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Product attachements not downloading



Hi guys,

Can someone help. I have a site where each product has some PDF attachments. These all download without any issues at all. However, a few of the products have software that can be downloaded as well. I have uploaded these and all of that went just fine, however this week, I cannot seem to download these software attachments at all. It results in a page that says the site cannot be reached.

In the inspector tool it says the server generated an error 500 but I cannot see what and there is no error_log generated at all.

I am using Prestashop 1.4.0 and presently teh server is running php 7.4


Here is a link to one of the products:


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This does not look like an application issue, most likely server configuration issue.

It's quite funny, actually.

The attachment can be downloaded using 'curl' command without problem:

curl https://instruments.co.za/attachment\?id_attachment\=155 --output file.zip

However, when opened in browser, 500 error code is returned.

There must be some very clever and useful and idiotic security settings enabled on your server. Ask your hosting provider.


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yeah I found that if I right click, select save as it fails and in chrome on a resume it downloads. The hard part is I am the hosting provider ha ha ha. While we were using 1.3 it worked and then just before going love I upgraded to 1.4 which is why I thought it could be an application issue.

Any ideas to point me where I can possibly look on the server (I have also used the flag to disable mod_security) but I still have the issue. I would really appreciate any direction for where to start looking

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