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  1. You can't use slider in text field and currently TB does not sort according to length. The other option is custom work on this module which makes future improvements and bugfixes harder.
  2. Preferences->Themes->(active theme) Advanced settings->bottom of page, find CMS and turn left column off. Cache clearing may be needed to see the changes.
  3. You can use the preset for Weight (if you're not using it currently). Make all your values a number (it won't take any other characters) and rename your weight to length. It will show only if there are products with set parameters for it in this category.
  4. No it won't help. Uploading the theme does not change anything in Images other than making 2 more sizes. If you don't understand what I mean please contact somebody that can make this tweak for you.
  5. Check your Warehouse documentation, there's part for images in which the proper names and sizes are shown as screenshot.
  6. I think Warehouse for PS 1.6 does not support .webp so no need to fiddle with this. The problem is caused by the file names that Warehouse expects from PS/TB. With TB there were changes in this logic so you should fix the file names under Images according the theme documentation. Then everything will be fine (after you clear all caches, TBs and your browser).
  7. Just compare few of them. I had similar issue with injection from WP site on the same host. It was putting php files in img category and the updater caught them. If there are couple of discrepancies outside of the files for your module I would manually compare for changes in those files, merge and update my whole site. TB 1.3 is a charm!
  8. 7.4 should still has some issues (warning in the core and bugs in themes). I've tested up to 7.3 and it worked for 1.2.x. I'm running on litespeed, mariadb, ssd, and php 7.2 with apc and litespeed cache module. 3 stores, 1 WP site. It all depends on what amount of customers do you expect and you can upgrade from here but this is working just fine for me.
  9. the.rampage.rado

    1.2 vs 1.3

    There's no difference with customization in both versions... We prefer the latest - less bugs, faster.
  10. On top of my head here's the most pressing issue with TB that can be fixed with this solution - order finalizing. When customer clicks on "Confirm my order" it usually takes up to 5-10 seconds to refresh the page. In the meantime emails are sent, order is made, etc. This mechanism could potentially reduce the time in this vital step and improve UX. I had numerous questions about this issue from inpatient clients clicking numerous time or even 'having issues on the last step'....
  11. I would like to have the in transit email sent out when I set the tracking number in BO. But I would like to have Sent out option and the in transit status somehow merged. Now I have to manually change the status to Sent out (which sends out an email by default). Then I have to put in tracking number (this sends almost the same email, same title, etc with the only one line added - the tracking URL. I would like to have this in single action, I doubt it could be done so I have disabled the Sent out email and the customer receive only 1 email with tracking number which states that the order is shipped.
  12. You can upload file when ordering a product as @datakick said but TB lacks good 'do-it-yourself' design module that spits out design ready for printing. Your friend should manually send design versions, etc... big pain in the .....
  13. Glad that he/she managed to put back his/her Core folder. :)
  14. @datakick, when speaking for newsletters I think you should check the URLs of the emails that the forum sends when there's an answer to some topic. Every time the link is broken like this one: This happens only on mobile for some reason. In incognito, loged in or in Firefox it shows the proper content. And the button "Go to the post" links to: Does mobile chrome somehow truncate the URLs in this case?
  15. I believe that by 'core' he/she means the coreupdater module folder 😉
  16. @datakick, yesterday I put the new coreupdater on one of my shops just to check it and I failed to find the option where I was able to select which version to update/downgrade. I only see the two main channels. I think this option was very nice and probably you should think of bringing it back. Soon or later it will save some merchant from module incompatibility or else. Best regards for the great work! 😉
  17. Good to know, Now pass us the aff links and never log back in! 😄
  18. Do you have advanced stock enabled? If so check if the products that lack shipping are associated with the warehouse that ships with your shipping option.
  19. If you have Color and Size In color you have blue and red In size you have S, M and L. You only have Red in S. Blue in all sizes If your customer select Red in M or L TB will hide the button. You have to have your default combination to something that you have in stock otherwise when opening the page the customer will see no Buy now button and has to interact with your design (and keeping in mind how stupid are 50% of the population they never do) :)
  20. I would strongly advice to use the services of someone more used with PS and TB for your issue before you funk up your website even more. It's probably a trivial bug but it must be dealt with with attention.
  21. Those files should NOT be in /modules/ folder. There should be only index.php and some folders (each full with files and folders of each module). Those files should be in root. About class_index.php - yes, this is a list of all your modules, classes and overrides if it's missing the system makes it and sometimes it makes problems. So there was not change when you deleted it?
  22. As last resort I would try clearing the class_index.php file in cache folder. Of course you should return your modules folder to the prior state before that and try this. But I'm out of ideas. Probably check the error logs (highly doubt you will find something worth looking at) and somebody with more experience should log in and troubleshoot for you. If you have new hosting account in the meantime you can try and upload there the last working backup and try with php 7.0 or 7.1. If nothing else helps this will be a viable option to simply redirect your dns.
  23. At the moment some of your external modules (that are installed and turned on) does not want to work with 7.3. ONLY IF YOU HAVE COMPLETE AND SECURE BACKUP WITH ALL YOUR FILES IN MODULES folder you can start deleting the modules folders for all external modules (starting with the most likely bad players, probably you know which modules don't play nicely lately). After each deletion go in your modules page and refresh. If again you see blank continue until you remove the bad module and you can access your Modules page. Then you can copy back all deleted modules in the folder except the bad one. Then you we can proceed with troubleshooting, updating, migration, etc. Don't install, reinstall and make quick and stupid moves if you're not sure in 110% in your backups! This can be fixed very easy. If you install fresh copy and paste db you will end up with a shop copy with no media files (for products, theme, etc). I doubt you wish to add them all one by one after that if this is not the very last resort. Regards!
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