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  1. haylau

    Payment Method

    Either or. But remember if they are entering card details in your site you have to be fully PCI compliant.
  2. haylau

    Payment Method

    Which theme? This any help?
  3. haylau

    Payment Method

    Oh, Supercheckout from Knowband. Used that also. Seem to remember it has a ship to pay system which may need to be configured correctly. It links payment methods to shipping methods We recently switch to Chex and we are LOVING it. Nothing comes close. Is there something holding you back from using chex?
  4. haylau

    Payment Method

    For now, I would add LOGIN OPTIONS ( PAYMENT MEATHOD WILL SHOW ONCE YOU SAVED DETAILS) Where it shows the paymetn method also.
  5. haylau

    Payment Method

    I think I have used that module (PresTeamShop??) and it worked properly for me. BTW your checkout page is showing quite a few errors in the browser console - and it keeps asking me to allow my location. Why would that be? Could the payment method be linked to location somehow??
  6. haylau

    Payment Method

    One of the main purposes of the one page checkout modules is that you DO NOT have to create account before seeing the payment methods so something is definitely wrong somewhere. Have you talked to the module devs
  7. haylau

    Payment Method

    It should not be like that using the checkout module you are Have you got all the payment methods lnked to all the customer groups?
  8. I haven't seen duplicate before. But you can create a new order in back office. Select the customer, then switch to the "orders" tab to "use" an existing order Or StoreManager has a clone order feature
  9. I think MORE likely bug in core as not using any modules at all apart from back office. As I did create one of these orders in the back office. All was perfect. Created the order in the back office. Customer received email with order confirmation and saw the address was wrong. Really weird
  10. TB: 1.1.0 Two customers created orders fairly close in time scale to each other but not instantly. But the address are crossed. When I click into the order (say john@order1.com) and then click into the address to edit the address, the address belongs to jane@wrong.co.uk I thought this was a checkout module issue or perhaps a payment module but now I think not. It has happened again, and this time we created one of the orders in the back office within a couple of minutes of another customer creating an order in the front office. When I click into the order I created it now has the address of the other customer. So that means two differnet cart systems and two different payment systems used at the same (ish) time cross the addresses over We do not use ANY caching https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/1120
  11. Just an update. This has occured again and I am now confident it is nothing to do with the payment system or the check out module so I will raise another question about it and post a report on gith
  12. Is this a new installation because there also seems to be stuff on jointystems.org and jointsystems.org/shop Did this used to work and suddenly stop? Or has it never worked? If it has never worked how did you get the products inserted in the first place? If it used to work can you back track and consider what you have changed since it last worked? Looking at the site there are a lot more issues than just no products in the back office
  13. Who runs and manages the ThirtyBees Marketplace? Not getting responses. Neither is the seller I am communicating with getting responses from them Basically had a problem with a module so contact the general team. No response. So contacted the seller who agreed to refund but they do not know how to do it so they contacted the team and got no response either
  14. No, Stripe is Stripe. You can't use PayPal via stripe. But I do think that perhaps a delay may have caused this
  15. Thanks for the reply. I am 99.99% certain there was no back office changes. The time frames do not match because of the time lapsed between some automated events that are times. But surely not even possible in the back office to change address from a different customer. Just checked again and even more weird. The two customer accounts were created within an hour of each other with no other accounts or orders taken in between. Almost as though something was cached But we do not have any caches switched on at all (strangely they make our site slower) Guess we put it down to one of those things and keep an eye on it. Perhaps somehow a delay with payment processor otifications? Both were stripe
  16. I am putting this question here because I am using CHEX but it may be nothing to do with CHEX. I have never seen this and can't see how this is even possible so just looking for possible reasons New customer created an order using CHEX. Their account (user@newcustomer.com) has THREE addresses. All address have the same address alias. Is that even possible? But that is not the main question Customer created the order and we shipped it to the delivery address on the order. And it has not arrived. When we look back at the order it has two DIFFERENT address. One of the addresses matches the address in the customer account but the other address (yes, the delivery address) is totally odifferent. Infact it is a different country AND this is the main point the address is actaully linked to a different customer account user@oldcustomer.com) So basically new customer has entered one adddress and a different address belonging to a different customer has been inserted into the order automatically. I know this is not possible. I could not do it manually if I tried so has anyone come across this kind of glitch before??
  17. Can you show us screen prints of all the carrier settings? Has the EVER worked? Is this a brand new installation? Do you need counties in the UK? I have them switched off as irellevant for my shipping systems
  18. I have created an error report, but thought it could help being here also Module version: 1.70 TB Version: 1.1.0 When we do a full order refund on the order page in back office a credit slip is generated. Customer is fully refunded but credit slip only shows refund for goods, not the cost of shipping https://github.com/thirtybees/stripe/issues/34
  19. @DRMasterChief You could try adding this code to preferences > custom code /* change min distance between boxes on checkout */ .chex-input { flex-grow: 1; width: 100%; min-height: 63px; } The relevant line is Min-height and 63 seems to be the lowest to have an effect, but you can play around with the numers
  20. We use Trustwave with PayPal and have not (so far) had to do that scan. To be fair we have now switched so that all processing is done on the PayPal (or Stripe) page . One less thing to think about with SCA rearing it's head I do wonder if it is linked to this warning message that Chrome has started giving
  21. What certificate? PCI? I don't remember such detailed requirements.
  22. haylau

    Search Module

    On your website if I type PORT I get 25 results GLASSES 79 results Port Glasses 104 results So the search looks to be doing OR so extra words give ore results rather than refining the results. This is probably as expected? For me search is not good anyway. Even in Prestashop they changed the search system and it is worse for us. I always revert the search file back to an earlier version which gives the results we require
  23. Confirmed - this works. Just be careful not to start at the top and work down like I have just done - because the first bit is about Prestashop 1.7 Skip to this section: Integrate Advanced search 4 module with Transformer theme v3 and Panda theme v1
  24. It is definitely the lazy load on the category section of the theme. Disable that and all is well.
  25. OK, tested. All seems to be OK. Except when products are filtered the images are missing. This may be an conflict with lazy loading in the theme as I seem to remember this before? We are using Panda. @Jonny
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