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  1. This one? https://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/cart-protection-pro.html Look at the gallery pictures, should help you
  2. Perhaps explain what is wrong with the invoice. What do you not want to be displayed, and what do you want to be displayed. I find the invoice VAT acceptable, however I have also installed M4PDF so I can make adjsutments on layout et
  3. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    We used to use craftyclicks which populated the address for the customer - but there is a small ongoing cost with that.
  4. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    So you have Scotland and Wales set up as their own Countries? What have you ised for the ISO code? Not sure if it is possible, but you could try setting it the same ISO code as United Kingdom?
  5. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    Don't know. There is an "other" field but I don;t want to play on my live site to see what it does. But why do you want "State / County" our customers don't miss it. And we don't need it and our couriers dont need it
  6. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    I guess it depends exactly what checkout system you use. I have the United Kington country linked to United Kingdom zone. The UK zone has "Contains States" slider off. And using Chex
  7. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    We deleted all states as they are not really used. All couriers / post in the Uk are really now postcode orientated
  8. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    Careful there, you will start a riot πŸ™‚ They are 100 % countries But yes, you are now on track. Something to do with PayPal and ISO codes if memory serves.
  9. haylau

    PayPal Errors

    So this is a new problem? It used to work and has jsut stopped working? You have not made ANY changes to the store at all? That paypal module looks to be a very old version?
  10. Yes, used to use that, and another similar one. But we had issues for various reasons (mainly we were trying to link in UK postcodes as they vary by price - and that resulted in mnay thousands of lines on one page. ). Might look at them again now we are not doing that anymore.
  11. For what we sell, and where we sell it carrier costs are not simple We have multiple zones and multiple carriers defined by weight brackets Editing this screen is a nightmare with lots of scroll and clicking and of course that is just one carrier. We then have to make those changes on lots of carriers Not even mentioning how the zones themselves are just a "fix" to group together countries that have similar pricings But these are always changing, especially at the moment. For example sending to USA is suddenly Β£5 per KG more, and that is banded with Canada where the price is not going up so we may have to redfine all the zones again Any, that just results in a simple question. Has anyone come up with a way of editing these cost screens more easily? (I had hoped @datakick or @musicmaster modules / systems may have done it, but I don't think so Any ideas for quick efficient data entry (Even the standard CSV upload templates won't allow it)
  12. It does not matter where the data goes. If your site has cookies (it does) then you must have some sort of cookie banner / tool implemented
  13. Brilliant. Thanks. Well that is my evenings entertainment all lined up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. haylau


    Correct. We switched back to standard and all is ok. Just means customers can’t add card details directly on the website, but on reflection because of PCI compliance was probably better for us anyway.
  15. A great module that I use for many activities. Looking now to extend a bit more I need a report that exports all orders from the previous month. I would probably do this via endpoint. The idea being that our accountant can click a link and immediately see all the orders from the previous month (actually all the orders where VAT / TAX was not paid - but I can sort that out) What I can't work out is how to produce a report limited by date without someone with knowledge modifying the report Can anyone think of a way of limiting the report. So looking at today's date, work out the month, then the report is filtered accordingly For example, any time in June the link is clicked and the report is all the orders in May any time in October the link is clicked and the report is all the orders in September And probabky the trickiest, any time in January the link is clicked and the report is all the orders in December
  16. haylau

    PCI Compliance

    I hate those reports, I make most of it up πŸ™‚ The only reason we need it is because we use the PayPal virtual terminal system to take card payments over the phone. Otherwise you don't need it. If you only ever take payments via the website and the customers are directed to the PayPal / nochex site then it is not needed. PayPal and Nochex will let you know if they need it - perhaps be proactive and talk to them directly as they know your account status
  17. haylau

    PCI Compliance

    Who is chasing? Who says you have to be?
  18. haylau


    Not PHP 4 sureley - that is very old. Perhaps 7.4?
  19. We use ERPNExt and I have to say it is brilliant. We use their hosted version so it does cost, but the free version can be downloaded and installed for free. Support is superb and they have extensive features.
  20. Would be really interested in hearing a use for this scenario. But perhaps you could just stick a PayPal Donate button on your site
  21. haylau

    oneall.com Module

    It is quite common for the hosting companies especially if all you are "hiring" is a cpanel and space for your website. Had this a few times with various hosts which is why I switched to VPS
  22. I use this system to checl for blacklisting https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
  23. So many ways of marking things as spam, not so much from your side more the way intervening systems work - all the inbetween servers the mail passes from between you and your customer. For example (and not on thirtybees) many of the emails we send have pdf attachments called pro-forma or invoice or quote. But they are now one of the ways some scammers work so many of our emails are flagged as spam, not because there is anythng wrong with them but more because intervening systems see the word "pro-forma" and mark it at Spam. not much we can do other than perhaps change the word of our pro-forma but then the customer would not know what it was If you were sending from your own servers then there may be things that can help such as DKIM & DARC but no idea what they actually are or how they work
  24. haylau


    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😞
  25. We use datakick in a few different ways We have a microsoft access database with stock levels and prices. These are auto exported to disk. And auto uploaded via ftp to a server. This is done once per hour. The datakick module then grabs this file via a cron and imports the new prices and stock to thirtybees We use the endpoint export to export products for google feed and export orders for our courier We use crons to export for google sitemaps, and products / stocks for a thirdparty markeplace (onbuy) A very usefuland very flexible module
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