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Header Logo Not Showing


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Just now, SLiCK_303 said:

If you inspect it with your browser, you will see you are overriding the css from global.css, with an entry in customer-s1.css, making it only 4px wide....

Thanks Slick - I'm not much of a coder. The install is standard other than the addition of the PANDA theme. How can I fix this?

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I don't know anything about the Panda theme.  I'm guessing there is a theme editor of some kind with it?  If there is look for logo stuff.  Otherwise, I'd bring the problem up with the maker of the Panda theme....  basically you need to remove/change the width of the #header .shop_logo in your customer-s1.css, but as I don't know what else that tag is doing, I hate to just telll you to remove it......

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I'd guess you can take

#header .shop_logo{width: 4px;}

out of your customer-s1.css file, and it'd be ok.  backup the file first b4 you go playing with it though, in case I'm wrong.  Look internal first though, like I said if it has a theme manager of any sort look there 1st....

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