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  1. I have now started, to develop a front office module, thats implements a "framework" for thirty bees. Technically this is not super complex and it works already quite good. But if this should become the new standard in thirty bees, I need some help. We will need to design default styles. Who is ready to help on this project? What you knowledge do you need? (very) good knowledge of CSS Been able to work on tpl files. So you need HTML knowledge and basic knowledge in how to use {$any_random_variable}. Knowledge in JS doesn't harm either, but a lot of elements/components don't need JS at all. Of course I would give more informations in detail, what has to be done. Note: this is not a 20 minutes job. I expect that it takes multiple hours to "code" a clean responsive component. @datakick is there any theme, that can be considered as the standard theme for tb? Is it niara? IMO the default styles of the framework should match well with the default theme. Obviously we will strike for some subtle design, that looks on all themes decent.
  2. {$product.reference} or {$product->reference} is probably the thing you are looking for.
  3. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ no issues during the update. In my case a I had a bit too much warnings about edited files. But I guess it's working with time stamp right? Cause i had some files, that are 100% equal to original class, but maybe were uploaded again trough FTP. I guess it leads to a warning. Probably almost not possible to change this behaviour.
  4. No problem. That's what tests are for πŸ™‚ Do you have these entries too? I wonder why I have such stuff and others not. I believe some don't have theme, as they use new installs when the new stats module was already introduced...
  5. That's my guess too... Now I have this: I am not at all sure, how I got this modules again. They aren't on my live server and my test server is a copy of it. Are they readded somehow if you change the template? It's probably not a topic that is related to the new core updater, but the "theme <=> module" handling while installing is very unclear to me... Even if I let the config.xml empty in themes it does activate and deactivate all kind of bull****. EDIT: This modules are not even installed. I don't have any such folders in "/modules". But in ps_module there are these modules listed... πŸ™„ Ui, this shows again how many things can go wrong for noobies. πŸ˜•
  6. Ok uninstall and reinstall does fix it. Maybe it's worth to write this in the error message. Cause I got an error also when accessing the BO controller AdminCoreUpdater.
  7. When using "clear cache"... No idea why it's missing on my side and not on others.
  8. As you sai with "this concept", I wonder: are there any other other concepts that might work? Note: for me it's not an option to say: oh you all have to use Bootstrap 5 or so.
  9. That's exactly what I thought too. I am not totally sure, if these default compoments aren't allowed to use any framework. I would just mean that we need to make sure that the libary is loaded. Right, the cleanest would be no framework... ... BUT there is a big question behind it. Do we really want to to build JS components like two range sliders, carousels, accordeon and so on? I highly doubt that's realistic. I haven't found a very good way for this right now. I am myself stuck how I should go. I have some symphaties for AlpineJS, but maybe it's not a good fit for TB. Already the usage of "{" can drive you crazy in smarty files. Any ideas from your side? Edit: the reason why I have some hopes in AlpineJS is actually this: https://alpinejs.dev/patterns
  10. I fully agree and like the change! It's quite important these days. Every field that has customer interaction might see emojis. If you like it or not, doesn't matter, customer do use it. I could also imagine that some merchant's want to use it their own. ☺️
  11. To be honest, I wouldn't know how my or any other theme could help you in that. You should create a concept of how you want to name your product. In case it's a display thing, you could ofc tweak it a little to your needs. But you could do that already know. Just want to make sure, that you want wait on anything, that probably won't help you to solve your problem...
  12. @led24ee I am not yet at product listing part. But why do you want to see the code from there? My way of doing it will be more modular than now... @datakick Right now my thing is too raw. But I think it's possible. But in general I believe, that each theme should override this components. I know it's not realistic for old themes, thats why there needs to be a default solution for each component. There are two things planned: Elements: This is simple stuff like buttons, lists or up to a spinner. We just standardize the behaviour of classes. A theme needs to tell, which classes will be applied on a "large call to action button". It's easy in achievable in the conig file. I would state there something like "genzo_button large". A theme that relies on bootstrap will set "btn btn-primary btn-large". A Module developer can now use: <a class="{$css_selector.button_primary} {$css_selector.button_large}">Something</a> It would throw in the right classes depening on the theme used. Components: This is stuff that needs a serious markup. For example: lists, tables, cards and so on. Each theme should then deliver his own tpl file to a component. For example a very simple component (card_default) looks like this: <div class=""> <div class="group block w-full h-auto rounded-lg bg-gray-100 overflow-hidden"> <img src="{$component.image.src}" alt="" class="object-cover pointer-events-none group-hover:opacity-75"> </div> <p class="heading_section mt-2 ml-2">{$component.section}</p> <p class="ml-2 text-sm text-gray-500">{$component.title}</p> </div> A bootstrap theme would deliver a very similair markup with different styles ofc. A module dev can now use something like: $category_1_data = [ 'title' => 'Azul - Uno - Memoarrr', 'section' => 'Familienspiele', 'image' => [ 'src' => '/img/p/bla.jpg', ], 'link' => [ 'url' => '/category/link-1', ], ]; $themeElement = new ThemeHelper(ThemeHelper::COMPONENT_CARD_SIMPLE, $category_1_data, false); return $themeElement->fetchElement(); It will always render a card in the style, that the theme developer initially had in mind. So the design will stay consistent. And obviously the theme developer saves a lot of time as he doesn't need to come up with an own design (that will likely suck on some themes anyway). The card example is of course very simple. There are much more powerful usecases like sliders, modals or whatsever. I am very confident that module devs can reduce their styling work up to 80% or so. Depending on the usecase ofc. The usecase of such component wouldn't stop here. They would also be very powerful on pagebuilder or on shortcode modules.
