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  1. Make that, 83.73% now... I think I'm good for at least a year now.
  2. I've cleared out some non-customers and shit like that. 87.28% looks like the final amount. I'm happy with that, I shouldn't have to worry about it for awhile now. Thanks!
  3. Maybe it takes awhile to register. I'm now at 87% of capacity...
  4. That did nothing but take money from my wallet. No images removed. NO drop in the inodes count.
  5. I assumed (like others I've used), that the main zip was what I had to upload. Just did this one now. Will report back.
  6. *sigh* I bought it, downloaded it, uploaded it, and now it doesn't show. So, I did it two more times. Nothing. I swear ThirtyBees hates me or something, everything is a damn challenge.
  7. They've had this in place for years. I've been with them 8 years and it's because of this that I'm at a limit.
  8. So apparently I'm running out inodes (sp?) on my server. Is there a way to remove old images from products that I've since removed from my site? Like, easier than randomly clicking thousands of files to find out where the images are? I assumed that when I deleted a product, the image would go with it, but that's not the case. I'm faced with a $70 increase if I don't get it lower. Currently at 92% of 300,000
  9. Well, that didn't work. Source file: modules/blockadvertising/blockadvertising.php 198: } 199: } 200: 201: // If the link is not set, then delete it in order to use the next default value (either the global value or the group value) 202: if ($link = Tools::getValue('adv_link')) { 203: Configuration::updateValue('BLOCKADVERT_LINK', $link); 204: } elseif (Shop::getContext() == Shop::CONTEXT_SHOP || Shop::getContext() == Shop::CONTEXT_GROUP) { 205: Configuration::deleteFromContext('BLOCKADVERT_LINK'); 206: } 207: 208: // If the title is not set, then delete it in order to use the next default value (either the global value or the group value) 209: if ($title = Tools::getValue('adv_title')) { 210: Configuration::updateValue('BLOCKADVERT_TITLE', $title); 211: } elseif (Shop::getContext() == Shop::CONTEXT_SHOP || Shop::getContext() == Shop::CONTEXT_GROUP) { 212: Configuration::deleteFromContext('BLOCKADVERT_TITLE'); 213: } 214: 215: // Reset the module properties 216: $this->initialize(); 217: $this->clearCache('blockadvertising.tpl'); 218: 219: if (!$errors) { 220: Tools::redirectAdmin(AdminController::$currentIndex.'&configure='.$this->name.'&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules').'&conf=6'); 221: } 222: echo $this->displayError($errors); 223: } 224: 225: } 226: 227: /** Stack trace 1. modules/blockadvertising/blockadvertising.php:164 source BlockAdvertising->postProcess() 2. controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php:1648 source BlockAdvertising->getContent() 3. controllers/admin/AdminModulesController.php:1511 source AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcessCallback() 4. classes/controller/Controller.php:197 source AdminModulesControllerCore->postProcess() 5. classes/Dispatcher.php:837 source ControllerCore->run() 6. admin123/index.php:63 source DispatcherCore->dispatch()
  10. That would of been helpful, huh. 😉 https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/front-office/block-advertising It takes me to this page : https://github.com/thirtybees/blockadvertising
  11. So I wanted to download this module and use it on my site... However when I click download, it takes me to a Github page... I have no clue what to do with a GitHub page. So, any suggestions?
  12. I just now did everything you suggested. I've had no time, and other prssing things to handle. This doesn't affect my sales/site - it's just something I'd rather have the other way.
  13. @the.rampage.rado - So I know I'm bringing up an older topic - but I honestly haven't had the spare time to do this until now. It just finished - It did not work. So what's the next step? Or am I just stuck with have friendly off.
  14. I mean, they're fine, and work well enough. But I find most I look at are all basically the same "blocky" layout. Is it just me?
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