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  1. I can confirm that. I had never a single issue on anyting with php. Of course when you develop on js and use ajax you need to be a bit careful to delete the cache. But in general I am very happy with cloudflare.
  2. wakabayashi

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    From this screenshot I have no idea, where it comes from. Please show a bigger screenshot. So expierenced user will know, which module is relevant.
  3. I will look again into this. But IMO this is not the case. It's true that 'updateShipping' is called always. This is because you can set a fixed amount of shipping. If you don't change this value and don't select recalculate, there is an update but with just the same values as you already had in DB. In my country this is a bit different. But I am aware that this can be an issue. That's why I created the form in the second commit. The form allows me to add an "invoice select". So every merchant can select the invoice, which should be updated. Right. I completly forgot about this shitty id_carrier change. But I believe, if I just add the "deleted/changed" carrier to the selector as well, this should be solved.
  4. I understand ofc. We are already using it in our live store, but ofc other testers are needed. You mean in AdminLogs or something new? If it would be new, I believe we would better make a order history concept, that shows everything (like order status change, emails sent, customer messages, customer service cases) in a nice history tree or so. Have you briefly looked at the concept. How do you think about this: "Technically a new cart is created based on the order values. The cart is used then to recalculate the shipping cost."
  5. Oh sorry, I can't help with this issue. I don't use this module.
  6. @Briljander thanks a lot for your response! Is it this module? https://addons.prestashop.com/de/bestands-lieferantenmanagement/22049-advanced-order-processing.html Does this module just allow to set a fixed amount of shipping or does it also offer the "recalculate" feature?
  7. https://www.payfast.co.za/integration/shopping-carts/prestashop download the older version for ps 1.6 and check, if it works.
  8. I have invested another day. It's now possible to add fixed a fixed amount/weight. Also the hardcoded transit email can be fixed that way. Still my code is not totally finished: There needs to be validation check in the new updateShipping function. RMA seems to use "submitShippingNumber" as well. That's maybe not problematic. I don't use RMA at all. So no idea what this should do. After a click on edit, the form looks like this: Btw: For me this project is quite evident. My goal is clearly to push this into the core (after careful validations with merchants). If this doesn't workout, I won't supply anything in the future. Cause developping things for core, which doesn't get applied, is too costly: I invest a lot of time to be consistent with the core, if it's only for my own store, all is much faster and simpler. After a modification get declined, I have to rewrite again, since I need to use the code in an internal module instead of core. If this important (and much wanted) feature can't be implemented, I lose faith, that there will come any real progess on other topics (like asm, attributes on bundles/virtualProducts and so on...).
  9. I don't have this file in my theme... But what about $order->payment
  10. Not sure if I understand this right. Ist this about invoice.tpl?
  11. @RabbitZzZ, @toplakd, @datakick As I get mad almost once a week about the misssing "update shipping cost", I decided to tackle this myself. I couldn't wait any multiple years longer for this feature. In my opinion it's over due... As we pointed out above, there is no super clean solution to this problem, but I believe that my solution now is quite acceptable. At least it's much a cleaner way than the free PS module uses. Technically a new cart is created based on the order values. The cart is used then to recalculate the shipping cost. I practice you can select the shipping method in an order and click on "recalculate shipping cost". This is very useful in case you have edited the order before. The select also allows to change the shipping method at all. This way you can change, in case your customer wishes so or you can also select a shipping method, that is only visible in the BO. I haven't imlemented a amount input yet, but that would be possible too. I hope, that some expierenced user test my snipped (in a test store) and give a feedback. It's really hard to forseen every case. In my (quite simple) cases, the code seems to work properly. https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commit/4ccd64465ff1e4b956e1caba1feb411b6ee834a3
  12. Who is they? Are you a dev? 😎 What about this: {"{$order_invoice->date_add}+{$customer->max_payment_days} days"|date_format:'%d.%m.%Y'}
  13. Ok I understand your idea. Why don't you use: {$customer->max_payment_days} This should be available on invoice.tpl
  14. I guess you can not use "due date" without modifying a php file. But my question is still the same. Is the payment time a constant? Is it always like 14 days?
  15. Are you from germany? Is this "max_payment_days" a constant? I use something similar... My code looks like: {"+13 days"|date_format:'%d.%m.%Y'} Of course this only works with a constant.
  16. @Leaton thats correct. I have changed this behaviour in our shop. It will only send one email and if there is a tracking code it will add it to the email... Depending on the new TB team, I will maybe add a PR, to make this the default behaviour.
  17. It's surely possible with some theme modification. As an user, I don't like it tbh.
  18. @Owen as ist message in red says: check your JavaScrip console... Normally you can find it with right clickt and then something like inspect.
  19. We use our own module that combines multiple orders and create picking lists with it. It's quite a complex stuff, cause we try to minimize the picking meters. We pick with a smartphone, that has a special scanner inbuilt. But ok I guess nobody else here is doing it like we do 😅
  20. For me it's always very difficult to answer a question like: Do you use an "OMS", "ERP", "CRM" or whatever. I think in functions/features. In general we try to automate a lot of stuff...
  21. Are you sure, that you have done that properly? I have to download a file and then upload it. Btw which tb version are you using?
  22. Oh nice! That reminds me on my own start with coding. Keep going 😉 I am not sure, what the variable $page_name is. Maybe this is working: {if $smarty.get.id_cms_category} {if in_array($id_cms_category, array(2))} {$content|escape:nofilter} {/if} {/if} I for myself would rather check CmsController and go for something like {if isset($cms_category) && in_array($cms_category->id, array(2))} {$content|escape:nofilter} {/if} But I haven't tested it... Just wrote it 😅 Just when rethinking it. Maybe this is not working, since it's another column. Maybe you have to use $smarty.get.cms_category. Please confirm if some of my lines are working ^^
  23. @Traumflug sehr gut. Die Preise muss man ändern, wenn man die Steuersenkung selber einsacken will. Man ändert also die Steuersätze und setzt die Bruttopreise wieder auf das Niveau von vorher. Dazu muss natürlich der Nettopreis nach oben. Ist aber ein simpler Dreisatz 🙂
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