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  1. Il n'y aurait pas un plugin sur ta version de Firefox qui empêcherait certains scripts d'être chargés ou fonctionnels ?
  2. Not for sure but I can have a look, please give credentials if you want Also you can roll back your online website to TB 1.0.8 version, and try to sort it out on a dev version.
  3. zen

    Broken images

    I gave you my help in PV but you canceled it.. so what to do ?
  4. zen

    Broken images

    How to help somebody who knows better way..i Wonder ?..... Lucky that that your website is not in production for real
  5. zen

    Broken images

    Mark: "Ok so I need to know what the settings should be " Zen: The settings are all yours.. it depends on the result you want in your front office.
  6. zen

    Broken images

    seems like something is broken ... the url for the pic seems not correct : "/product/" should not be there or it is your root directory on the server for this website.. I doubt this. but the images path are good : https://product.solutions.org.nz/img/p/1/7/9/179.jpg this image on the exemple you provide does not exist : 194, so the repport you have when regenerate thumbnails is logic. But still now, your images settings are not correct.
  7. zen

    Broken images

    egos are boring.
  8. zen

    Broken images

    Nice... AND usefull !
  9. zen

    Broken images

    I do believe that everything can be fix.. otherwize I don't know what you think I believe... I just want to help this user on his particular case, that should not happen, but before fixing the core, this user needs specific help in his settings, and I'll provide this care if he accepts. I know images are harcoded, that's where the matter starts, Also there is way too much images sizes for produits... only 3 or 4 will be enough and will help to maintain an image directory light.
  10. zen

    Broken images

    If you want, I can fix that for you with BO Access, as u like 🙂
  11. zen

    Broken images

    Now you did this, your theme request this image : https://product.solutions.org.nz/194-community-theme-default_cart_default/remote-car-alarm-with-central-locking-and-engine-disable.jpg then you need this image setting : community-theme-default_cart_default, what size is it ? I don't know but it's should be square I guess. Also on the same page you need also this image : https://product.solutions.org.nz/98-home/3000-lumen-headlight-with-sensor-and-red-light.jpg and that is "home"
  12. zen

    Broken images

    datakick was right : you need "home" as a default image size, but it's not available on your settings, so it's not created, therefore you can't show them in front office. You need to edit the images config, and delete all images sizes wich are not used and estup one for "home" and others missing.. then regenerate thumbnails !
  13. zen

    Broken images

    Wich theme are u using right now on front office ? you can give the shop URL please ? In private if you prefer.
  14. it's not the problem if your setup is correct.. there is also the first selection for "never recompile TPL files"
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