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  1. zen

    Reduction by payment

    WE still use the same module since years, it works correctly and create a coupon for a specific payement : credit card , 1% reduction and add it to thΓ© customer cart when payment is selected.
  2. I have no idea as I don't use this module on prestashop, I can have a look.. if you need help PM me πŸ™‚
  3. I believe you are talking about home page, then you can see that your module is not activated for mobile/tablets devices, you can update that in you modules list and change it for this module form there.. if it's not the case.. PM me if you need help.
  4. what is the url of your website, or what are the error shown in the console ?
  5. yes, finally !! we are so happy to test this new version πŸ™‚ Congrats to all πŸ™‚
  6. here is the new one : https://join.slack.com/t/thirtybeesgroupe/shared_invite/zt-ltybg1xd-uayeyasSibU3LThh9qHTMA
  7. here the link, I tested right now and which is working for 23 days more : https://join.slack.com/t/thirtybeesgroupe/shared_invite/zt-ltybg1xd-uayeyasSibU3LThh9qHTMA seems the same link and it worked for me.
  8. Hello, There is the slack channel where it could be interesting to share ideas and work there, here is the link : https://join.slack.com/t/thirtybeesgroupe/shared_invite/zt-ltybg1xd-uayeyasSibU3LThh9qHTMA
  9. Good, but in order to make this new theme that suits all your needs, you may give some examples of the design you are talking about, then after a vote we can decide what to work on for real. Like I said I am willing to help for a new theme, if jollyfrog is IN, great and welcome to the jungle, i'll be around to help, even my free time is not a lot for now.
  10. seems like the reduction is not applied to impact on price but still it's not the same amount at the end.. may I have a look on you setup in order to dig more where to fix that ?
  11. YES, follow this advices and the module will work, I use it since such a long time, it might be difficult sometimes to setup correctly but afterwards it works good.
  12. zen

    Block Banner v2.1.0

    can we have a look at your problem IRL ? best regards
  13. You can do what Crafter told you > turn debug on, you can also pm me if you want I can take a closed look, Hope you have ftp access at least to your website, Best Regards
  14. it's better to not use any Cache module at all, can you show me the website you talk about, we'll do some test and improve speed, without full page cache ! Only smarty cache is enough
  15. If you really want to compare it needs datas, but from my experience it was even worst on PS websites with full cache than no-cache, it depends on the server performance mostly and configuration, for example op-cache is almost always turned ON on most servers, so why adding a new cache on top of this if it makes it slower. that is why I suggest to use cache module instead if you really want to, I know many people who love cache modules and believe it will boost their website while paying a cheap vps or share hosting, nowadays lightspeed it the one that works good with WP, maybe there is a way with this one fro TB too..and it can be a good seller module.
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