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Why is 'Add to Cart' button vanishing?


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Some of my products work correctly. Add To Cart button is visible and works correclty.

But on one of my products the 'Add To Cart' button is missing.

I've ensured that all combinations have available quantities.

I've ensured that the product can be ordered even if out of stock.

WHY would the 'Add to Cart' button vanish?

Heres is a working item.

Here is the item where the button vanishes.

Any advice would be appreciated!


I originally had FIVE combination options, with Two variables for the first option and Seven variables EACH for the other four options. For whatever reason, when I deleted those options from the product, the button returned. I'll be trying to reproduce the issue, but I need the product available for ordering and can't wait for possible fixes. Setting up the item another way to at least be able to accept orders. Even if it's not the way it shold be.

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eliminated issue and worked around it. did NOT solve it
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If you have Color and Size

In color you have blue and red

In size you have S, M and L.


You only have Red in S. Blue in all sizes


If your customer select Red in M or L TB will hide the button. You have to have your default combination to something that you have in stock otherwise when opening the page the customer will see no Buy now button and has to interact with your design (and keeping in mind how stupid are 50% of the population they never do) :)

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