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Error installing the Canadian localisation pack




After installing the Canadian localisation pack, The french language did not work, I received the following error :

qc at line 124 in file vendor/commerceguys/intl/src/LocaleResolverTrait.php


Going into the administration module and changing the language code from "qc" to "fr" seemed to solved the issue since the page now works .

Just an FYI

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Just did a reinstall with the version I have (1.0.1, downloaded June 8) and added the Canadian pack. The Language for Français CA(French) is iso =>qc , language code => qc. Setting the local (language code) to fr or or fr-ca fixes the issue. I guess the Canadian pack should be configure iso=>qc, local=>fr-ca

The page in question is is when a /fr/connexion when a user creates an account during the checkout process .

As a side note, users should really add the French language pack (Localisation / translation ) after the Canadian pack because to get the base theme working (you get missing email notification template and such ) .

I must say ThirstyBees is quite complete so far, and I can fix any issue by moving around in the code. Great job

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