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Why is it so hard to find a donate to ThirtyBees?


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@Smile @datakick 

These are just my observations so don't shoot the messenger. I just received email on my ThirtyBees monthly donation.


Hi Billy,
We wanted to let you know that one or more of the purchases on your account are going to expire soon.

Since you have a Billing Agreement, we will attempt to take payment automatically on 09/30/2021.


Okay so I had small donation last month to an overseas account. Yet It says this project is in Tennessee USA on main website. This makes everything look suspect and should be updated on main website. Now I cancel my monthly billing agreement because I want to control this myself. So I'm looking around again trying to find the donate button on main website. I can't find it and remember I had to search to find it before. Why not put a donate button on the main website where everyone can find it easy? Maybe I have overlooked it IDK? Anyway the Billing Agreement email should be rewrote with the words donation in it. Why make a donation look like a bill? This I don't understand. It's just tacky to me. I don't want billing agreement I want donation to worthy project reminder.

Maybe it's just me.  

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Okay so looking back thru all this...

https://thirtybees.com/partners/supporters/ non functional & no link to donate.

https://thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/ non functional & no link from the home page.

https://forum.thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/ fuctional and working from the left link on the forum.

There is no way to just donate. All I can do is sign up for billing contract.

Please post a link so people can do a drive by and donate without contract...

Edited by Billy
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