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  1. I am also wondering ^^ Here is the Slack channel : https://join.slack.com/t/thirtybeesgroupe/shared_invite/zt-112btgw5f-1LyegnmiMfBOH~HvC6cA5w
  2. that is why it's on MY repo.. and for me this is the first version available that is posted : SO versioning start here. If you want to split all.. then integrate it correctly on TB repo 🙂 Best regards 🙂
  3. the ZIP of the THEME contains the theme installation package, including the modules wich is also the sames pack I post on the Git repo. Here it seems that you talk about the module theme-master which comes included in the package, but has is own repo as well. And the thememaster-master.zip is the zip build on github when you want to download files, don't install it if you theme package, of course. But the theme master Versionning might need an update 😅 that's right !
  4. Here is the GIT depot : https://github.com/Zengraph/cisero it includes themes and modules, maybe it's not the best way, should they be separate ?
  5. What do you mean by that ? you want to start import from BO only ? After being logged in, is that it ? I am lost.. what do you want to do then ?
  6. I do have personnal scripts that use CSV files to synchronise / import images, customers and products, it's external of TB website but use same config and settings files.... what do you need to know about such a system ? I use no module as it is a full different system with many other scripts for stats, etc... all are triggered by cron task regulary.
  7. Yes, that is the good thing to do, keep us updated for that plz 🙂
  8. Yes, it is necessary as theses modules delivers html code from php, and there will be more forked modules for this theme if needed.. otherwise you can also refactor the default modules in a better way, so all the html code is generated really from smarty files, it's a good thing to do.. Ithen we can drop forked/modified modules and only use tpl themes files for overriding style. Have a nice day 🙂
  9. no problem 🙂 Does anyone has any idea to improve the Theme ?
  10. For technical discussions or issues with bootstrap 5, I recommand to open a new thread. You can also check all point in details here : https://superdevresources.com/bootstrap5-vs-bootstrap4-whats-new/
  11. I am thinking the same, but I'll add an option to hook it currencies and language selector in top/header position, so that everyone can choose where to see it.. but in small screens it will be hidden, that is why i need to make the bottom action bar for mobile asap. Edit: I finished this task of adding theses blocks on TOP of website, and also updated the archive in the first post. => It needs to be activated on the Thememaster module config, under Header section, also you need to have different currencies and languages activated in your shop to be able to see theses blocks in action.
  12. I'll do that when people will have test it more so i can fix most of all bugs before putting it on Github. Also .. you won't get an archive like that on git, it will be missing things inside 😞
  13. Hello @Pietroalberto in order to install this theme, with the modules bundled in the archive, you need to go in the back office Preferences > Themes > "+ Add new theme" (first upper right button) from there you can upload the zip, after that you might need to recreate proper images resized.
  14. It is already available in thememaster config : Theme settings - Header => Header text in top of page ( text to be displayed in the top of pages as a slogan. Leave empty to not display the block. ) => I tested it on the smallest mobile resolution available today : 360px width, and it stays on one line only.. what device are you using to test the mobile version ? I gonna add some code according to this min res. I fixed it, a <span> where missing on the TPL file I did modify the search for mobile versions, but maybe it should be included in the bottom tool bar that needs to be written, soon I hope. It is centered now on mobile screen sizes.. ========================== I updated the archive in first post to download.
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