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Has anyone tried Pirate Ship?
I'm thinking not since search had zero results 😞
It's MUCH better than USPS Click n Ship IMHO!
After USPS changing rates all the time I tried the web version of Pirate Ship which was dollars cheaper per package for shipping helping to avoid changing shipping in TB
I bailed on my USPS loyalty points and saved what they wold have been with just a few shipments
You can copy paste the FULL address and it auto fills info
It has eCommerce integration, but not for PS or TB
I asked them if they plan on a module for PS or TB and they replied it's on their list
We all know how list priorities work though 🙂
Give them a nudge to bump up the module list if you are interested in using it within TB 
I really liked using it aside from the silly pirate stuff that is 🙂
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