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  1. Ok, thank you for the clarification
  2. I have not fully integrated the Mail chimp module yet, but when I do and set up the order emails etc will I have to disable the TB mail alerts module?
  3. thank you lesley for your fast response
  4. I have been looking through the forums and online and cannot find anything as to whether I can download sales tax information from the BO. We are in Canada so have 2 sales taxes and it would make life easier if we could download the information separately so as to pay them individually the our Provincial and Federal Government's. They are listed separately on the invoice but I can't find them listed anywhere so they can be put into an Excel sheet for example. I have looked at Datakick and it doesn't seem to do that. any suggestions?
  5. Rich I

    Cron Module

    I find the module easier as I do not fully understand how to set up cron jobs in cpanel yet, I guess this is a stepping stone
  6. Rich I

    Cron Module

    I have been recently trying to set up the Cron job module and found the module instructions confusing, here is a great post I found from shoptech on how to use it https://shoptech.media/manage-important-tasks-in-one-place-with-prestashop-thirtybees-task-scheduler-module/
  7. Fixed - I had not enabled "Display suppliers and manufacturers" in the general preferences in the BO
  8. I have set up the site map module and the site map link is in the footer. When I open the site map and click on suppliers I get a 404 - Page not available. I have unchecked the supplier box on the sitemap module but that has made no difference. I have suppliers listed and tied to products, but again no change. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Rich I

    Pricing offers

    Yes, I have tried that option, it offers 2 at the discount rate and then each subsequent item at the same discounted price. So If i put the price at $15 and from unit 2 $2.50 discount/unit 2 units becomes $25 as it should. But, if I then click on 3 units the price is $37.50 and 4 units is $50, the system keeps offering the next unit at the discounted price, when the deal was looking for was 1 for $15 and 2 for $25
  10. Rich I

    Pricing offers

    I cannot see in the specific price area where I can just limit it to just 2 units
  11. Rich I

    Pricing offers

    I am using the community theme default and want to run a product offer of buy one for $15 or buy two for $25 I have looked through the documentation and the forum and cannot find an answer of how to do this with a product. I have tried adjusting it in specific prices and combinations and neither of these work for me Am I missing something obvious or is it not a present feature?
  12. The statsdata was enabled and hooked correctly. I just tried the reset option and everything started to function
  13. I have been working on the test store and all was working great. Using cPanel I migrated the files from the test store folder to my main site folder and ever since the visitor logs in the admin dashboard have not been working. I have checked the hooks etc. and I can't seem to see a reason why, anyone else had this issue with this of did I miss a step?
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