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  1. I would guess that tb hast updated your theme files. Which theme are you using?
  2. You can try to talk to you server provider. Did they get hacked? My guess would be, that you use other software on this server and the attacker got in there. Or you are using a bad module. I am no expert on hacking issues. I would strongly consider to "hire" somebody who can understand what happened and probably fix it. The obvious choices would be datakick or traumflug from the forum.
  3. I have heard the words "soon" and "next week" too often. TBH I would be very surprised, if we see any relevant announcement next week. I am no more sure, if we see a deal here, before somebody announces a (serious) fork...
  4. You should check your sever logs (cPanel, Plesk or whatever).
  5. The message says it. You server has a file size limit. So you have to contact the server provider and ask them to higher this setting.
  6. @Madbits I am quite sure, it's the right answer. You have to edit the tpl file, that is rendering your pdf file. I was working the last two weeks extensively on our own invoice template and it always worked like that. Mabye I got the downvote wrong, but in my case the answer is now always on the bottom of the thread. That's why it seemed to me, that you didn't answer at all :S
  7. Just downvoting my answer surely doesn't help 😂
  8. I would guess thats the following line: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/blob/1.1.x/pdf/invoice.product-tab.tpl#L38 but not completly sure.
  9. With this infos its probably not possible to help. Are you using an external module that is handling the invoice? Otherwise you need to change your theme pdf templates... Which theme do you use?
  10. No. He is probably using attributes...
  11. Probably you should use this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7373058/changing-the-selected-option-of-an-html-select-element/7373115
  12. Your code is very unclear to me... What is count? Not sure but maybe you also need something like document.getElementById('group_1').selectedIndex = count;
  13. I am no JS Expert. I normally work with Jquery. But Vanilla JS is completly fine. Maybe a link to the site makes it easier to understand...
  14. This custom code isn't the right place, to add new functionality. This is made for adding external js files (like Google Analytics or so). You can add the js code also in product.tpl. Just use something like: {literal}<script>Your code...</script>{/literal}
  15. It happened to me multiple times, thats why I wrote it 😅
  16. I would say you either look at a test db or an external module is doing a very bad override...
  17. Actually it really should be updated as it's working. Have you sorted by id_order and checked, what the newest value is?
  18. No problem. I understand. You need to adjust your theme. What theme are you using? Edit: you use community-theme-default. Have you tried to update your store to bleeding edge? Search the menu "core updater" and select "bleeding edge" and "1.1.x". Then upgrade. That way you get a lot of bugfixes.
  19. Hello. You should use forum search, before asking such a question. This issue has been reported many times before:
  20. @datakick Sorry. I was wrong. It's working here too...
  21. Same here. Not sure if this was dropped or if it's just a bug.
  22. I can confirm that. I had never a single issue on anyting with php. Of course when you develop on js and use ajax you need to be a bit careful to delete the cache. But in general I am very happy with cloudflare.
  23. wakabayashi

    Shop Now Link

    From this screenshot I have no idea, where it comes from. Please show a bigger screenshot. So expierenced user will know, which module is relevant.
  24. I will look again into this. But IMO this is not the case. It's true that 'updateShipping' is called always. This is because you can set a fixed amount of shipping. If you don't change this value and don't select recalculate, there is an update but with just the same values as you already had in DB. In my country this is a bit different. But I am aware that this can be an issue. That's why I created the form in the second commit. The form allows me to add an "invoice select". So every merchant can select the invoice, which should be updated. Right. I completly forgot about this shitty id_carrier change. But I believe, if I just add the "deleted/changed" carrier to the selector as well, this should be solved.
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