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Export from Orders to SQL Manager


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In TB (I am using TB 1.4) the export function of SQL code to the SQL manager does not work. It transfer code that cannot be saved within the manager.

Here is a code example. I guess there is some preprocessing missing to get expanded sql-code.

                                a.`id_order`, `reference`, `total_paid_tax_incl`, `payment`, a.`date_add` AS `date_add`
        a.id_order AS id_pdf,"

Any ideas. It would be great to have this feature to add and then modify new sql queries for the shop.

Thanks and best wishes


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I've tested and indeed SQL generated by orders page was not properly validated. This is probably caused by recent update of SQL parser library, which now generate more verbose syntax tree.

I've fixed the validation logic, so now (in bleeding edge) the order sql query can be validated and saved.

If you find any other list sql queries that can't be processed by sql manager, please file issue on github. Provide full SQL that can't be processed.

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