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Error after update to 1.2


I´m getting an error in back end when I try to edit a image after update from 1.1 to 1.2.
I have attached a screenshot.
Also some of my images dont show up in front end.
Any ideas of what to do?
Thanks in advance.


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If this is about a server not regenerating images, which times-out...

- try switching to jpg images instead of .webp for a few days: a safer bet. Maybe try webp in a copy of the site if you have space, and see if you can make them work.

- install the free prestoolsuite program from prestools.com in your backoffice directory if not done already, as it can regenerate .jpg files where other programs can't. It takes a while to learn how to log-on and get used to it, but you could start now.

Override check
Override check v1.1.0 - by thirty bees

Check which overrides are in use

... this module will check if there are any forgotten over-rides from modules past or present which might effect how your site handles images.

If you use your server's imgagemagik software, check that the box is ticked in your server's php settings. I you use your server's gd software, check that too.

I don't have the clearest idea of how image processing works but got stuck the same way and hope this helps


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Hi Veganline
Got it working. Thanks for your answer.
I set the quality of the jpeg images to 80 instead of 90 and regenerated and wupti.

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