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Rich I

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I am using the community theme default and want to run a product offer of buy one for $15 or buy two for $25

I have looked through the documentation and the forum and cannot find an answer of how to do this with a product.

I have tried adjusting it in specific prices and combinations and neither of these work for me

Am I missing something obvious or is it not a present feature? 

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Yes, I have tried that option, it offers 2 at the discount rate and then each subsequent item at the same discounted price. So If i put the price at $15 and from unit 2 $2.50 discount/unit 2 units becomes $25 as it should. But, if I then click on 3 units the price is $37.50 and 4 units is $50, the system keeps offering the next unit at the discounted price, when the deal was looking for was 1 for $15 and 2 for $25

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Okay, so that's exactly what I've been saying all along.

To do what you ask, either you specify the prices for each multiple with the specific prices, or you make a pack of 2 units at the desired price and present it in the page of the other product, or you go through an external module to manage this type of case.

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