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Change file in virtual product


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We sell services/virtual products. With each product comes a document for download. When you create the product you just upload it and it works. But how change the document if needed. As I see it it is not possible. I typical PS way it get a very long cryptic filename. How to manage this? Create the product new everytime?

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There's a PS module that helps with this, including sending notifications to existing customers when the file is updated. Not exactly the solution you were looking for but it will probably save you a bunch of time.

There's also a somewhat less expensive module for downloadable product management. It basically is a tool to make it easier to manage the files associated with downloadable products but doesn't seem to provide the notifications of the first option.

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Creating the product over and over again means that your customers won't be able to (re-)download what they purchased after you delete one product and create another. You'll also end up with a bunch of different versions of the same file on your server if you don't delete the old versions, and customers that bought in the past won't be able to download the newest version of the file. So it's not really an ideal solution to delete & recreate.

Just saw your new reply post. As long as that keeps the same product ID then existing customers should be able to download the new version.

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