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  1. cool, always better when it's fixed by itself 🙂
  2. I am for that direction too... no need for almost all users of TB.. so it's more a source of problems than anything else, someone who wants to use it should understand really what is going on and how to configure it properly and find it under module section is preferable.
  3. I don't understand why your module will stop working on the PS update, and "theirs too". What or who is their this Time , sorry but it's a bit confusing.
  4. Yes..you just add the New shipping options to theses products but they should also be available to the GLS at 15 for EU. then customers can choisie GLS or cheaper for clothes and if you add another item then only GLS will be possible to use as shipping service. That's all
  5. I just discovered a new bug on our TB platform, I think it is there since looooong time, let me explain it : - Need to setup 2 vouchers, on my test they donot have any code so it is added automatically to the cart when conditons are there, my vouchers give one free Product when 5 bought, the second give one more when 10 boughts in total. - create an order on front office with these 2 vouchers, so add 10 products of the selected categorie, the cart is good and you can pay the correct amount. - go to back office Orders tab and look into the order, there are the 2 coupons in cart Rule details but the payment say that customer didn't payed enough, and the Order detail just show one of the 2 coupons in the reduction line, so only one is taken into account for Total amount of the order.. that's where the bug is. Please confirm or not that this bug is real and if you have any idea on how to fix it, I'll dig it when I'll got time enough for that.
  6. The problem seems to be not in the cross-selling module that works fine.. but from your module called : securitybooster this one, in order to work properly should not be cached, just try to not use the page cache at all.. I don't think you'll find it less fast than before, and don't be confused I am not talking about smarty cache, this one should still be engaged.
  7. the link to phpmyadmin was by mistake.. it's deleted, thank you for reporting it. But yes If you want to add this to your shop, for now it's better to use phpmyadmin to add that new column, It might get integrated on the next release and then no need for modifications with phpmyadmin of DB, simple upgrade will do.
  8. For that you can do an override in your shop, create a new file named : /override/classes/controller/FrontController.php and put that code inside : <?php /** * Class FrontControllerCore. * * adding a fix high number for manufacturer pagination so all brands are shown in one page only */ class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore { public function pagination($totalProducts = null) { if (!static::$initialized) { $this->init(); } // Retrieve the default number of products per page and the other available selections $defaultProductsPerPage = max(1, (int) Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE')); switch ($this->php_self) { case 'manufacturer': $defaultProductsPerPage=999; // this is the fixed high number for manufacturers per page. break; } $nArray = [$defaultProductsPerPage, $defaultProductsPerPage * 2, $defaultProductsPerPage * 5]; if ((int) Tools::getValue('n') && (int) $totalProducts > 0) { $nArray[] = $totalProducts; } // Retrieve the current number of products per page (either the default, the GET parameter or the one in the cookie) $this->n = $defaultProductsPerPage; if (isset($this->context->cookie->nb_item_per_page) && in_array($this->context->cookie->nb_item_per_page, $nArray)) { $this->n = (int) $this->context->cookie->nb_item_per_page; } if ((int) Tools::getValue('n') && in_array((int) Tools::getValue('n'), $nArray)) { $this->n = (int) Tools::getValue('n'); } // Retrieve the page number (either the GET parameter or the first page) $this->p = (int) Tools::getValue('p', 1); // If the parameter is not correct then redirect (do not merge with the previous line, the redirect is required in order to avoid duplicate content) if (!is_numeric($this->p) || $this->p < 1) { Tools::redirect($this->context->link->getPaginationLink(false, false, $this->n, false, 1, false)); } // Remove the page parameter in order to get a clean URL for the pagination template $currentUrl = preg_replace('/(?:(\?)|&)p=\d+/', '$1', Tools::htmlentitiesUTF8($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])); if ($this->n != $defaultProductsPerPage || isset($this->context->cookie->nb_item_per_page)) { $this->context->cookie->nb_item_per_page = $this->n; } $pagesNb = ceil($totalProducts / (int) $this->n); if ($this->p > $pagesNb && $totalProducts != 0) { Tools::redirect($this->context->link->getPaginationLink(false, false, $this->n, false, $pagesNb, false)); } $range = 2; /* how many pages around page selected */ $start = (int) ($this->p - $range); if ($start < 1) { $start = 1; } $stop = (int) ($this->p + $range); if ($stop > $pagesNb) { $stop = (int) $pagesNb; } $this->context->smarty->assign( [ 'nb_products' => $totalProducts, 'products_per_page' => $this->n, 'pages_nb' => $pagesNb, 'p' => $this->p, 'n' => $this->n, 'nArray' => $nArray, 'range' => $range, 'start' => $start, 'stop' => $stop, 'current_url' => $currentUrl, ] ); } } don't forget to delete this file after : cache/class_index.php and please verify that in your BO the overrides are not desactived. Enjoy 🙂
  9. Hello, I just finished a modification on the CartRules class and admin theme + one more column in mysql table tb_cart_rule This function was missing for some TB users >> Before : Minimum amount to reach is based on total amount of the order => good for most situations. Now : If you activate selected products the minimum amount to reach in your order will be calculated from your products in your cart that match the selected products of the voucher only if selected. 😛 posted on github here : https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/1147 as TB now use use ObjectModelSchemaBuilder to create database schema, there's no need to update anything in install directory, right ?
  10. Yes, this is my skype ID : Zengraph we might talk soon then 🙂
  11. The shop is working. apparently good now and updated on the 1.1.0 version with success 🙂 thanks to this thread : but maybe more problems to come ... hosting is an important factor for the success of your eshop !
  12. Of course !! The hosting could be and seems to be the root problem here.
  13. module TBUpdater causes the crash.. when took out of modules directory .. module listing works again..need to understand why, but have no more time right now.. The back office works again now.
  14. Nice tip, I also proposed my help to check it on the server, but seems like You gave him the good direction to solve it alone,
  15. Whaoo, this is strange.. can I have a look in your back office to try to figure it out ?!
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