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Mobile PageSpeed Insights



I'm getting page speed scores of around 40 on mobile and 95 on desktop. Has anybody got any top tips to improve the mobile score?

Niara theme - CCC are all yes, server side and full page cache (all red apart from block cart) makes no real change but I'm on shared hosting so no using Redis.

I've tried LScache but it broke the cart and there weren't any improvements anyway.

Cloudfare free CDN - no improvement

Images are Webp or significantly compressed.

Any things I can do for quick gains?


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Does browsing on your site feel sluggish to you? I don't think so - on mobile your site loads reasonably fast. I'm quite sure you are not loosing any customers due to the loading time.

I would just ignore this arbitrary number. There are better things to do instead of chasing SEO metrics. 

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Thanks Petr

I agree it doesn't feel slow but the OCD in me want's it to be better and apparently Google is putting more weight on these in the future so didn't want to be penalised.

I agree there are plenty of other things I can be looking at targeting though!


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If anybody is interested - I've got the mobile page score up to mid 50s. My OCD is calming...

I disabled the Paypal module on mobile. I would rather not have done this but the Javascript (even the minified version) is a huge drain. I don't know why it loads on every page? Stripe doesn't so maybe there is a fix?

I also added 

<link rel='preload' href="https://bsparkle.co.uk/themes/niara/fonts/font-awesome/fontawesome-webfont.woff2?v=4.6.3" as="font" type="font/woff" crossorigin>

in the header.tpl - I doubt it made a significant difference but Google liked it.

I also changed the social widgets around and turned some off on mobile. 

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