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How to add category link or category to the footer?



Good day,

Doese any one know how to add the category link or category to the footer ?

So when you surfing the page, you don't have to always roll up again to go back to the menu to get the category.

Thank you~

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15 minutes ago, colorful-ant said:

example 1
install modul "block categories" - then check the settings

example 2
install modul "html block" - ad your links in a new block with footer hook

Hi Colorful, it's like this as attached, after go to block category, how to make the category to the footer?


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29 minutes ago, colorful-ant said:

go to backoffice - modules - postions - filter "block categories"
you need the hook displayfooter

if ist not in the list -> top right -> add modul - add the hook displayfooter for this modul

Thank you colorful-ant, it works very nice! Have a wonderful day!

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