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  1. Running version 1.1.0 Unistalled. Reinstalled. Got this error immediately. Warning on line 235 in file /home/bountyhu/public_html/store/modules/mailalerts/mailalerts.php[2] count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable Downloaded the core updater. Installed it. and the log error is now gone. ALSO, uninstalled and reinstalled the mailalerts again - no error. So, i assume that should fix it?
  2. 100% enabled, and set to work on everything. Checked performance- its set to allow all non-thirty bees modules. It appears all hooks are correct (never altered anything anyway for this) When I check logs, I get a 500 server error? (Pic attached) I did switch themes last week, but switched it back. When I turn on Debug mode. This is the error that appears instead of the 500 screen.
  3. It’s always come from the site since day one. Before that module was installed even. Mind I have mailalerts installed. Never altered it, just entered my email addy. Checked it, all looks fine there..
  4. I’ve had over 125 orders and every single one, until this week, has sent me an email from the site informing me that I have an order. and you’re telling me the site is NOT supposed to do that?
  5. When an order was placed in the past, the customer and myself would get a copy of the email, and I would also get an email when something is out of stock. They're getting their email... I'm not getting any of mine
  6. I've had two orders recently, and I've not gotten an email saying the orders were placed... The TEST email function sends me an email however. How do I fix this? Or what would of went wrong?
  7. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    Have a link directly to it please?
  8. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    Let me correct that. Installed. But doesn't seem to be a default setting to mark all items with tax? AND, when I do one - it shows the total WITH tax before checkout. I'd like it to show it with taxes only at checkout on it's own line.
  9. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    Installed it, followed the directions, and = nothing in my menus....
  10. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    I'm at a loss as to why there isn't a default "Charge tax on all products" item already in this...
  11. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    I WANT to charge the sales tax.....
  12. bhtoys

    Taxable Items

    When I first set up the site, I had the tax turned off. I guess that defaulted no tax on every single item I added, and now they won't ring up with tax unless I manually change each and every item. Is there some default way to reset the tax setting on all products listed? Basically have every product taxable again?
  13. Back up worked. Still no clue what happened.
  14. Doing a site wide backup from two days ago. We'll see how that goes....
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