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A little feedback please?

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So my site has been up since April 1st. (no joke!)

I'm wondering if any one has any suggestions, or critiques about it thusfar. 

As with all sites, it's never "done", just always a work in progress. 



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Is there anything you want to do with Wordpress that you can't do with Thirtybees?

A quick fix could be to divert your domain name to the Thirtybees bit: https://bountyhuntertoys.com/store/

or https://bountyhuntertoys.com/store/products , but that might leave you without something you like on Wordpress such as the graphics at the top of your site. It would be easier for customers and search engines though.

Once that's sorted, a free seo scan service might spot something. I am using seobility but I don't know if it's the best one.

------------added 2020.28.10

Maybe there's a wordpress forum where people could suggest how to get the products on the front page, if you want the two bits of software to work together. It's unusual, and so unlikelty to get an answer from TB users.

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