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  1. So my site has been up since April 1st. (no joke!) I'm wondering if any one has any suggestions, or critiques about it thusfar. As with all sites, it's never "done", just always a work in progress. www.bountyhuntertoys.com/products Thanks!
  2. I have multiple shipping options. My "Pick Up Order at store" says Free shipping. My "Shipping price will be emailed" says Free Shipping. Both of those however, are ON the shipping page where you should select your option. The paid before that, says FREE SHIPPING for every single order. That's what I want changed. It seems none of the info above relates to this section.
  3. My site isn't set up via weight. I work off a price based system for shipping. And in truth, this is happening BEFORE it even hits a shipping page (as shown above). There shouldn't be a "Free Shipping" line there at all since shipping options haven't been presented yet.
  4. I have. I've changed the amount and it still says this before checkout. Unless I should be doing it in a specific section? The problem is, for "Pick up order", the amount can be anything, but for legit Free Shipping, it's supposed to be more. The site says "Free Shipping" on even a 0.75 cent item - before choosing a shipping option.
  5. When checking out of the site, before you even get to the shipping options, the cart says Free Shipping! on every transaction. Is there a way to turn that off? It's causing confusion for some customers. Is there some way to change it to say "Next Page" or just be gone? Thanks.
  6. Right?! I’ll never use that guys stuff again. I ended up fixing the issue myself after hours of testing, but I still get an error when I use the module. I did message the guy about it - but have yet to hear back at all. it seems to work with the error still showing up in the backend anyway.
  7. I’ll check, but it makes no sense that existing accounts work fine, just new accounts make it crash. This was working perfectly. Nothing changed on my behalf. So how does an entire section "Customers" reset itself to not have all sections filled as it was before.
  8. Disabled it, error still happens. Asked him, he said he's only responsible for getting the module to work - which apparently it does, but I can't test it because I can't make a new account. AND, it clearly worked beforehand.
  9. Someone from a module I purchased, has logged into my backend and set it up for me. Now when a new account is made, the site crashes on them. He's saying it has nothing to do with his module, or changes he made. But it worked before, and not after. He made a test account, and it worked fine. This makes no sense.
  10. Someone from a module I purchased, has logged into my backend and set it up for me. Now when a new account is made, the site crashes on them.
  11. I don't have a blog page. That's on a wordpress front end.
  12. thanks, actually found them shortly after. Google - who knew! lol
  13. tried that. Didn't work...
  14. Happily, if I could find a way to contact them.
  15. Purchased this directly from the ThirtyBees site. https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/shipping/localized-shipping Can't seem to get it to work. I want to set up a flat rate shipping, per "group" of postal codes. L8B to L8J for example is all $10 L9N to L9R would be $12 all I'm seeing are Free Shipping options and no where to really do much with it. I also assumed it would automatically set up a carrier section for me for it. Am i going to have to manually set up a carrier for each and every postal code? EDIT: I'm not amused with this module. It's not quite what I was expecting it to do. Anyone know if a refund is possible? NOTHING shows up when i enter a new option.
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