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  1. zen

    Tax done right?

    it's seems like you want to do it on a totally different way it should work.... the normal way for accounting and legal will be to fix a retail price without VAT : the same for all customers, and depending on the vat of each customers country then calculate the final price. Otherwize how are you gonna manage all this discounts you have to apply to make the accounting correct ? Are you using an ERP, wich one ? Accounting need a fixed price for items.. you cannot change it per customer, it needs a voucher for each customer then, that will be tricky to do. In how many countries are you willing to sell your digitals products ?
  2. I believe you need help, from people who know well TB databases, it's not so complicated, just a mess because of multishop.. with a little time.. i believe your new database can be reperaired.. I can help you if you want, contact me in PM.
  3. I the worst scenario, you can start again from "scratch", just keep the img folder after being scanned and be sure it's clean, and use just fresh files from TB, same version your database works with for now, inside the DB also check employees, be sure to not have added or modified account, then modify the config file to connect to DB, then you are good to go for the first step, if it's working in BO and front.. you can start to rebuild the theme you used once cleaned or with new fresh files and add modules you need also from fresh sources. This takes time, but if you have no clean backup and keep on being stucked it's almost the only way to be sure there is nothing left anymore. Best regards.
  4. It's super easy to find, just with a right click and inspect with firebug on the button, then it would show you the code and where it comes from, which file and the line number (of course you have to turn off CCC before). Actually this is also in the theme folders, here : theme/js/modules/blocktopmenu/js/blocktopmenu.js Enjoy 🙂
  5. here is the JS piece you are looking for : function mobileInit() { categoryMenu.superfish('destroy'); $('.sf-menu').removeAttr('style'); mCategoryGrover.on('click', function(e) { $(this).toggleClass('active').parent().find('ul.menu-content').stop().slideToggle('medium'); return false; }); it's in blocktopmenu.js
  6. Here are the three modules that people talk about now, source of hacked website, it might help others to look for the culprit faster : explorerpro sampledatainstall colorpictures Good luck for the clean 🙂
  7. Yes, the best option for you is to scan files with some tools, and inspect all directories that seems suspect. Otherwise you can just use you database (cleaned from any new admins or employees created) and install a brand new instance of TB. It will take time anyway to be confident again on your system, but there might be a module that was the Hole for this to happen or your provider is just not secure at all.. change it fast ! Best regards 🙂 and Good Luck !
  8. Les thèmes sous ThirtyBees ont la même structure et fonctionnement que ceux pour Prestashop 1.6, la documentation est aussi valable, les variables smarty aussi, il faut plonger dedans, tu peux commencer par cette documentation par exemple : http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Designer+Guide Bon courage 🙂
  9. You are right Yaniv14, I just checked and even the original one is recompressed with the parameters set.. but not resized at least. Now It says on the code that using png for all files will benefit for pictures quality, and if it's needed to not recompress files at all, it can be done by overriding the ImageManager Class I guess.
  10. It's possible also to just use the original images on the templates files, so you can turn off all resized images you don't need anymore to just show on product page, for example, the original pic you uploaded. it's pretty easy to modify theme for that : just have to remove the extension-size choosen, without extension it's the original picture that will be loaded.
  11. Try to uninstall and reinstall payments module one by one... it might work at the end !
  12. Sorry for delays.. I have been very busy recently but I'm going to handle this back ASAP.
  13. At least there is some move 🙂 I would like to know more for sure, then wait and see...
  14. OK..I'll do that Asap and post the archive here.. and update on github 🙂 for the changes to show faster on you browser, you can try to empy cache in the back office.
  15. Hello everybody, - when apply changes to theme, it take so long to take effect on website. I refresh page page with F5, but take long time... is that normal, or is my ISP? => it's not normal nexty time try to refresh with CTRL+F5 - in "theme settings - colors - header" is that possible to add more fields? the "Header Navbar background color" works fine, but is not possible to change the text color of Navbar. => ok you need more fields.. tell me what and I'll add it too. 🙂
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