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500 error without encrypted error on several parts

Albert van Harten



Since I upgraded to TB1.1.0 (running PHP7.3.6 and MariaDB 10.3.23), I get 500 server-errors on various pages:
Try https://viklemagi.dk/fastvikler/loops-purple-yellow-tencel-linen-yaro-fastvikle and click "Afslut bestilling" - then the error appears.
Same happens when I am in the backend and try to open Logs under Advanced Parameters.
The Apache PHP-log (error_log in root) doesn't show anything at all. Additionally, there is no encrypted error message at the bottom of the error page, only a text stating that I should download the encrypted error message and attach it to the e-mail. Since I don't have an encrypted error message, I have no clue at all where to look for the culprit.

Anybody who can help??

Albert van Harten


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thirty bees also has it's own log files. See `log/` in the web root. There it collects short versions of what should also appear in the browser.

Yet another source for error messages is back office -> Advanced Parameters -> Logs. One can filter by severity there.

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