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  1. Seriously? That's what it was... sheesh. Thanks a ton man. Very much appreciated.
  2. Appreciate the help. Did mine exactly like yours (Can't add my province however?), and got the same error message. Beyond frustrated with this thing. I'd love to become a backer / supporter of it - if it would work.
  3. I'm convinced this is broken. I've tried everything thus far. Are there no modules to simply allow me to put "PICK UP ONLY" as a shipping option.
  4. So I just found out that prestashop 1.6 mods can be used with thirty bees. Any recommendations for a module that will allow me to just pick options for shipping/pick up instead of messing with this?
  5. Thanks all. Found one that works. I had no clue you could use Prestashop mods with thirtybees.
  6. Same Error. Forgive me. I haven't set stuff up like this in about 6 years. I'm pretty sure I've got everything in the right spot. But is there a walkthrough to set the Carrier section up or something? I can't understand why this isn't working. Thank you for taking the time to help me figure it out.
  7. Everything you have checked, I also have checked off.
  8. Everything is already clicked in there. Even took Paypal out as a payment option and bare boned payment types and shipping types.
  9. Still getting the error. Changed it to price instead of weight as well. I'm getting so fed up with this thing. It's not making any sense as to why it won't work. Tried multiple settings. Has no one else ever run into this issue?
  10. Update. Now I have an error that says "No carriers available" on Section 5 of my checkout screen. I have carriers set up... 3 of them.
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