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  1. Update: The module was released on 22.03.2018. You find it in the official store: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/front-office/genzo-krona As some of you guys may have seen in another thread: I am going to create a free loyalty points module. Since I am a merchant, I will mainly focus on our own needs, but inputs are welcome. What I plan: Points for core actions (account creation, order, newsletter subscription, page visit and avatar upload) Points for external module actions. This is the heart of my loyalty module. It can be extended easily with other modules. You use a review module? Ask the dev to hook into my module and you will be able to give points for reviews. Have a question & answer module? Give points for answers. Give additional points for the best answer or whatever you like. Coupons: if a customer has reached a ceratain amount of points, he will receive a coupon. A customer can also achieve levels. I would call this feature gamification. This will be similair to coupons, but it's just a symbolic reward. If an user reaches certain amounts of points, he will become a "super ninja". Probably I will add icon functionality as well. On frontend I plan user settings with avatar and display_name. In addition there will be a leaderboard and a timeline. How do you think about it?
  2. wakabayashi

    ! I can not --> Add new address <-- for customer

    Well turn the debug mode on and check, if there is an error. Maybe its also worth to look at the JS console.
  3. wakabayashi

    Ausverkaufte Artikel nicht deaktivieren

    Ja sonst musst du mich wieder mal antaggen oder eine PN schreiben
  4. wakabayashi

    Ausverkaufte Artikel nicht deaktivieren

    Sobald ich wieder für unseren Shop daran arbeite, kann ich dir genauer sagen, was man ändern muss. Geht aber bestimmt noch ein paar Wochen.
  5. wakabayashi


    About which modules are you talking? Nobody can tell, what a private module developer will do...
  6. wakabayashi

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    I have just uploaded a better way of solving the issue: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/3d94c58c27727b3c281d7ba1917b3d557516d092
  7. wakabayashi

    Ausverkaufte Artikel nicht deaktivieren

    @DRMasterChief Danke für den Hinweis... Es ist lange her, dass wir diese Funktion geprüft haben. Ich glaube, das hat den Effekt, dass wenn man z.B. noch 10 Stück hat, der Kunde nicht 12 bestellen kann. Oder irre mich da?
  8. wakabayashi

    Ausverkaufte Artikel nicht deaktivieren

    Ja aber es gibt Leute, welche das Produkt über Google finden. Dann schauen sie weiter im Shop und wundern sich, weshalb sie das Produkt nicht mehr finden...
  9. wakabayashi

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    @Smile Add this change: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/1578b079764045196f1682e3d0d007bcd310dfef @Traumflug can you implement this in the core?
  10. wakabayashi

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    @Smile yep you are right. Thats super useful I will look at it.
  11. wakabayashi

    Ausverkaufte Artikel nicht deaktivieren

    Ich habe das für unseren Shop mehr oder weniger umgesetzt. Allerdings ist unsere Lösung auch nicht perfekt. Ich habe overrrides in Category.php und Search.php angelegt. Du musst aber auch wissen, dass die Leute über Google deine Produkte auffinden werden und so muss auch dort entsprechend angepasst werden... Bei unseren Kunden führte das mehrmals zu Verwirrungen. Ich denke ich werde es ändern. "Ausverkauft" anzeigen und diese Produkte jeweils ans Ende der Kategorie Liste setzen und es auch wieder in der Suche anzeigen lassen.
  12. wakabayashi

    Sold statistics button on product page missing?

    Actually I have never noticed such a feature. Are you sure, it was a core thing? Maybe it has todo with old stats module. I like the idea
  13. wakabayashi

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Ok just bought it
  14. wakabayashi

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    @datakick and @30knees I will definitely buy it. Right now I use an internal module for sending emails. That way I can have a the same look for all emails going out. Does the module use the normal Mail::Send method in TB?
  15. wakabayashi

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Great! I should finally update 😄 I am still on 1.0.19... I read above that it's possible to send review links, which work without login in. Is this true? If yes, what kind of format does the link need to have?
  16. wakabayashi

    Sharing customers in multistore

    Its possible to set it up like this. We haven't done it, since back then prestashop didn't recommend to share customers across shops.
  17. wakabayashi

    How to edit hreflang in Thirty bees

    Have you installed these languages? I have just checked my own site and got: <link rel="alternate" href="https://www.spielezar.ch/" hreflang="de-de"> <link rel="alternate" href="https://www.spielezar.ch/" hreflang="x-default"> This is correct for my site, but I have only one language installed... These meta tags are probably hardcoded in a php file... I guess it would be better to find the reason, why tb adds the wrong one, than to just remove them. That would help other people as well 🙂
  18. wakabayashi

    Google Search Console

    You organic rankings just dropped right? When I switched two years ago or so, it didn't have any negative effect. In general, tb is faster than prestashop, which should have some positive effect. But without an SEO its very hard to tell, what causes the problem.
  19. wakabayashi

    Google Search Console

    Are your urls are working as before or did you make a change in the structure?
  20. wakabayashi

    stats module bug multistore

    I can't confirm this. Seems to work here.
  21. wakabayashi

    Official Mollie Module

    Hello Guys Who here is using the official Mollie module? https://github.com/mollie/thirtybees What are you experiences with the module? Does it work smoothly? What about Mollie in general? Is it a good company to accept payments?
  22. wakabayashi

    Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

    I am sorry I din't work out well for you. It works quite good here. But you are right, there can be some issues with other scripts. I noticed that my filter module has problems, when it changes the content.
  23. wakabayashi

    Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

    I am not at all an expert on page load time. But nowdays modern browser show quite nicely, where the time is "spent" on. Often a website is slow, because of many requests. Every image (non cached) means a reqeuest to your server. This can have serious negative effects on your page load time. To deal with it, you can use "Lazy Loading" Plugins. Another way - which I like more - is to defer images. Yesterday I found the following article: https://varvy.com/pagespeed/defer-images.html IMO the artice is very easy to understand. If you want to implement it in your shop: You just need to adjust tpl files of your theme. The <script> part can be added in footer.tpl. The rest depends on what you want to achieve. As an example: https://www.spielezar.ch. The images on the footer (payment logo and facebook image) are loaded deferred. For the visitor there is no difference at all, as this images are not in the view when the page is loading. But the page just loads faster. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!
  24. wakabayashi

    How to override BlockTopMenu

    @Séane Well IMO its kind of logical to ovveride only tpl files in a theme. For me the problem in this case is the module itself. It codes the html stuff in the php file. Normally only beginner code like this :S I am not sure, if there is specific reason to do it.
  25. wakabayashi

    Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

    I have no idea about this... Does this work? 