  13. Thanks for the sources. Tailwind is now very popular so it's not hard to find stuff about it. But I bought TailwindUI, so I have access to really high quality templates. I have coded a very modular way of how a theme should work IMO. In general it adds a Framework in top of TB. Module Developer could save a lot of time and merchants would get a consistent design. But unfortunately it didn't get any real response in "DEV" Channel from TB. Either people are no more around or they are just no interested in creating big changes to an old system. BTW: I am on a webserver. So if somebody would like to see, what I do, I could give you the URL by PN.
  14. Funny then, that they use a thirty bees logo on their homepage ^^
  15. @Billy For me this bootstrap stuff isn't too interesting. As I go with an other CSS Framework called "Tailwindcss". In general most Dev has clear opinion what they want to use. If often leads to little fights inside Dev discussions ^^ I just wanted to say that, not that you create big hopes that anyone here will build something with bootswatch...
  16. @Billy Thanks for the sources. It seems to me, that they have a pretty similair approach when building a theme... But I haven't looked deeply into it. Surely they work with variants too.
  17. @Mark Ok then write me on the Slack Chanel. We can see there, if my module would work for you, too.
  18. haha ok. Probably i wrote it then unclear. I guess I wanted to say, that "revws" module is one of the few outside of the core. Almost all other modules I use these days are my own developements. We had en external module for affiliates before. It was one of the worst modules I ever bought. What features do you need from the affiliate module from?
  19. @Mark The answer is almost the same in my case. It's: genzo_affiliate. Which means it's my own development. While most of my mobiles are out of question, to be maked public. I could consider to release this one day. It's very small without a lot of features. But on the other it's very clean IMO. BTW it's really only affiliate and not referal. Btw: How do you know I am using affiliate? Did you check my sites source code?
  20. Thanks for the update @Smile. All the best too all of you here. 😷
  21. This idea comes up a lot. Also when we talk about modules. To be honest: I haven't seen any collaboration coming, out with a serious result, since I am in PS World. While this idea makes sense in theory in pratice it (almost) never works. Btw: I worked like 10 hours at the weekend to push my theme project a bit forward. I am very happy with the progress. 😎 IMO I already found a very stupid behaviour that each theme copies from the other themes (root is probably 1.6 PS theme), but was probably never intended to do so. If you have ever looked into the tpl files, you have maybe noticed that some tags are opened in header.tpl and closed in footer.tpl. Very unnecessary... Just use layout.tpl for it. Such stuff is the reason, why I prefer to do it from an empty folder.
  22. I feel you. In general, the expectation are too big at the community. I had to learn it too. There is just no such community. There are for sure some TB installations around in the web, cause some Dev installed it. But there are only a bunch of people that really chosed TB and fully stick to it. That's why I also don't understand why this compatibility topic is so inviolable. IMO it would make sense, too just collect data, which modules are used by now existing TB User. Then to move forward and give some kind of support for the really used modules right now...
  23. @haylau I am not interested in such a project, as my point is: yes we should finally think about reinventing the wheel. About Elementor or something similar. I believe TB should have a pagebuilder/theme_config module, that each theme can rely on. Obviously this would be a huge work and won't happen any soon.
  24. It's a fair point. I am not a good example for the average merchant. What surprised me was the follwoing: Why would you ever need to change php? I mean it's not the task of a them dev to change functionality, is it? IMO it should be the goal, that a theme DEV doesn't need to change PHP. Of course he should have a very basic knowledge, but not more... JS is clear. I am not a fan of putting too much functionality on JS, but obviously thats part of the theme game. @jollyfrog I am always open for some interesting discussion about ecommerce/tb. But I won't get much involved in any decision and surely not work. As I really plan do to my own thing. I am also not totally sure, what the plan is right now. A new theme the way you plan it, means basically, that you just don't like Niara Design. Is this correct? I just don't understand why do this again. Niara is not even 2 years old. If I do something new, I will try it with new technology. My way is ofc very radical. But it could also be interesting to build a theme with Bootstrap 5 and loading jQuery for compatibility reasons. @datakick would that work, without breaking most modules?
  25. Thats a very good point. The compatibility break of mine has not a lot to do with Tailwind or AlpineJS. It's just that web development changed a lot in the last 5 years. You can ofc sit on Jquery Solutions and so. It works. My shop is using it now heavily too. If Jquery would be the only issue, I could also load it just for compatibility reasons. That wouldn't be a big deal. But I guess, the deeper I will dig into my project, I will find issues, that will break compatibility. The best thing would be if a Theme Designer can use Bootstrap 5, Tailwind or whatever.
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