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[solved] [Module] Block Image Slider wrong img dir?


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Does the Block Image Slider save images in the wrong dir or does it have the wrong baseimgurl set in the view script?

The main page displays only an icon of a camera - the placeholder img - instead of the pic I uploaded.

Checking the urls I get this:

https://domain.tld/modules/homeslider/images/e6d5ad7d13bc588c9df3573b7de85786_hkelfilename01.png (on the main page)


https://domain.tld/img/homeslider/e6d5ad7d13bc588c9df3573b7de85786_hkelfilename01.png (in the settings of the slider module)

I'm thinking about just linking the two dirs in the ubuntu OS? Any advise?


Product images work fine.


Running thirtybees 1.4.0

on Ubuntu 20.04 with PHP 7.4 (FPM)

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issue solved
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Module now keeps images in /img/homeslider directory. The default module template displays the image properly. However, if you theme has override for the template, it may be looking into wrong place for images.

Edit file /themes/<theme>/modules/homeslider/homeslider.tpl and replace




As you can see, original implementation used hardcoded path to module directory. That's just wrong. New implementation simply displays the url that module provides.

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