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This is ofc colored by the maker but I find it very much worth reading https://campaign.piwik.pro/web-analytics-vendors-comparison/?utmsource=facebook&utmmedium=paid&utmcampaign=WPWebAnalyticsComp&hsfbaccountid=646886712115170&hsfbcampaignid=6071477909314&hsfbadsetid=6071478517514&hsfbadid=6071478520914&hsparentcreativeid=6071478518314&source=fb

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Nice find, I've downloaded it and will have a read.

I didn't realize there was a professional (aka paid) version of Piwik as well as the free one. It seems to offer a lot more features but I bet it costs a bundle. Any company that doesn't publish their prices generally charges enough to make your eyes water, in my experience.

Does anyone who knows Piwik well know if there are modules and addons to the community version that give it some of the pro-level goodness for free?

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Nope, I haven't installed Piwik yet so I don't really know much about it except I really like the idea of having my own analytics server.

I think Google Analytics is blocked by many adblockers, right? Adblock is getting smarter and smarter but I would imagine self-hosted analytics is harder to block than something like Google.

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