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Orders not being created



I though this was just the stripe module, but has now happened on the paypal module also

This is random, usually all is OK, but happening once or twice a day there is a problem. The money is taken, logs on stripe look fine, order  is created in TB - BUT it is empty and the order status is 'awaiting payment' but is actually no status define -  rather than payment accepted.

The shopping cart is fine and contains the products

Bleeing edge TB (just a couple of days ago - co-incidence??)

PHP 7.4 but that was updated a week or two ago



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I might have solved this. I forgot my routine after an upgrade to go through and make all the manual changes (teach me to work late at night). One of which is the product reference length in the database and a few files. Our product references are quite long so I change to 128 - and I forgot. No changes to database this time, but there were some file changes in the bleeding edge update. So that is why it seemed random because some references are short (so worked) and some are long so threw an exception when creating the actual order

Still need some orders to come in to check - but fingers crossed.

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