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  1. wakabayashi

    Product Accessories - Mass Update / Assign

    Yeah you would need to copy it somewhere and then execute it. I normally add it to the get_content method of a module. Then go to modules page and click on configuration. Thath will trigger it. I don't think there is an easy solution, to achieve this. You need an array with all the info. Unfortunately I can't find any function that allows this. Of course you could create a function that returns the needed info.
  2. wakabayashi

    Product Accessories - Mass Update / Assign

    I dont know about datakicks module. Probably he will respond here too. If you really wanna add this fastly you could use the following script. But please make a backup before. $ids_add_accessory = [3862, 3861]; $query = new DbQuery(); $query->select('id_product'); $query->from('product'); $ids_product = array_column(Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($query), 'id_product'); $inserts = array(); foreach ($ids_product as $id_product) { foreach ($ids_add_accessory as $id_add_accessory) { if ($id_product!=$id_add_accessory) { $inserts[] = array( 'id_product_1' => $id_product, 'id_product_2' => $id_add_accessory, ); } } } Db::getInstance()->insert('accessory', $inserts, false, true, 2); You basically change the values in $ids_add_accessory. If you want to just add this tags to some products (instead of all), you could also work with $ids_product manually. Example: $ids_add_accessory = [1,2,3] and $ids_product = [100,101] This means that products with id 100 and 101 get the accessoires 1, 2 and 3.
  3. Well it depends, which modules you are using... Have you looked at the new html block module? About the stores. There is a controller in your menu called "AdminStores". I don't know how the menu point is called, but it is inside "Preferences". In general it's easier to answer such question, if there is one topic per problem. For example you say you are using module xy and it creates problem z.
  4. I believe lesley has already talked to this dev multiple times...
  5. wakabayashi

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    Yep I have missed that with xampp. Still: like that I can't help. If it were my store I would compare the two version. Check if the html structure is exact the same. If yes I would check css.
  6. wakabayashi

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    It's not about you fixing the bug or something. But how should I understand the problem, if you don't share a link to the issue. I don't have transformer theme...
  7. wakabayashi

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    @Occam Datakick clearly explained the issue with the foreach loop. If there are other issues, we need concrete bug reports otherwise we can't fix it.
  8. wakabayashi

    OPC checkout and custom payment

    What are you talking about? :S About the screenshots. Can we check the html code somewhere? To me this looks like a css or html issue.
  9. wakabayashi

    Exception with this Codecanyon module

    Well I bet this module was developped for 1.7. I could look into it, if I have the ftp and BO access.
  10. wakabayashi

    Exception with this Codecanyon module

    This error doesn't make sense to me. It says unexpected " but there is no " at all. Probably we would have to see more, to solve it.
  11. wakabayashi

    Exception with this Codecanyon module

    Try instead of 'title' => $this->trans('Save', array(), 'Admin.Actions') the following: 'title' => $this->l('Save')
  12. @Pedalman Yes that is the intention of the module. @Briljander I am working on a new module for products tags. But I am not yet sure, if and how I will release it. @danwarrior I will send you the module right now. Would be cool, if you can test it a little.
  13. Hello Guys I am developing a little module for category pages. It will allow you to add a second description to a category page. Why is it helpful? That way you can use the core description as a little teaser at the top. My module will add a second description at the footer. This is extremly helpful if you are interested in SEO. Such en html edit tab will be added to every category in the BO. The module is multilang and multistore ready! If you are a Patreon, I give you a free copy of it! Just answer in this thread or send me a message! If you aren't a Patreon yet, its time to become one: https://www.patreon.com/thirtybees
  14. Ok I have just internally released v.1.1.0. This version fixes the issue of adding a new language and has a much cleaner way of using object model. If you are patreon, I can send you the new version. Just write here in the thread.
  15. Is somebody using this module on his shop? I probably have to release 1.1 soon, as I found an issue, when adding a new language to your store. So if you found any issue or have other improvement suggestion, please place it here 🙂
  16. wakabayashi

    Official Mollie Module

    Hello Guys Who here is using the official Mollie module? https://github.com/mollie/thirtybees What are you experiences with the module? Does it work smoothly? What about Mollie in general? Is it a good company to accept payments?
  17. wakabayashi

    [Free Module]Revws - Product Reviews

    Is there any issue with the sum of ratings? I just got a review. It's the first of the product. Obiviously it should be 4 stars (as showed also in BO) but the overall Rating is 5 stars: https://www.spielezar.ch/brettspiele/architekten-des-westfrankenreichs
  18. wakabayashi

    Customer password when Admin Created

    We dont have any payments then. Its basically bank transfer.
  19. wakabayashi

    Customer password when Admin Created

    Normally when a customer orders by phone we use a firstname.lastname@our-domain.com. So just a fake email. If the customer really wants his email, to be stored, we use a manual password. Same as you, but we tell the customer that he should use the "Forget password" to set a new one...
  20. Same here: Every page I tried loads slow.
  21. wakabayashi

    thirty bees 1.1.0 is released!

    I would guess you can just download the from: https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/releases
  22. wakabayashi

    Adding discount to order throws exception

    Can it by a comma instead of point issue?
  23. Thanks for your post! Thats exactly how I think about it, too!
  24. wakabayashi

    Old PS store migrated to thiry bees

    You have good speed on your site 🙂
  25. Update: The module was released on 22.03.2018. You find it in the official store: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/front-office/genzo-krona As some of you guys may have seen in another thread: I am going to create a free loyalty points module. Since I am a merchant, I will mainly focus on our own needs, but inputs are welcome. What I plan: Points for core actions (account creation, order, newsletter subscription, page visit and avatar upload) Points for external module actions. This is the heart of my loyalty module. It can be extended easily with other modules. You use a review module? Ask the dev to hook into my module and you will be able to give points for reviews. Have a question & answer module? Give points for answers. Give additional points for the best answer or whatever you like. Coupons: if a customer has reached a ceratain amount of points, he will receive a coupon. A customer can also achieve levels. I would call this feature gamification. This will be similair to coupons, but it's just a symbolic reward. If an user reaches certain amounts of points, he will become a "super ninja". Probably I will add icon functionality as well. On frontend I plan user settings with avatar and display_name. In addition there will be a leaderboard and a timeline. How do you think about it?