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  1. I've found out someone is using my images to sell their products, and I'd like to watermark every single product image I've uploaded. (they're both hotlinking, and downloading them) When I hit the server, I can't find the files I'm looking for... For example : https://bounty huntertoys.com/store/3616-Niara_large/irs.jpg (URL broken so you can see it). But when I visit the hosting company, and check folders, there's no "3616-Niara_large" folder for me to view images in...
  2. bhtoys

    Gift card module?

    Maybe I've missed it? But is there anything out there that will allow someone to purchase an online gift card, then have the code for that amount in their email, or the email of who the gift card amount is for?
  3. bhtoys

    Block Banner v2.1.0

    I can't. It either shows the default 25% off everything banner, or a MASSIVE "no image" banner that completely moves my site out of monitor range. and I can't have either one showing on the site. I upload a PDF file, and it doesn't take - even if it's the exact same size as the original.
  4. Having an issue with changing the banner... I use the same dimensions, save it as a PNG, and I keep getting an error image. The one time I did have it working, I had brown squares on each end of the banner. Is there another banner module? Or is there a magical solution to this? lol
  5. is coding involved? Or is it just a module I install? I guess one comes with ThirtyBees, but it let two accounts in tonight. One made an order for $200 which i had to refund.
  6. I did not. I'll look into something like that for the site. Thanks!
  7. No, I'm using Moneris. A Canadian processing company. I've spoken with them, they don't seem worried about it that much. My hosting company said they should be able to block the entire area since I don't ever plan on shipping there anyway. (Philippines)
  8. My site is being hammered with fraudulent credit cards, attempting to verify a stolen credit card list. over 1100 so far. (Card testing) Is there a module or something that will allow me to get the IP address of each person adding items to a cart, or that creates an account so I can: 1) Block It 2) Give the information to my merchant account.
  9. bhtoys

    Spanish Warning?

    I’m Canadian. French and English is pretty much our main languages. 🤣
  10. So... I have a group set up for just me. It gives me 100% off anything I take off the site. Sounds weird... but it's easier for me to add items all day in my store, then remove them that way after I've sold them in my store. So I have friends that want to buy from me on the site as well. Tried to set up the same thing for them - no tax, 20% off. It won't work. I apply them to the group I made for them- and nothing. Any clue what I'm doing wrong?
  11. A customer brought this to my attention when he created an account. is there a reason for this? Can I change it English?
  12. Apparently the site "Saves" what you used for shipping last time you visited - which is dumb. Because if you picked a $40 shipping charge, it's gonna tell you that again, even if it's a small packet item.
  13. Except my cheapest price is FREE PICK UP, next is $5 local delivery, then $15, then $20 I'd rather it say "Shipping at Checkout" why isn't that a thing?
  14. No module... it seems to be a default with the cart. It says shipping is ALWAYS $20 - before you even log in. This is new. It wasn't doing this last week. It's making people not place an order... A small item on the site would be about $6 shipping. But it's telling people $20 before they even create an account or log in. I've tried multiple things and it's still there. It would be great if it didn't show shipping at all until you get to the checkout.
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