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Bees Blog Bug... Unable to post in one language only, image will appear in both language...


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Hey guys, I am setting a new ThirtyBees shop and found this bug with the Bees Blog.

My shop is available in French and English, if I create a Blog Post in only one language ex: English and I upload an image for the Post, then Post will show up on the French site showing only the image. It seems that it is impossible to write a post in one language only so it only show up in this language, even if you tick only one language beside "Available for these languages".

I also noticed that the field "Link Rewrite" will auto generate in the other language after saving the post and returning to edit the post, also both language will be selected beside "Available for these languages" when going back to edit the post, even though it was saved with only one language previously.

I think this is a bug, you should be able to post a different image for different languages when making a Post available in different languages as the images may have text inside of it.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

Any way to fix this problem?



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As there is no language selector to the right of the image, like there is on the title or content, I would assume you cannot do this.  I don't really know if I would call this a bug, or rather an oversight...or just a lack of feature...  The only way to fix it would to be changing the code of the module.

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