. OK, I understand now... thank yaniv14, it was so obvious, First you need to create it on Google website, I thought he couln't find the place to fill his keys 😞
  9. What do you want exactly from your hosting, what budget are you willing to pay ? Where are your customers ?
  10. when you say to another shop.. what does it mean.. another installation of TB ?
  11. there is a problem then.. because after you install this module, you should go to configuration and ther will be places to fill the public and private keys.
  12. Have you try this free tool ? https://www.red-gate.com/products/mysql/mysql-compare/ I used it several times when needed and it does the job very well !
  13. No, it was only a small storm ending up with nothing. Now even more questions and doubts about how and when having a new theme.
  14. Yes, same issue here : "request failed, see JavaScript console"
  15. zen

    Reduction by payment

    WE still use the same module since years, it works correctly and create a coupon for a specific payement : credit card , 1% reduction and add it to thΓ© customer cart when payment is selected.
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