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Attributes of virtual products


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Very nice, thank you. 

I believe the reason why this functionality was disabled was because it's not possible to have downloadable products per combination, which is something that a lot of people would expect.

For example, if you sell modules, it is reasonable to expect that there could be different zip files for attribute platform (values thirtybees / prestashop 1.6 / prestashop 1.7).

But even with this limit, it's definitely useful to have combinations for virtual products. With that, you can sell modules with different level of support, for example.

I'll test your changes and merge them shortly


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Virtual products are not only downloadable products but also different services. And often there is a need to create a service with different variants with different combination prices. Also, global exclusion of attribute combinations for virtual products limits functionality of the store a lot.
Different downloadable products for each combination is already a bigger modification, because it also affects front office - customer panel order history and sending purchased file by email.
I do not know if it is possible to do this modification with maintaining retro compatibility for front office theme. But I'll take a look at it 🙂


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