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A customer recently alerted me to the fact that the guest checkout has one less address field than the other registration method.  Is there a simple way to add a field on the guest checkout page?  i.e two address fields in addition to town, postcode and country.

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Sorry ...Edited I just see it's guest checkout ...So maybe already correct here


Go to Localization / Countries..edit the country in question.. go to addresses tab and add address 2 under address 1 on the left and save.. So you end up with something like this

firstname lastname

If you are using the 3 page checkout from here it doesn't seem to work

Edited by AndyC
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I don't have create account any more.. I use social log in and guest checkout.. Don't know if it is a bad thing or not.

but I too have the same issue on guest, Most people just put both addresses details on a single line if needed..

At least this year my checkout has had a good run and a very low abandon cart rate

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