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Panda Theme Demo 7 ?#@*&%! & TB 1.2.0


What I have I got myself into? This panda theme is a mess! I can't even figure out how to place the categories menu on the front page more or less the logo. lmao

Here is the useless video from 150 years ago. Sheesh... Nothing is where it's supposed to be anymore. This is from PS1.4 or maybe PS1.5...


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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, 30knees said:

Look at the modules: Theme Editor and Megamenu.

Thank you for the tips 30!

I have the main logo sorted now. I gave up on the vertical megamenu after I figured out how to use it with that sorry video. I just unhooked it and used the stock thirty bees category menu. I'm not sitting there and adding every url to that thing. I like the auto features of the native thirty bees categories menu.

On to the next nightmare...


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