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Where to set that invoices for certain countries should be without tax?


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I thought it's in Localisation>Countries but my setting "Display tax label (e.g. "Tax incl.")" for UK is being ignored. Invoices are still with taxes even though I'd like them not to be.

I compared the settings for other countries where the invoice is without tax but they appear to be the same as for UK.

I checked elsewhere and searched this forum and the internet and I still can't find where to do this. Sorry for troubling the forum with this easy question but perhaps one day the answer will help someone else, too. 🙂 

And a bonus question: B2B invoices have this text added: Intra-community supply of goods - exempt of VAT tax. How do I add the equivalent text required for export orders?

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Thirty Bees installer has minor bugs, installs data from when United Kingdom was a member of EU.
In Localization -> Tax Rules, remove United Kingdom from tax mapping. There should be only 27 countries.

Countries installer also has bugs inherited from prestashop 1.6. Countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, United Kingdom are assigned to "Europe EU" zone. I took a look at PS 1.7 and I see that they have already fixed these bugs.


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