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  1. Why so? Are your sales down in this time? Yeah I completly agree on your tipps. Most merchants use too many modules...
  2. The question is always a bit, what 1.1.x means. In general our store works also pretty good right now. That's why I don't make any upgrade right now. Christmas is the time, most merchants increase their revenue. So I think december is not the best time to release/install an upgrade.
  3. This module shows basically how to extend a controller list from a module: https://github.com/thirtybees/orderlistcarriers/blob/master/orderlistcarriers.php
  4. That's a sad story. But it confirms my impression, that ASM is not usable for a non-coding merchant. At least your (@Briljander and @led24ee) Story shows, that you would need such ASM features too. For our store supply orders are a very critical part. If we can automate them, we will have clear advantage over our competitors.
  5. Every forum is choatic, thats why bug reports don't work good here. In github you open an issue and state clearly what is the problem and how a dev can reproduce the issue. It's not about you are too stupid. There are really multiple bugs. I have already reported and fixed some of them. It's simple: If you post it on github chances are high, that it will be fixed. If you just post a problem here, chances are high, that it won't be fixed.
  6. Thats also possible 🙂 Have you already one in mind, that works better?
  7. This has never happened here (as far as I know). But we have an increase in wrong attribution of delivery/shipping address. It seems to hapen more often that customer make it the wrong way around. Strangely also customers, that have done it correctly in the past. I have no idea if it's bad design or somewhere a bug. I just can't reproduce it. Your issue seems even less likely to be a bug in the core. But maybe you can reproduce it yourself?
  8. We regularly have such complaints too. First of all, I never know, if it's on our system or on the customer. Sometimes customers are using super old devices or harmful browser extension. Sometimes also customers are just "too dumb" (sorry for the words) to place an order. Of course we can critize, that things are too complex then. But to be concrete. When was bleeding edge last updated? This issue can prevent customers from odering (happened here multiple times before the fix): https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1056
  9. That's sad. But I am not totally suprised, tbh. A few years ago we started also to use ASM and had multiple issues. Some were fixed. We use the supply order almost daily now and it saves us a lot time. In general you sould report all bugs you find on github. These days bugs are fixed in quite a short time compared to two years ago. But if the devs, don't know the bug, they can never fix something like ASM...
  10. Are you talking about the BO? In the version I use, there is a bug for BO translations. For more info:
  11. About a year ago I was investing a lot of hours for a mautic module (with API in both directions). But later on I decided to do everything inside tb. What are you trying to achieve?
  12. Thats acutally a big problem in multiple areas of a shop system. What is the software supposed to do? IMO that's far from obvious in the return scenario. As every merchant should have an efficient way, to handle such returns. It's now multiple weeks ago, since I tested this things. So I don't remember the details anymore. Now it's also christmas sales, so I don't have time to look at it again. I can just propose, that every merchant post his idea/keypoints of a "perfect" return handling. For me the following points are important: The stock must be corrected (in asm we have different types of stock) The payment needs to be adjusted (probably the job of the payment module) I need to understand the history of an order. The customer needs to have clean history of an order as well. For big shops stats like "How high is your return quote" or "How does your return quote change over time" would be relevant too.
  13. So ist es... Du brauchst nicht mit bezahlt zu arbeiten, um eine Rechnung zu generieren. Folgendes sollte auch funktionieren:
  14. Release of 2.0.0 I have just released the version 2.0.0 Krona: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/genzo_krona/releases End of community support I decided, that it is time to step down with this module. In the last few weeks I invested more than 100 hours to improve/rewrite this module. I tried to implement as many features, as were wished in this forum. This ended in the fact, that 90% of the time invested time is useless for myself, since I don't use this features. That would only make some sense, if this module helps thirty bees to grow. Unfortunately this isn't the case. Neither is the module used, nor was the new version tested. The module must be so useless, that merchants don't find time to invest 30 minutes to play a bit around. That's quite frustrating after investing such an amount of time. That's why, I won't consider any feature request in the future from the community (beside from @SLiCK_303). I will only look at clear written bug reports. In general: don't be surprised, if my forum time will drop a lot. I will use this time, to reconsider every aspect of my own shop. Please don't ask for any free tb support trough private messages. I won't do it anymore and I won't even respond to such messages. There are professional devs, who need to make their living too 😉
  15. Thanks for you answer. I didn't know that, but I am not sure, if it solves my issue. Thinking of Krona, I want the option that coupons aren't applied together. I give 10% Coupons. Imagine a customer collects 10 of them and "buys" the whole shop 🤨 Does it mean: During coupon creation I should add all coupons to the restriction and all coupons created after, will also be restricted?
  16. I don't have too much experience with cart rules. Is it not possible, to define, that a coupon can only be applied alone? I don't wanna have multiple coupons applied. I understand that the BO offers such a function, but either I don't get it right or the design is really strange. If I want to achieve the goal above, I have to select all coupons? What if I later add more coupons?
  17. I haven't got any feedback from merchants... It seems, that there is no really interests in this module. Here is the newest beta, which will be v.2.0.0, if there is feedback/bug reports. genzo_krona-beta2.zip
  18. I don't think, that the still develop this module...
  19. As I can see you are now testing chex module, which is a good thing ofc. If there are still issues, they could be related to your payment module...
  20. Is this installation available for us? Could I have access to the BO?
  21. I doubt there needs to be made any chmod changes... The issue seems to be in the usage of Link Class. It's used to generate a product link probably but there is no valid product object.... Btw have you deleted any products or so? :S
  22. Turn overrides and external modules off and try again. If it works, you can go deeper into the issue. To have this error message on customer creation is really strange... You should also give information where Link class is used. This info should be in stack track.
  23. I can handle it myself. But my expierence shows, that many merchants need such a page builder.
  24. What is upscarrier.php on these lines? The length of price_float and shippingCoasFloat are quite impressive...
  25. @Pedalman thats a huge improvement It shows how critical checkout is. Every merchant should care about it and this module is the easiest way to do it...
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